EP-34 Tape Echo

EP-34 Tape Echo

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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EP-34 Tape Echo


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D. Keller

23. Juni 2013

EP-34 Great for tape echo emulation

Very impressive job of recreating the Echoplex but I am looking forward to more robust delay offerings from UAD. UAD really makes the very best of the best in plugin effects and it needs a more full featured plugin similar to Echo Boy or PSP 608 Multi-Delay.
You make and I will definitely purchase. That being said - The EP-34 is as close to tape delay as you can get.

J. Fanus

22. Juni 2013

Vocal Warmth inside the box

This plugin does something special that just brings a vocal to a warm place where it belongs.

Use with EMT 140 and Copper Time Cube and you can get a vocal sound that is just perfect.

S. Jones

20. Juni 2013

its the best thing in my rig

its the best thing in my box rig right now i love all my uad plugins im so sad that i cant get them all.

ps. how can i improve my firewire bandwidth ?

P. Favati

18. Juni 2013

EP-34 Tape Echo Plug-In

divertente come l'originale, non puo mancare nella propria collezione, come sempre ottima qualità

T. Spielmacher

15. Juni 2013

My perfect echo...

Vintage. Warm. Control. Historic. Mine!

I love delay. At times (especially for vocals) I will use it like a separate backing instrument. I'm shocked at how versatile, complimentary and modern this effect can be although there is plenty of old school "cheese" if one wants it.

Buy this.

M. Howden

17. Mai 2013


simply love it. Put it on a separate bus and let it float off, degrading beautifully...

G. Jones

8. Mai 2013

Got to love this

I don't usually review - but this is such a wonderfully useful plugin - and all the clients love it too. Lovely lovely tone. Great Job Team

J. Shourt

1. Mai 2013

A very different delay.

Though the EP-34 is meant to be an emulation that is only the jump off point. The ability to sync has opened new territory. The sound, to me, can be best described as seamless and warm. Another welcome tool to the kit.

J. Swartzfeger

28. April 2013

A must for ambient artists

There is not a single plugin out there that can duplicate the kind of atmospheric mojo that the EP-34 conjures up. Set this thing into self-oscillation to see what I mean. Dig into your DAW's automation settings and you have an analog atmosphere generator. Wonderful for straightforward analog delays and the like, but the EP-34 is a must-have tool for my soundscape creation.

J. Scheldt

28. April 2013

Simply the best club delay!

A "can't do without plugin" that is simply the best!

Usually I am disturb by other delays because of the s, t, or d's when you loop a word by delay. But the EP-34 Tape Echo plugin does not. The bad frequencies just isn't there..

P. Franck

12. April 2013

My Piano love this echo

This plugin was the perfect thing i was looking for to bring depth to sample and VI piano .

Great plugin thanx UA.

M. Walker

21. März 2013


Really nice, took a bit of experimenting, once you've got your head round it you can make some fantastic noises. crazy rhythmical effects to good wobbly chorus but all sound great in the mix, it does way more than just good tape echo. I love it !

D. Skittlethorp

14. März 2013

UAD provides us another winner

I am thrilled with this awesome plugin, Although I already had the Roland Space Echo plug, I am old enough to remember when the EP was the must have effect. UAD has perfectly modeled that plug and makes it available to us, It is amazing on a vocal track and a must have for guitars. Thank you UAD for your amazing work.

J. Heath

2. März 2013

Echoplex Mania

The EP-34 "Echoplex" plug in is exactly like I remember them sounding except without the hiss. For getting that Sun Records, tape echo slap-back that I use a lot, this has the perfect tone. I'm sure it's got a great vibe for the longer delays too. I'm thrilled that I found the exact right slap-back sound I need.

M. Hennessey

2. März 2013

A Classic comes to life, virtually.

What a treat the EP- 34 Tape Echo Plug In is.
I had a chance to play with an Echo Plex when I was a kid. and now that I have this I couldn't be happier.
Not only is it a wonderful tape delay emulation its can be an instrument in itself. Abuse and try and ruin this tape. ha ha ! Warp and strech it, it's ok!
Couldn't ever have the real one but I care not, because I have the UA version. as far as I'm concerned this is a the New / Old Classic

A Content and Happy User,
Michael Hennessey

V. Kuzeva

6. Februar 2013

Sounds very musical

Hm , this makes instruments sounds very pleasant and musical! This is the territory of Uad ! On Reverbs and Delays u are definitely very good!

H. Zwarts

3. Februar 2013

awesome tape delay

It's a perfect tape delay. Love the sound and functions.

C. Schneider

29. Januar 2013

cool and inspiring

Cool tape delay emulation, I also own the RE-201 (which is also very cool) and some delays of other manufacturers but this one is more rude, more like a special effect. Crazy things happen if you play around and misuse it. Feels very much like a real tape-delay - and sounds great by the way.

I. Papagiannidis

21. Januar 2013

Unique sound!

One of the most unique plugins! really cool effect useful for all kinds of mixings!
Really warm sound and great distortion!

John Jeff Touch
Singer /Producer

T. Reis

17. Januar 2013

A very specialised effect.

Just the thing when its what you need, a little complex to learn but using it more and more as I get comfortable with it.

321-340 von 385 Ergebnisse