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Fairchild Tube Limiter Collection


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R. Craig

21. Januar 2021

Really glad I got this.

This has become my go to on. a lot of things. Really like it on the master bus for a bit of glue, but am also using it a lot on guitar and bass. Nice for the softer stuff like clean guitars and mellow bass. Prob my most used compressor at the moment!

J. Montoya

14. Januar 2021

I really love this plugin.

It's an amazing plugin. It sounds fantastic. It is always on my mix buss, just to get that warmth and color a Fairchild can give. And it is amazing when you start compressing things. One of my favorite compressors and UAD did a great job with this plugin! Really happy with this.

D. Blues

11. Januar 2021


Maybe your track is missing something. Maybe you are missing something. Maybe you just need a hug. Throw the Fairchild on your mix bus, and you might need to take your sweater off. The thing looks like an entire season of Babylon Berlin, but it sounds like GLUE!

I. El-Kasti

10. Januar 2021

Uad plugins

The real problem is :
when you use the first UAD plugin you always try to own all the collection

b. zucchetti

9. Januar 2021

Excellent as everything of UAudio !

Legendary ! Exremely near the original or the same ? wooww!!
A great big portable studio in my Mac !
By the time and waiting the right promotion i will buy everythink of UAudio!

P. Räisänen

26. Dezember 2020

Legendary compressor

Fairchild compressor will give your drums, guitars, bass and vocals the legendary sound used by Beatles and other great artists. The sound is unmatched by any other compressor and will give your tracks the grit it needs!

Y. Baribeau

23. Dezember 2020

A beauty

Are you looking for a bass tone? Well you are not anymore!

R. Dickerson

23. Dezember 2020

Simple beauty

The beauty in this plugin is how great it sounds, and how simple it is to operate.

H. Holzheu

22. Dezember 2020

A Wonderful Plugin

That is what I need. One of my favorites.

B. Saravia

17. Dezember 2020

First Plugin that REALLY sounds like the Analog Hardware!

I don't have words to describe this plugin, AMAZING wouldn't be enough, IMPRSSIVE maybe, INCREDIBLE yes, but at the end this is a plugin that can turn your mix into an award winning song with just put in on your daw. I am out of words!

B. Wisda

14. Dezember 2020


I had not used the Fairchild or any of the other plugins based on it before. A friend suggested it for a mix and I am blown away by just how phenomenal this compressor works. I am truly amazed.

S. Adamsky

14. Dezember 2020

Best emulation for the best compressor

I didn't believe that these plugins could be so awesome. But they are! If you want to know, what gives a real magic and strongest "glue" for professional quality mixes, I have just one answer — Fairchild.

h. oshima

14. Dezember 2020



M. Moreau

28. November 2020

Très bon !

Il est vraiment excellent comme dit certain sur des drums il fait un très bon boulot.
Par contre un seul bémol ça manque de visibilité en terme de fréquences sidechain exemple ou autre, quand on souhaite viser une fréquence spécifique c'est du plouf plouf c'est valable pour tout les plugins c'est le seul point noir à mon sens

f. leprettre

24. November 2020

que du bonheur

utilisé sur des drums simplement fantastique

S. Morales

25. Oktober 2020


I love this plugin. I demo'ed it, on my beats, for Master buss and drum buss and vocals. Had to have it .... !

r. wills

18. Oktober 2020


The legacy version gave me a taste but previewing the full version really shows off what it can do , the upgrade is worth it

S. May

8. Oktober 2020

I forgot I owned this. Its blown my mind.

I tried it today for the first time it blew my mind.
Been trying it on everything its now another level of different sounds

E. Grebeznieks

5. Oktober 2020


Fairchild my favorite instrument is the drum bus, which takes part in all my sessions

P. Maier

17. September 2020

Favorite on Vocals!

Love the Fairchild to start with a vocal. Even on a drum bus - the dry-wet option is very helpful. Great Plugin!

201-220 von 857 Ergebnisse