Friedman® Buxom Betty Amplifier

Friedman® Buxom Betty Amplifier


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Regulärer Preis: $149.00


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Friedman® Buxom Betty Amplifier


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S. Kohopää

15. Mai 2020

Exelent pedal platform

Great fat cleans for your pedals. Fender feel!

J. Migchelsen

12. Mai 2020


Great Fender feel!

P. Zouris

6. Mai 2020

Still searching for good tone

I can't honestly give Friedman Buxom Betty Amplifier plugin more than 2 stars. So far with every UA plugin I have owned/used, I usually find something useful. 2 hrs in I still can't get something useful without having to EQ, compress...etc. The overdrive is not pleasant to me, cleans are decent. I watched the demo, youtubes...etc and just not happening here.

UAD User

4. Mai 2020

What a beauty

I was looking for slight distortions and warm guitar sounds and found my new favorite amp plug-in.

m. marchewka

28. April 2020


Great amp sim. Currently my go to and I’m really liking the pre sets. I don’t usually use per sets. But the surf rock is amazing!

D. Farrell

23. April 2020

Buxom betty

A gem! The amount of cab variants just adds to the overall package. Quality!

K. Scott

14. April 2020

Love this plugin!

I do a lot of clean chimney tones and this does the trick. Especially for Ambient style effects. Plus, if you are looking for that classic rock sound, it has a lot of dirt too. For plugin, it doesn't get any better.

J. Daranowski

4. März 2020

Great amp!

Superb for everything, just turn gain up or down ;)

J. Cutshall

27. Februar 2020

Solid Emulation. Very Useful

Very solid emulation that's been extremely useful for quick part writing. Takes external drive pedals very well when used as a unison preamp. The added mic and speaker configurations have been very useful as well.

D. Pasalic

27. Februar 2020


friedman gave me the real amp feeling!

P. Mata Rodriguez

18. Februar 2020

I love this plugin!!!

Great sound quality, unfortunately I don't own the original hardware to compare, but it's definitely one of my favourite guitar amp plugins

S. Bakas

14. Februar 2020

Amazing blues rock sounding amp!!!

Amazing blues rock sounding amp and my favourite from Friedman UAD amps!!!

T. Akiyama

6. Februar 2020



s. yang

4. Februar 2020

Fender Twin Reverb !!

This amp sounds like a fender twin reverb.
It's clean, high-pitched and full bass.

Clean tones & crunch tones are really good.

If you only have Marshall amplifiers, this is a great choice.
I have a Marshall amp, a Chandler amp and a John suhr se100 amp.
The sound is different from these, so I bought a Friedman Buxom Betty amplifier.

Now you can create the tone you want for any genre.
I use good amplifiers, preamps and compressors for guitar recording.

I love using the V76 preamp for Unison Free and the guitar amp for the insert stage.

I also like to use a guitar amp on Unison Free and use a tube compressor like the UA175B & 176 on the insert stage.

Have fun with everyone!

M. Prikryl

16. Januar 2020


Together with Chandler amp, the two best amp simulations out there, at least on UAD platform. Beautiful vintage classic tones with Unison technology advantage. Sounds real and useful.

O. Dramaretskiy

14. Januar 2020

The best amp ever!!!!

Great sound!!!!

C. Du

12. Januar 2020

Best amp sim for clean/crunch sounds!

This is the best guitar amp sim for clean Fender like sounds. The "Buxom beauty" preset is magic with the Neve 88RS channel strip afterward (gate/eq/comp). Crunch sound is really good too, Vox AC30 like. And to top it all? a nice sounding delay!

K. Jeppesen

7. Januar 2020

The best Amp sim for clean tones

If you're looking for Fender clean tones its here! For the first time I can make that sound in a Amp Sim, fantastic!

K. Jeppesen

7. Januar 2020

The best Amp sim for clean tones

I have been looking for a long time for an amp sim that can deliver something near clean Fender tones. I'm the happy owner of a Fender Deluxe Reverb. For the first time I kan make that sound without disturbing my neighbours! It's fantastic. There is altså good crunchy tones, så its very versatile. The best sounding Amp sim from UA IMO.

G. Altun

7. Januar 2020

Great with an external loadbox too !!

As far as virtual amps go, this is pretty much one of the best. After buying it I noticed that the preamp or power am section could be turned off so that it can be used as a virtual cab simulator together with my own amp and a loadbox, which is very useful, because I am able to record my own amp with the cab simulations with no latency.

21-40 von 224 Ergebnisse