Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe


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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe


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A. Guimaraes

11. Oktober 2017

Trust your ears

Before you buy this plug in, A/B it with the FUCHS® OVERDRIVE SUPREME 50...I wish I did...there is simply no comparisson. The Fuchs is everything this is not... and now I am stuck with a "Tweed" plug in waiting for the day I need "Brittle & Harsh" ...because this '55 certainly has that sound at the ready.... anywhere on it's dial.

A. Hiray

29. September 2017


This plugin makes me forget that I'm using a plugin, Unison is amazing!!!

W. McPhaul

28. September 2017

Great Amp!

This thing feels like playing an amp. It completely blows away the standard amp sims.

For comparison I used it to Re-Amp a DI track from a session I did. The amp used on the session was a vintage Tweed Harvard and the UAD '55 Tweed Deluxe really held it's own. The original amp track had effects printed, so it wasn't a dry signal, but the '55 Tweed sounded like it belonged in the song.

M. Miltersen

27. September 2017

Best amp sim I ever heard.

I have been using guitar amp sims for many years. But when i heard the Fender 55, I knew this was the next level. The tone is simply incredible. I also use it for synth basses, and parallel vox blending. It sounds incredible.

W. Beavers

25. September 2017

It's ALL thumbs up Five star Michelin Review IAN!

It's Jimi Ian, Jeff Beck IAN, Jimmy Page IAN, Little Richard IAN, Eric Clapton IAN, BB King IAN, Keith Richards IAN, Roger Waters IAN, Mike Bloomfield IAN, Name it fuckin A IAN!

M. Divola

24. September 2017

Essential Setup Information (to get rid of the nasty digital distortion)

I must say I was a little disappointed UNTIL i discovered this official UA link on how to set it up as a Unison plugin but in STEREO (using a send to AUX track hack). It's nice to be able to pan the mics, sure BUT the sound difference (panned or not) is STAGGERING. I sounds REALLY GOOD now: clean but especially Crunch and Overdrive settings. Without this setup, I found the overdrive and crunch tail-offs to have a noticeable and unpleasant digital distortion BUT this fixed all that AND the Clean sounds are much better too. Here's the link:

R. Saunders

20. September 2017


Sounds great. Makes tracking guitar so much fun. A lot of tonal variation possible and it always sounds awesome.

C. Grabau

19. September 2017

A must have!

Very flexible and easy to use. It inspires creation. It is an essential tool - excellent sounding that inspires creativity. Responds like a real amp - from warm overdrives to knarly distortion - I am surprised by the number of cool tones you can dial in.

A. Akyuz

19. September 2017

Great amp sim.

I like that. That is great amp plug-in

s. Lewin

18. September 2017

Replaced the Kemper

I sold the Kemper due to spending too much time changing rigs. The deluxe has justified my decision.

S. Long

15. September 2017

Best Amp simulation

The best amp simulation on the market. That great tweed sound and very versatile.

R. Panossian

10. September 2017

Its not a 5150 Ignore the bad reviews

This is not just about the sound its all about how it feels playing the plug in, you need to try it for yourself, read the manual and take your time, and lower the volume on your guitar don't just crank every thing up. stop looking at videos and other people opinions, specially ignore anyone giving a bad review of this plugin. If you are looking for a 5150 type of sound, this is not for you, anything else this is it. Remember this is just the dry amp sound in mono, so add Ocean Way Studios on an Aux, a little bit of reverb on another Aux and be prepared to spend the whole day just playing with disbelief, looking beside you double checking that the real amp is really not there. Yes this is how good it is.

V. Yakemenko

6. September 2017

Part of a musical instrument.

Amp sounds strange at first (compared to usual 100-watt heads), but the feeling, meaning timbral, gain structure and dynamic responsiveness, is great. It plays just like hardware tweed. And with a touch of Pultec and LA2A that transforms to any sound you want - including modern metal.

S. Hlavsa

2. September 2017

Awesome sound

Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe is my favorite guitar amp. Plug-in sounds and feels great.Thank you UAD.

P. Tryding

24. August 2017

Very close to real thing

Yes, its better than the standard brown amp in the vintage amp room offered by UA. But also more DSP hungry.

Very very nice sound. One star lost for the DSP apetite, though.

J. Choi

22. August 2017


It made me really soft and strong!

c. kestner

30. Juli 2017

Love this plugin

I haven't had much time to work with this plugin but so far am impressed. However, the pans don't seem to work on mine.

W. Taylor

17. Juli 2017

Terrible 'amp'

If you want a fuzz box, get this 'amp'. Anything else? Forget it..this is the worst sounding 'amp' I've ever heard in my life. I have a telecaster and thinking it would "pair well" with the "fender amp" I've demoed this amp several times. You can't get a decent realistic sounding clean or even cleanish tone out of this thing. Maybe people have a use for this amp, but for the sounds i'd like to get, there's not a single useable sound in this amp.

B. Kaplan

17. Juli 2017

Not my favorite UA plug in

Maybe I am spoiled by all the great sounding amp and pedal sims that Logic includes. I play a lot of electric guitar - Fender Tele and Stat - mostly cleaner sounds for roots, country, folkish stuff. I can get a great sound in Logic in 2 minutes. I thought that the '55 Tweed might be my go to tool for ProTools sessions. But frankly, I can't get any decent tones from this plug in. Add the necessity to go elsewhere for delay, reverb, and modulation - this is just not a productive piece of software for me. I would gladly turn it back in for a credit towards something more useful!

N. Carnesi

12. Juli 2017

Amazing sound

High quality sound, like having the true amplifier!

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