ENGL® E646 VS Limited Edition

ENGL® E646 VS Limited Edition


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Regulärer Preis: $149.00


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ENGL® E646 VS Limited Edition


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UAD User

5. Februar 2016

Monster sound

Great Sound, it is (one) the best amp plug in I ever had. Good work

A. Arce Torres

17. Januar 2016

ENGL® E646 VS Sound Clean!

Estoy muy contento con la emulación de ENGL® E646 VS que tienen los procesadores UAD, el sonido es claro y con mucha potencia, a su vez también la versatilidad que tienen sus varios canales, podemos pasar de una distorsión agresiva a una guitarra para hacer arpegios y con un sonido que tiene buen headroom, gracias UAD!

J. Kang

12. Januar 2016

Great sounding versatile amp sim

I was looking for a versatile amp that could cover great cleans, overdrives, and distortion. This plug-in was it.

L. Grover

28. Dezember 2015

Not Impressed

Maybe my expectations are too high but I have been thoroughly unimpressed with amp sims in general and this one fits right in to the mediocrity. This sim, like the others I have tried, is a thin, buzzy solid state sound, lacking the punch and clarity of a tube amp. Sims are very seductive because of their simplicity, but if you are after that "special" sound for a serious recording, my humble opinion is that they have not yet arrived.

Specifically, the tone range on this sim is extremely limited and the presets are worthless. Victor Smolski's settings are an improvement (http://www.englamps.de/index.php?id=36&tx_ddfproducts_pi1[uid]=115), but in the end... it's just "lipstick on the pig".

C. Brown

11. Dezember 2015


Wonderful 6l6 clean tones can be easily dialed in and the crunch and hi gain channels feel and respond like you are playing a live tube amp. Never thought I would be floored with a sim but this is truly astounding.

D. Thompson

27. September 2015

Ok guys.... plug it in and demo!




Now tell me it does not sound VERY close to the real deal.... guys. I think the Analogue and Digital argument is also stupid.

Blind test... I did... the ENGL won!

I will get a clip up of a mic'd and a sim (UAD ENGL E646 VS) and YOU tell me which you prefer... (a) or (b).

coming soon...

anyone thinking of buying, just buy it and make you own presets, visit the ENGL website download the settings PDF and create your own!

Perfect and LOVE it.

D. Thompson

19. September 2015

Just bought the plugin after another trip to the music store....

So I went to the store again, one of the saddle blocks went. I just had to try the amp setup AGAIN in the store, it's 6505 with a Rectifier. I like SYL, hard chug. Good heavy sound.

I spoke with the store guy, the ENGL E646 is SUPPOSED to be soft on the high end!!! So UAD have indeed modelled the sim correctly. The presets still don't cut it unfortunately. But for "chug", this is serious!

There is a PDF on the ENGL website http://www.englamps.de/uploads/tx_ddfproducts/E646-Sound-setting-samples.pdf I suggest (as I did) creating your own setup using these defaults.


It is an incredible piece of software. I owned both of the Line 6 products.. I used the SansAmp PSA. This sim is worth EVERY cent

D. Thompson

18. September 2015

I owned POD Line 6

Had to mention... that's sold.

Doesn't even compare!

D. Thompson

18. September 2015

Been tying this out... just back from buying an ESP ltd m-103fm

The ESP ltd m-103fm, EMG 81's through the store test stack - I'm finished locking that damn floyd rose. People gave this 1 star????? Even 4! Yea, I think the presets suck a** but hey, more fun making your own!

I came back, plugged the ESP into the UAD, dialed a bit, even let the auto selector run through some mic settings etc. Finally found a setting, tweaked and instant Devin Townsend aka: Strapping Young Lad! Very nice tone, very thick, not harsh, gives me feedback on sustain too!!! Amazing simulation of an amp!

1 start guys, are you deaf? Seriously? By far best sim I've used. Blew me away! And still is. Just buy it you won't be disappointed.

