Eventide® H910 Harmonizer

Eventide® H910 Harmonizer


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Eventide® H910 Harmonizer


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L. Herve

17. Mai 2016

Très bien

Un produit créatif qui sonne bien, simple d'utilisation, et qui a le mérite de rassembler les défauts et les qualités du vieux hardware, qui sonne vraiment bien.
Une option harmoniseur intelligent aurait été la bienvenue, mais c'est une qualité du H3000...

A. Morris

16. Mai 2016

Sounds great - badly implemented

Amazing sounding & faithful to the original box. Pre sets are clunky to get to in logic audio. Spoke to support and appently its a known bug... We'll see...

K. Wolfe

11. Mai 2016


I've already used this on 3 projects and it's shown itself to be quite the add -- never owned the hardware but love this plugin!!!

T. Birchman

24. April 2016

Love, love, love it!!!

Amazing with so many options. So much to learn about each awesome plugs to get the most out of them. I would love to see more character type plug-ins such as this one by Eventide.

M. Samek

4. April 2016

Snare Drum Inflator!

I haven't had the chance to try the Eventide H910 Harmonizer on vocals or guitars yet, but it's my secret weapon for making snare drums sound HUGE! Very satisfied with this plug-in.

S. Kirkland

16. März 2016


We LOVE our Eventide DSP4000 Hardware but don't use it as much when we're ITB. UAD's H910 sounds so good! Subtle or Soaked! It's Awesome! If you love the Eventide sound as much as we do you gotta check this out!

S. Xenokottas

25. Februar 2016

Fantastic piece of software

Thank you for a very useful and fantastic piece of software.

P. Moshay

15. Februar 2016

so much better than the hardware

i can't imaging ever having the hardware again. I used to have this unit and as great as it was, i could always do without the noise (non-usefull kind) as well as the glitching. I immediately got the sound i was used to getting with the hardware i had for many years, so glad to have it back!

H. Engelke

15. Februar 2016

Does the job

Worked with the hardware Eventide hardware Harmonizer for ages. Looks like I have it in the box now.

D. Eringa

15. Februar 2016

Bowie-a go-go!!

I chose buying the H910 as my tribute to Bowie (selfless, I know!!!) & have not been disappointed!
I always used the hardware whenever it was in a studio I was working in & it never failed to surprise me with it's quirky genius! You just don't see them so much these days & they're often not working properly now, sadly.
Inevitably UAD have modelled it so perfectly I can hear no difference at all to the original & having the keyboard gives me a whole new dimension that I've never had before.
Plus I've got as many of them as I want now!
David would have been proud!

UAD User

8. Februar 2016

Eventide h910

Pretty cool out there sounds great!

C. Ridenhour

5. Februar 2016


Wonderful plugin. Perfect for creating unique, atmospheric textures in my scores.

Q. Smith

19. Januar 2016

One of the most unique UA plugs out there!

Wonderful for thickening just about everything! Also an amazing creative effect too, don't be afraid to break some "rules." You will glad you did. Buy on sight! Or at least give it a fair trial. Cheers!

N. Nisbet

28. Dezember 2015

Secret Sauce

O.M.G. finally found the secret sauce for my vocals.

Every voice is different and mine is not a classically great rock voice (more Geddy Lee than Robert Plant!), but the Eventide H910 as a doubler combined with a the Roland 201 Space Echo (after the usual chain of EQ and compression) just does it. Finally - trust me, I've been waiting a long time to be able to feel that excited about my vocals leading a track in the studio!!! Absolutely awesome.

UAD User

27. Dezember 2015

Great Plugin!

It sounds super warm and thick and 70s. Loving it!

I. Papagiannidis

26. Dezember 2015

Wide Deep In your face Magic tool!

One of the most amazing tools !
Wide ,Deep, In your face !
Perfect tool for layering.
i couldnt belive in my ears when i listened to it!
perfect for any kind of source!Nothing else sounds like this plugin!
Thank you UAD team !

S. Tanner

11. Dezember 2015

Great for my audio design projects

I wanted actually the Publison "DHM 89 B2 Stereo Digital Audio Computer" but the Eventide is also a good start.

Keep it up!

UAD User

11. Dezember 2015

Eventide H910

I really like it but it would kick ass if it was the H3000!

H. Wichmann

11. Dezember 2015

Nice addition to vocals or synths

This plugin gives nice touch to vocals or synths.
Combined with Lexicon reverb you can make quite nice shimmer-like reverbs.

UAD User

3. Dezember 2015

Great Emulation, Great plugin

We used the Harmonizer Plugin for 4 weeks now and we are absolutley stunned. Great product. The Pitch emulation is very unique and useful for our Sound. I was interested in the original one for a very long time, and you made it affordable for such a good price.
Thank you. Keep up the good work

81-100 von 112 Ergebnisse