Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe



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Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe


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F. Wijers

14. Februar 2021

vastly sound like my old Fender twin

but I,m happy

H. Negre

10. Februar 2021

Super sons !!

Branchez votre guitare et

M. Rahali

2. Februar 2021

Assez bluffant. Fidele à la version hardware.

Trop gourmand en ressource. Faut une grosse réserve en dsp. Sinon excellent plug!

P. Schmidt

1. Februar 2021


Sounding and reacting like a real amp. I use it the way I use my amps on stage - almost full power and cleaning up with the vol-pot of my guitars. I love it.

D. Vong

1. Februar 2021

Fender Deluxe amp

I like the clean sound of this amp

I. Ramirez

31. Januar 2021

fantastic emulation

moved from helix to this as a pedal platform and the difference was night and day. much more simple to tweak as well. highly recommend this amp sim

J. Manning

19. Januar 2021

Outstanding tone and versatility

I own several amp simulators--including Tweeds--from a number of vendors. They are all great, but this plugin leaves them wanting. The authenticity and versatility of the tone, combined with the wide array of mic choices covers nearly all situations for which I need electric guitar (I write/record modern country, Americana, and folk). Even used solo, I'm certain that even the most experienced guitarist would have a hard time distinguishing this sim from the real thing. I also own the Fuchs Overdrive and Marshall Plexi. With these three amp sims, I'll probably never use the aforementioned other products again. The UA amp sims--and the Tweed in particular--are just too good to consider anything else. It's an excellent example of the wisdom of using a couple of the best (and more expensive) tools rather than a lot of good ones.

D. Ballantyne

18. Januar 2021


I've been playing guitar since 1963 and I didn't know until UA made the claim that the '55 Fender Tweed was "the Holy Grail of tone". I think it's a very good amp sim, probably a lot better than some of the early digital attempts, and I appreciate the different speaker sims and the Unison control but at the end of the day, an amp is an amp. It has certain characteristics (which is why people love them or hate them) but I don't think this one is going to please anyone much. It's not for serious distortion fans and it doesn't do much for a clean sound fan like me.

j. tavares

16. Januar 2021


Great when you have a baby and can't crank your amp when you want to record

D. Adams

13. Januar 2021

Not perfect, but very good 5E3 Deluxe sound

Does a nice job capturing the overall tweed deluxe vibe and tweed breakup characteristics, but goes a little too far in the ultra saggy/fuzzy "exploding amp" direction too early on the volume knobs compared to the "real" ones I've played, especially on the low notes. The real thing has the same basic tone but stays a lot tighter than UA's version up until around 9-10 on the volume. Still, easily the best out of UA's amp sims imo and has awesome clean/edge of breakup tones.

j. davis

12. Januar 2021

55 Tweed Deluxe

The 55 fender tweed deluxe is very realistic sounding. The presets are a good starting place. The clean sounds are very good. Totally enjoying this amp!

D. Nelson-Ashley

12. Januar 2021


Fabulous. I wish I had discovered it years ago.

Á. Gústafsson

10. Januar 2021

Fender 55

I sold my Blues Junior

S. van Servellen

9. Januar 2021

Great for an amp sim. Warm sounding amp.

I’ve not been a big fan of amp sims for guitar but have to say this tweed combined with channel strip, delay and reverb in UAD console is really starting to get there and offer more flexibility than hardware.

I. Babin

8. Januar 2021

Perfect amp!

Warm analog guitar sound, easy to use, enjoy playing guitar

L. Pacheco

2. Januar 2021

Best amp ever

I have an 1971 Fender Bassman Head, a Torpedo Captor, some insane good sounding IR's from Celestion and Two Notes, and everything is now stored safely in my gear closet, this amp completely fills those shoes, and it can take my pedalboard and sound amazing, I think that if you are hesitating in to what UAD2 AMP buy, buy this one first!!! You won't be disappointed!!!

G. Belpassi

28. Dezember 2020

Great sound!

As a guitarist I have never been a big fan of amp emulators or plugins specifically made for the guitar, I have always preferred to work with real knobs and (heavy) amps. I have tried severals in the past, but this time, even though I had read great reviews, I was really surprised by this plugin! Great tone, great flexibility, hundreds of "sound colors" through the microphones and their positioning plus (last but not least) an extreme ease of use. I bought the Tweed plugin in the morning, and on the same day I recorded a track of a new cd with its powerful, rich and harmonic sound. What else to say...thanks UA!

P. ONeal

27. Dezember 2020

Exceptional tones

Spot on emulation when in Unison slot. Fantastic!

H. Holzheu

22. Dezember 2020

Wonderful Sound

It Sounds fantastic, makes a great Guitar sound.

M. Divola

21. Dezember 2020

Best clean sound but...

I’ve tried (extensively) all the UAD guitar amps and this has the best clean sound by far. Rich magical and touch sensitivity. But as a live user (using a NUC PC and Bome) it lacks enough gain for a good lead sound IMO. if only you could insert a cranked 1176 of OD pedal whilst leaving it in the Unison slot. So I’m forced to use the second best clean sounding amp, Buxom Betty (but it’s no where near as rich).

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