Friedman® Buxom Betty Amplifier

Friedman® Buxom Betty Amplifier


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Regulärer Preis: $149.00


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Friedman® Buxom Betty Amplifier


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m. boddi

21. April 2019


Great sound

P. Woehl

20. April 2019

Sweetest sound

I am loving this amp. Tons of character. The low-mids break-up first as you bring up the gain. It’s the real deal.

s. Pfeiffer

17. April 2019

Big, Fat, Wide

The girth produced by this emulation is astonishing. Its the GTR you want right up the middle, with sonic candy of your choice panned. Extremely versatile with the FX section waiting to be discovered. Plenty of great emulations out there, but none like this. Think Blackface Twin having a love child with a Dumble or a Matchless. As clean and fat as you want it , with some other cool features-even a versatile delay that seems to suck very little DSP when engaged. Simply nothing like it. Of all the incredible amp sims out there, the Buxom Betty sounds the most like a genuine amp sitting in the room of any of my all of 'em. How many Marshalls do you need??? A fantastic sonic addition to your palette. Highly recommended for the big sound versatility one does not find often in a plug in, even from the masters at UAD and Softube...

D. Huling

16. April 2019

Buxom Betty

By far the best guitar amp sim/plugin I own.

A. Sudarkin

12. April 2019

Honey crunch!

Great sound. For lovers of rock, blues, folk - this is the perfect option. Very pleased with the purchase.

K. Kaspersen

12. April 2019


I think this amp is more for crunch.

M. Noir

10. April 2019

Smooth, nice cleans and crunch

I've been looking for a nice amp sim for a while.
I've tried quality sims before (incl. vintage amp).
That Friedman is perfect to me (blues/soft rock) - I play with a Gibson es 390 and it sounds perfect.

A. Heinzelmann

31. März 2019

Amazing Amp Emulation

I use the Friedman Buxom Betty Amp Simulation for Blues Recording and nothing sounds better. It is a very good alternative to my Fender Twin Reverb but it´s easy to use and you do not need to place a microphone in front of the Amp. I use a Rupert Neve RNDI to record the raw signal of the guitar. Easy, fast in use and great sounding, i am very pleased with this Plugin.

P. Haas

30. März 2019

It's good to have a wide guitar sound palette

I use multiple guitar amp simulations. Friedman Buxom Betty is nice. Not better or worse than others (even from other manufacturers). It's another type of sound on the "guitar" palette. Very dynamic. I use quite often - from pure to distorted "voice" of guitars. Try it yourself.

J. Trace

29. März 2019


The Cab emulations are superb and offers a huge amount of options for your tone. You can get lost in the forest of functions.

T. Ellis

28. März 2019

Loves my Fenders

This amp loves my Fenders. A nice range of clean and crunchy tones and some easy to dial in effects. One of the presets sounds just like my 65 Bassman and 2x12 cab. I am super pleased (and not usually keen on amp sims)

c. chansiricharoengul

24. März 2019

Love it

Love it!!!!!!!!

UAD User

24. März 2019

Love it

Such a dynamic and responsive amp. The touch and tone inspires playing all day. Love the way these tones sit in a mix

s. Pfeiffer

21. März 2019

Extremely Flexible amplifier

As I guitarist I've been thru every amp sim ever made, hardware or software. This MAY not be the ultimate best, but then again it might just be the overall best. Such a variety of crystal clear tones, OD, Crunch, Lead,with an actually musical sounding gate. Delay built-in. The sickest combination of cabs and multi-mics I've ever seen. No longer corralled by either the Brit Plexi type sound, American Fender blackfaces and their various iterations or the scolding cold scream of some modern day transistor technology. Maybe the only thing difficult to coax from this sim is Fender tweed-but who doesn't have a dozen other ways to do that?? Absolutely an excellent amp sim.

s. Pfeiffer

21. März 2019

Incredibly Flexible

This might be the most flexible amp sim I own. (I'm not positive, just bought it 3 hours ago and haven't been able switchover to another sim to get a reality check! I've so many Marshall and Fender iterations, its a blessing to get a set of different tones. Add a very smooth sounding noise gate, a delay, and the variety of top shelf mics, cabs, and pre's used to capture the amp sound, I'd have to say it's going to be quite a few compositions before I go back to a Marshal Plexi or a blackface Fender. This amp sim is the shizz!

C. Coates

20. März 2019

Mean, yet clean

Crank the mids, put your favourite OD front, pipe in some sparkle or 'verb from on the inserts - this has kept me from turning on my actual amp in some time. Love these models...keep 'em coming!

(ya know, UAD, you could make guitar players happier and consider a pedal board instert with authorized models, loop access, routing, A/B/Y...)

P. Dorlig

19. März 2019

One of the better sounding versatile Amp Sims, IMO.

I demoed, read & watched a lot of reviews about the UAD Friedman Buxom Betty. Even though I have not heard the real amp first hand, I found this to be one the most versatile and realistic amp simulation plugins for my style of playing. Having this in the Unison slot is icing on the cake and provides a lot of no latency enjoyment.

A. Deherder

16. März 2019


Given a second chance, I would skip this one. I like the tweed much better. On it's own, I can't really see using the Friedman. Mixed with the tweed, it is okay. I will probably opt for the Suhr over this one. Just my opinion, others seem to like it.

M. Filowitz

16. März 2019

Beautiful Tonage!!!

Great sounding plugin!!! Beautiful Tonage!!!!

J. Burdick

15. März 2019

Update to my previous review

I would just like to add that I now HAVE tried situating the Buxom Betty in a real-band, full mix, and it fared exceptionally well. I am genuinely excited about this tool.

61-80 von 222 Ergebnisse