P. Takeuchi

29. August 2015

Just messed with the demo for 30 minutes... not impressed

The tones are all WAAAAAYYYY to gassy, and there is pretty much no high end. I feel like there is a low pass filter on everything, but I am simply running through console, with no inserts. Either something is wrong with console or I am an idiot (quite possible), not being familiar with amp means I don't know that it is supposed to sound like it's buried under a decade of dirty laundry, or UAD should have made more tone controls obviously present to deactivate said LPF if there is in fact one. I'll stick with POD Farm

t. preradovic

26. August 2015

Great sim

The best amp sim ever. True that presets are dull but You can make Your own. If you buy hardware amp you don't get "presets". Sound is in amp. So, this ENGL sim realy has sound but make your own presets. I am going to buy it today.

t. preradovic

26. August 2015

Great sim

The best amp sim ever. True that presets are dull but You can make Your own. If you buy hardware amp you don't get "presets". Sound is in amp. So, this ENGL sim realy has sound but make your own presets. I am going to buy it today.

E. Leiser

23. Mai 2015

Ax-FX II vs Engl 646 VS

I will be putting my AX-FXII on the market today for trade. I cannot believe I spent 2 years trying to obtain this sound out of it. I called the dealer multiple times and the end result was, maybe it isn't for you. This is a gotta have for a guitarist.

Valrcio, FL

A. Chiarello

2. April 2015

Victor Smolski's Signature Amp

Not sure why UA or Brainworx has downplayed the fact that this is RAGE's Victor Smolski's signature model But I personally think they're doing the amp sim some disservice; by not at least telling users to check out Victor's walkthrough of the original amp on ENGL's site.

Also. Have to agree with the overall consensus that the factory presets are not very good at all. Check out the sound settings PDF posted on ENGL's page. Victor's presets translate over just fine to the plugin version. http://www.englamps.de/index.php?id=36&tx_ddfproducts_pi1[uid]=115

J. Daly

22. Februar 2015

Love it!

I have not had the pleasure of using an axe personally however this plugin on my Apollo quad makes me happier than anything I have gotten from digi l6 11r or kemp in terms of BOTH function & tone. The others may sound great and be too limiting or sound bad & have great functionality but not both. Overall the Apollo comes in at nearly convenient with quick keys & console 2.0's midi tap tempo business & is tops for modeled tone imho HOWEVER it does require that you are open minded enough to use the plugin according to the manual and spend a modest amount of time learning the amp and the sim.

Does the v646 sound and behave like the real deal? Don't know don't care. It sounds tops, kemper axe territory as compared to the alternatives. YMMV.

S. Mcnulty

30. Januar 2015

So far, so good!

I wasn't able to get nice clean tones from the VAR, but this sounds great. I haven't tried any overdriven sounds, yet.

R. Sheridan

19. Januar 2015

Engl powerball

This is the real deal! Having owned one before this is as close as you'll get to the real thing. Great plug in! Used it on a few tracks in a similar vein to soilwork/in flames to great effect.

Good job!

H. Petersson

27. Dezember 2014

Not just for high gain!

Don't make the mistake I did, thinking it was only for metal heads. This amp delivers some of the most beautiful clean and crunchy sounds!

The different channels sound different from each other. This makes it a very versatile amp suitable for many styles.

This is probably the most realistic sounding amp sim I've heard to date. But given the price and the high DSP usage it doesn't come cheap.
$75 would be a more appropriate price if compared to other excellent offerings such as S-Gear and BIAS.

The presets does suck. And the amp, while beautifully rendered, looks ridiculous in my opinion. I wish they had gone with the Powerball II instead.

But all in all one of the best amp sims out there! One that continues to wow me.

M. H.

10. Dezember 2014

Amazing emulation

Wow -
I tested my guitars "Fender Stratocaster (built early 70th)", my "Gibson SG (early 80th)" - simply using the settings provided via plugin presets.

My impression: Amazing!

Just to denote what I've used before (and what I still use have to use on stage): Digitech RP10

Comparerd to that RP10 box: The plugin-sound is much much more direct, and comes nearly absolute noiseless, but bites!

Best wishes,

S. Makarov

20. November 2014

ENGL® E646 VS Plug-In

I am very glad that I had the opportunity to have such a cool sound using Apollo and plug-ins from Universal Super!

Yours Faithfully Sergey Makarov!

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