EP-34 Tape Echo

EP-34 Tape Echo


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EP-34 Tape Echo


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UAD User

14. Dezember 2018

EP-34 Tape Echo

Really awesome emulation, the sound is dirty but in a nice plugin you can keep under control

R. Rattay

11. Dezember 2018

EP-34 Tape Echo

Very realistic sound, its great.

M. Hatfield

24. November 2018

Tape Echhhhhoooooo

This tape emulator is bad to the bone. Just look it, it's got some issues right. Looks like a piece of equipment I man would be proud to call his own. I've used it a few times during the demo but I haven't given it the time it needs. The time it needs to enlighten me with it's majestic strange beauty. I'm gonna get weird with because I'm about to buy this baby right NOW! And you guys don't be slacking out there. You know you work hard to buy these important tools to refine your craft, SO BUY IT TOO!!! Then we can be happy and think about the next UAD item we need. What a truly wonderful time we live in, am I right? I love UAD, you guys are gamechangers. Changing my music atleast ,,for the better! Look forward to demoing more of your plugins and talking myself into buying most of them,

T. Laegen

20. Oktober 2018

Character delay

Great delay with a ton of character. Use in dual mono for best results.

D. Arentz

2. Oktober 2018

Twist those knobs

A great sounding effect that just begs to be automated.

UAD User

2. Oktober 2018


Inpressive warm sound that feels very matiral in the mix.

J. Reed

15. September 2018


This plugin is incredible, the best of both worlds. All the analog warmth and goodness without any mechanical noise and the ability to use automation and tempo sync in your daw. I tried out this and the Galaxy tape echo at the same time. For me there was no comparison. The Ep-34 is just magical, warm and gritty and very simple controls, the galaxy was good too but a cleaner more sterile sound.

UAD User

10. September 2018

Return in 70s

Great analog sound, very glad to buy it. I use on guitars and voices, Amazing.

J. Jordanov

3. September 2018

This thing is a killer!

Absolutely awesome plugin! Works and sounds like the real thing. Thanks UA!

D. Perini

3. September 2018

EP-34 è fantastico!

Sono contento di averlo acquistato... ha un sound veramente caldo, analogico... è diventato subito uno dei preferiti!

E. Bonbon

11. Juli 2018

So Great !!!

I finally understood how some giants of the past built some unbelievable effects, besides it's quite intuitive

T. Engel

8. Juli 2018

Super analoges Verhalten

Spitzen Plug von UAD, wie immer....super Effekt.....prima für Automation

C. Mayr

14. Juni 2018

a breeze of analog and vintage

I use it especially for vocals and guitars and the handling is really easy for perfect results !

j. van den berghe

21. Mai 2018

Amazing sounding delay!

I am really enjoying this one. I use it on guitar a lot, the tape effects are great.
I even find it easier to use than the space echo sim plugin UA makes.
Love the tape swells it makes.
Now if only UA would add some midi control to console!

G. Loretti

15. Mai 2018

Best echo ever

The best echo machine recreated on the best echo plugin

A. Kuehne

15. Mai 2018

Spitzen tape delay

Sehr gut klingendes Delay und wer bekommt schon die Hardware Version zu dem Preis??

O. Konvicka

9. April 2018

Very creative Tape Echo

Easy, creative, beautiful color ... Thanks UAD!

H. Zimmerman

2. April 2018

I tried all the tape echo's -> this is the winner for me

Exactly, what can one say that hasn't already been said? I wanted an analog sounding tape delay and this - for me - is the clear winner. It is such an adventurous machine. Especially if, like me, you're into designing sounds and soundscapes, this is a lovely companion. It's a bit like the AKG Spring reverb; once you have it, you find all kinds of uses for it and there is no going back. But see for yourself. Demo all the tape delays. You're gonna love this one, which is a marriage of ease of use and great sounding delay.

B. McDade

22. März 2018

EP is EPic!

Awesome... buy it

UAD User

20. Februar 2018

Long live the tape echo!

Stunning great! Cool Dub echoes, weird effects, warm distortion...sounding and reacting like real tape echoes!
How might this be as an unison plug in?

81-100 von 393 Ergebnisse