FATSO™ Jr. / Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

FATSO Jr. / Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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FATSO™ Jr./Sr. Tape Sim. & Compressor


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A. Orsolini

27. Dezember 2015


Fantastic plug-in.......brillante e non troppo invasivo!!!!

C. Hawkins

26. Dezember 2015


ITS THE TRUTH. Comparing old school tape and compression this by far is relentless in my work flow and allows me to create faster

T. Piotrowski

25. Dezember 2015

Useful plugin, great sound!

This is not a very easy to use plugin, but once you know it, you'll find it very useful. Different compression types, warm tape saturation, and amazing tranny all sound great. It is a CPU hungry plugin, but you can bypass tranny and save some power. If you love analog sound Fatso is for you. If you don't have time for tweaking and need an instant and safe results better find somerhing else.

M. Muscatello

23. Dezember 2015

Amazing sound

I habe not usted the real unit, so I cannot judge the emulation accuracy. But, nevertheless, I can say that I'm amazed by the analog character of this plugin. They really did a great job in getting true analog distortion. It can really make a mix reach a sweet low end and silk out the harsh hi's. So happy with it!

UAD User

21. Dezember 2015

On The Edge!!

It is the most similar plug in never made!

T. Ilnitskiy

20. Dezember 2015

Amazing !!!

Very good Plug-in!!!!!! It's amazing!!!!!!

M. Kapuscinski

18. Dezember 2015


I'm using it for drums and low synths, my basement studio is shaking!

W. Roncher

15. Dezember 2015

Fatso, most important tool in my box.

I get the fattest, punchiest guitar tones in the business, and it couldnt be done with any other plugin. Its that simple..

K. Lee

14. Dezember 2015

Pretty cool compressor

I'm still learning how to use this, but just by twisting knobs everything is sounding really nice

U. Hitoshi

14. Dezember 2015




3. Dezember 2015

Fatness your momma will love!

This thing is masterful at making bass juicy and fat! Its my immed go to if Im doing bass. Also works on everything else. Its a very close emulation to the original unit.

E. Halterman

27. November 2015


This one takes a little while to get used to, but once you do, the flavors and sounds are total FAT!

L. Frandsen

21. November 2015

Amusing ned inspirering

I've owned a few weeks, and in this time I've just had a fem mixes to play with. My impression is, that the unit inspirers me in how to fullfill my expression I can clearly reckomend it.you Will get a bunch of surprising options to support your creativity.

D. Briata

17. Oktober 2015

Bello FAT!!!

Il nome gli si addice ... E usato in un buon modo si ottengono ottimi riscontri sonori,ma occhio a non esagerare ... Usare con cautela!

D. Thompson

25. September 2015

Useful plugin

This plugin adds a kind of blanket over my guitar buss. I just love it, I do a lot of electronic mayhem, also very heavy metal, I am not a metalhead - I just like to express my stress through EMG 81's and an ESP now and again. And this bad boy adds the cover I feel is needed when the time is right. It gels the guitar tracks together and really brings out the heat.

One top of that, with the sugar bytes WOW2 native VST plugin on a bass in EDM, this thing does wonders. Along with many other UAD plugins.

I can't say enough about this plugin other than it has so much use and never fails to be a go to plugin when the sound needs a touch of heat without the drive. Beautiful sound when the source is good.

Definitely worth it. 4 stars = Price.

A. Gamez

22. September 2015


This thing is amazing! Love in on snare and electric guitars. Gives you a fatness that only tape lovers would know. If you mix in the box, or even on outboard gear, this plugin will always make you happy and sound freaking great. MUST HAVE!

E. Eagle

16. September 2015

As expected

As a Distressor owner, I am happy to report that I am loving the UAD Fatso. Obviously different but even though I've never used a hardware Fatso I find the sound and response familiar. Really great!

H. Gu

15. September 2015

I love love love this !!!!

It's awesome
this is my best weapon!!!

D. Range

15. September 2015



H. Gu

6. September 2015

I love it

Very good!!!
My favorite Plug in

201-220 von 447 Ergebnisse