EP-34 Tape Echo

EP-34 Tape Echo

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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EP-34 Tape Echo


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R. Silich

26. November 2020

Favorite tape delay for guitar

Real secret weapon, easy to use and sounds just amazing, love this on guitar because color of this sound is so warm and classic, just like a secret "vibe" button, love it.:)

J. Ott

24. November 2020

Insanely Detailed Recreation

The EP-34 Tape Echo is detailed beyond belief. It doesn't try to be a caricature of the hardware, it is the hardware. All the subtleties and nuances are just there. It supplements your mix and such a clean and interesting way.

And my favorite is to get the EP-34 oscillating. I can't believe how accurate this plugin sounds. If you can only afford one delay plugin, make it this one.

D. Piccuirro

14. November 2020

Best Delay Plugin I’ve Used

It was between the EP34 and the galaxy echo. I chose this one after reading some reviews. I love it. I’m an avid echoboy user, but this one has way more real analog feel. I’ll coming back for more UA plugins.

R. Mahjoub

2. November 2020



E. Bass

21. Oktober 2020

Sounds great

Been trying this out on synths and modular stuff and sounds great, even in mono

D. Baldie

22. September 2020

Sounds and responds like an analog delay...

It makes every guitar amp plugin sound better, straight away.

C. Wade

10. September 2020

my hardware tape delay is a Fulltone and....

demo-ing through ua's delay offerings. not really knowing what i was looking for, but in need of a delay plug in.. i was thinking something that would just work for the instance. after a few tries i landed on the EP-34... so good...pristine...captured all the beautiful nuance of the electronic components of that old init... so being in my library, on a whim I inserted it onto a new track... and started pushing it...and I'm blown away... it just sounds better and better the more i stretch it.... in a very real way.... tape delay is a very special beast..the harmonics are wild..... and for the team to get the electronics and the tape simulation so spot-on in such a deep way is craftsmanship pure and simple....

M. Malinski

24. August 2020

Box with serieous character

This box is special for rock, vocals, guitars can benefit from that box

M. Franco

10. Juli 2020

Classic sound, classic Tape Echo

If you are searching for a Tape Echo, dont search any more, this is the one. Lots of presets and very usefull. Love this one on guitars !! Get it!! you wont regret!

J. Cornwell

6. Juli 2020

Just like the original....

Works like a charm...I love it!!!

J. Cornwell

6. Juli 2020

EP-34 Tape Echo

It works like a charm...love this plug-in!!

M. Coutausse

25. Juni 2020

Tres déçu par le souffle...

très bon écho a bande , mais le souffle est colossal et ce plug ne peut pas être employé partout a cause de cela ..il est dommage de ne pas pouvoir zoomer les interfaces ..

T. Rice

12. Juni 2020

Schmmeers just right

sounds great and is incredibly versatile. From warm ambience to insane textures. It's a fun tone box that can be utilized on so many sources.

A. Nesse

14. April 2020

Sounds super analog

The sound reminds me of my guitar heroes. It sounds good on anything, but excels on guitars. It does something magic to the sound - even outside the echoes itself. Glad I bought this one.

I. Ortiz

15. Januar 2020

One of the dopest tape delays I’ve used

Super dope tape delay. It’s easy to use and it sounds great.

l. morrish-thomas

4. Oktober 2019

Best sounding tape delay I’ve used

Genuinely the best sounding tape delay I’ve ever used. Sits in the mix just perfectly with no tweaking, would use it over the real thing just for ease of use

J. Davies

30. September 2019

No Brainer, brainer, brainer

A guitar playing songwriters dream! Tape echo synced with tempo. It’s a no brainer, buy it!

p. albert

7. September 2019

EP-34 Tape Echo

Plug-in très satisfaisant du delay sans agressivité avec des effets très doux et très efficace

A. Beck

12. August 2019

Best Delay I own.

Delays need to be simple and to the point if you ask me. PTs natives absolutely stink compared to this one. The EP-34 has such a great usable sound.

R. Whiteman

12. August 2019

Great delay

An excellent plugin for getting some extra analog spice in your productions! Love it.

21-40 von 375 Ergebnisse