Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection


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G. Tutko

5. Dezember 2014

saved the sound for future generations...

Ya , now dig ...

Back in the cave man days , the 70's , Mastering Studios & Recording studios were throwing Fairchilds in the dumpster .. I was dragging them out of the closet ...
I am a long term fan of the Fairchild ... UA must have copied some Allen Sides units because these sound great & Real..... not all old compressors sound right anymore
and UAD seems to have saved the sound...

that's it,

N. Nowottny

4. Dezember 2014

At first I was cross...

....cause I thought, great the made a new version and I don't get an upgrade....
But...then I demoed it and I couldn't believe what I was hearing.
For the first time I really had the impression that a plugin is sounding truly analogue.
Same goes for the La2a-Collection.
Amazing piece of digital craftmanship! Thank you. xxx XD

D. Holsinger

11. November 2014

Why pay $60,000 for the original, when you could just buy this?

Originally I wasn't sure about getting this plug-in. I have many other emulations and honestly love the way they sounded…NOT ANY MORE.

I first tried the Fairchild on some male vocals. It immediately changed my view point. I could hear so much more depth in the vocal performance then i had originally. Needless to say this is now one of my most used compressors on vocals. I love the flexibility of this plugin and also use it heavily on my stereo bus too.

It just sound magical.

R. Sheridan

9. November 2014

Adds lush colour and warmth

Using this at minimal settings on different instruments just for it's colour and warmth, great job ua!!!

T. Bulwer

31. Oktober 2014

drum bus essential

Been using this on my drum bus and it just sounds great. The mix allows you to get more or less bass through and I find the small HR screw really helps slam or ease of the ratio in a unique way I have not experienced on other compressors. A lovely beast.

S. Hirayama

28. Oktober 2014


I also have waves fairchild.
UAD is best.
Sound is really good.

S. Jean-emmanuel

9. Oktober 2014

A good tool by your side.

I had to say that this Fairchild tube limiter collection is simply a must have.

A. Francesquetto

2. Oktober 2014

a giant, very good .....

A giant, very good, makes the sound fuller, with more presence, use at all.

V. Kotenko

1. Oktober 2014

Fairchild is excellent

Fairchild is excellent, but, as soon as I bought the price dropped to 149 it's unfair I wanted to buy Precision Mastering bundle but it is now expensive...:)

S. Arts

26. September 2014

660 670....

My mastering house runs my productions through an AT-670. With a bit of difference i have that feel on my separate stems-tracks/busses now.. It does great leveling and compression. From bringing out reverbs more elegantly to the front whilst staying in the back of a mix, to bass pressure / punch and much much more... Love it! Thanks UA!

A. Ali

8. September 2014

Great on drums and vocals

I much prefer the sound of this to the legacy version, I use it for almost all of my drum busses and sometimes creatively with vocals and synths. It's got a great character and really thickens things up.. Keep your finger on the mix dial in the bottom right to get the best sound.

Even with light compression it adds a lot of depth to the sound. Great work UA!

J. Neale

8. September 2014


In using this plugin for a while now it has become a go to dynamic processor of choice.

It has great characteristic and it's own sound, this is especially important as it colors sound and has lots of functionality such as the HR control, side chain and the mix control.

Worth the money spent and i use it on everything from vocals to drums.

E. Halterman

27. August 2014

Fairchild on vocals... heaven!

I tried the LA-2A and loved it on vocals, but then just for kicks, I tried the Fairchild and I was blown away! There is nothing better than this for me on lead vocals, it is plain sweeeeeeeeeet!

N. Brooks

8. August 2014

Best Fairchild

I've spent years recording and have only been able to use a real Fairchild 670 twice. In my opinion, the Fairchild Tube Limiter collection is the best emulation out there; and for once in my life, I actually don't covet owning a real hardware unit. I'd much rather not put up with the hassles of tube maintenance and other maintenance costs, especially since these units from UAD are SPOT-ON. There is an indescribable warmth that happens when you put a Fairchild into a signal chain - even without any compression whatsoever, and that exact warmth happens with the UADs. My favorite use is with Mid-Side processing, but I will often use these on single channels - especially acoustic guitars, vox, drums) without that implemented. BRAVO, UAD.BRAVO!!

B. Bulmer

1. August 2014

Fairchild....a fair deal.

Is there such thing as too much of a good thing. In the case of the the Fairchild Collection I would have to say...No.
Insert it on every track, then the mix bus. Why not?
Do it !!! Just because you can !

J. Pineda

16. Juli 2014


This new collections (1176, LA2a, Pultec, Neve) are just simply amazing!! This Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection adds so much character and depth that I can't live without it. I use it primarily on acoustic and electric guitars, drum loops, percusion, etc.

All the work I do is so much better since I start using your plug-ins. Thank you Universal Audio for your amazing job!

N. Mendez

14. Juli 2014

Had to Get The Monsters

These Compressors are well Known and very Much a Must for everyones studio. Raved by many to Be one of the Most sought out and Expensive Pieces of Equiptment In the Industry...I like many of You don't Have thousands to Purchase these gems and even if you did they are very rare finds,so why not get the next best thing,it's Plug Ins from UAD. They are clean and take nothing from your Mixes...

R. Castro

14. Juli 2014

Sweet Child O Mine

How it contains the low end is amazing. One of my favorite plugins.

E. Dubelsten

14. Juli 2014

The Real Deal

By far one of the best plugins to own! A very accurate reproduction of the real deal, and weighs about 200lbs less! A must-have in any collection.

F. Filho

13. Juli 2014

Powerful and multifunctional.

Very similar to analog.

I'm like to use in the Drums Buss, bass, percussion and other basses instruments.

461-480 von 645 Ergebnisse