Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe


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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe


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M. Medrano

13. Juli 2020

so good!

Helps get that classic neil young tone.


11. Juli 2020


j'en avait envie et besoin mais trop gros consommateur de DSP ..dommage

J. Sidelinger

10. Juli 2020

Like the real thing.

Like a real Tweed Deluxe, this plugin is gnarly and gritty -it won't produce really glassy clean tones like what later Fender amps are known for. This amp sim covers rock and roll from the 50's up to the 1970's. It really shines in a mix, and sounds huge when doubled. My favorite part of this plugin is the option to select a Greenback speaker.

N. Humphreys

3. Juli 2020

Not Too Disappointed!

Contrary to my name for the review. The amp is not bad! I do like it! I really really miss the complete clean tone. There is always some distortion which is highly annoying. But despite that I have a great time with the amp. Thank you UA!

M. Blasquez

3. Juli 2020

An essential tool

I've never played through a real '55 Deluxe but this amp sim finds a role in every production I've done since I bought it. It's important to play around with the "Line / Normal" switch as otherwise the amp may feel too gritty / dirty for you. As a real sounding, all purpose amp sim (that also takes pedals well) there's nothing negative to say. It just works.

M. Petrillo

1. Juli 2020

It's A Good One!!!

This plugin really sounds and feels *really close* to an old Fender tweed amp screaming for mercy. I'm always skeptical of guitar plugins, but I will say this one is *really good*. It has that exact Fender overdriven snarl like the real amp. Very versatile miking options and top class sound and feel. The ribbon miking is spectacular sounding.

S. Lister

1. Juli 2020

Edit from previous review.

I'm officially changing my earlier three star rating to five stars. The '55 Tweed takes some getting used to, but after spending some time and effort learning to tweak it, I'm now using it every day. Love it.

H. Bienert

30. Juni 2020

Fantastic for violin

Finally found a good amp for my violin and electric violin...it sounds absolutely amazing on it.. took me soo long to actually find an amp that matches my Idea of sound.. THANK YOU SOO MUCH, UA <3

S. Wilkinson

16. Juni 2020

Beautiful re-creation of a true classic!

The UAD Fender '55 Tweed plugin is a work of genius. Universal Audio have managed to create the next best thing to owning the real thing. Unless you're exceedingly lucky (or Joe Bonamassa) you will probably never get the chance to play through an original amp but this plugin does an incredible job of achieving that legendary Fender tone. Plug into the Hi-Z input on your Apollo and prepare to be amazed!


15. Juni 2020

Vraiment Magnifique.

La chaleur du son Incroyable. Je recommande fortement pour ceux qui veulent des prises de son propres et nete.
Merci UAD pour le travail pour nous offrir ce magnifique plugins.

R. Maude

13. Juni 2020

Works great!

Really happy with this plug-in - works great with different combinations of guitars. All good!

S. Lister

13. Juni 2020

Where's the clean sound?

I have tweaked and tweaked, but apparently not enough. I cannot find the elusive clean tone. I really want to like this amp. Maybe UA can provide some additional documentation on how to get the best out of it? Thank you.

R. Westlake

12. Juni 2020

Sounds like a fucking Fender

Sounds like a fucking Fender. Ace

S. Rowe

12. Juni 2020

Not overly impressed...

Tried with several guitars, I get it’s unison capability but I prefer Guitar Rig. Glad I didn’t pay full price....

C. Locke

12. Juni 2020

Love this!

This plug in made me fall in love with clean again.

S. Laganière

11. Juni 2020


Ça ne sonnera jamais pareil à un véritable ampli, mais le plugin fait du sacré beau boulot.

D. Yowell

10. Juni 2020

Mind Blowing

If you know this amp, there’s not much to say except they absolutely NAILED IT! It isn’t just a reproduction, it’s an exact duplicate as if they made you one from a 3D printer! I love the choices of mic positioning and the different mics you can choice your dial in the perfect sound. Totally mind blowing!

C. Manchester

10. Juni 2020

Decent for Rhodes

I don’t use re-amp plugins a lot for guitars but frequently do for romplers such as a Rhodes or Wurlitzer. This is amazing on a Rhodes. It’s that magic dust that takes it from in the box rompler to the real Rhodes sound I miss after selling all my hardware.

佐. 泰将

30. Mai 2020


Very nice sound!
It is Crazy!

k. andrews

29. Mai 2020

love it

pop on both the ribbon mics and it has wonderful body

61-80 von 545 Ergebnisse