EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle

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Regulärer Preis: $299.00


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EMT® Classic Reverb Bundle


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R. Traynor

5. Februar 2011

The only reverb I will use. Sounds amazing, lush, 3 dimensional, and full of character.

S. Wiley

28. Januar 2011

Easily the best software plate reverb on the market. Blows the Lexicon PCM's away in the plate department. I don't know what I would do without it. It is used on every single project.

P. Vilhena

19. Dezember 2010

Great! Demoed it and bought right away. I have the EMT 140 but still needed a more discreet, shorter reverb for vocals, something I´m more fond of, and this is it. Beautiful, lush and sits in the mix as I want. Never got the chance to use the original, so thanks UAD for knowing what´s missing!

S. Choudhry

11. Dezember 2010

Excellent reverb for vocals, lush and deep if you need it that way. Significantly better than the reverbs bundled with logic and to my ears different sounding to Realverb. BTW in case you're wondering it is also very different sounding to the EMT250 which is a very good reverb/echo. If I had to choose 1 though it would be the 140. Get both. Superb.

A. Molaei

28. Januar 2010

lush..clear..lovly ...professional ...but every one here is waiting for lower price of this plug in..any UA guys there??

A. Oberholz

18. Dezember 2009

I demoed the plug and all I can say is that it is the most amazing reverb I heard in the box. Only thing due to the fact of global crises I do not have so much cash anymore as before the crises.... before I lost some customers I would have bought this thing without any doubt the day it came out.

Well done hopefully there comes a lexicon reverb by uad soon.
Because the new Lexcicon native series is out of price range for small budget digital producer.

J. Van

26. August 2009

Amazing plug-in I like very subtle short reverb and this machine excels at that.
The "Delay" (which has modulation) Chorus and Phase programs are unlike anything else and they have that same warm musical character that Dimension D and Cooper Time Cube also have and so they sit really well in the mix.

H. Summers

5. August 2009

Finally! A plug in reverb to be proud of! I am not a huge fan of digital reverb, even convolution reverbs sound fake to me, so I prefer using delays in a mix. However, the new EMT250 provides a gorgeous pallet of lush, spacious effects which sit superbly in a mix and provide very useful ambiance alongside my usual techniques of using delays and room mics. Especially nice on vocals when the delays won't do the trick! I don't have experience with the hardware version of this unit but I am a huge fan of Daniel Lanois and Brian Enos work and can see why they liked using this unit. Highly recommended though like the other reviewer here, I look forward to a discount voucher becoming available or a price reduction - only trouble is, I may have to buy it sooner as the demo will run out soon!

R. Virili

1. August 2009

Reverbs... a good way to go.

This one is special not for long reverberation, but from short to middle reverb, and it's a great sounding one!
Also including some other nice effects. Sure I can't compare it with the real unit (not a professional guy) but to
my ears is very good sounding, clean and useful for many sources.
A little too expensive.. so I wait for a good coupon to come :) :) UA; Great Job!

A very good sounding Guitar/Bass; Amplifier/Cabinet new plug-in!
I know it's not easy to have a real superb emulation...but maybe
UAD's people could reach a goal!

T. Leyman

31. Juli 2009

best plate emulation i've heard, up there with the best reverbs. lusharama!

R. Saxby

31. Mai 2008

If you can get good natural acoustics get those. But if you can get this plug in you should also get this too. I just got done mixing an album for a client and used this whenever I recorded things dry and needed to come back and put reverb on whatever it was. I put this thing on vocals and different kinds of percussion like bongos and also guitar. MAN!? What the heck? I thought. This plug in sounds to good to be true.

R. Masters

27. März 2008

The precision multiband is the best way to control dynamics and even things out…hands down. If you don’t know how to use one now would be a good time to learn. It will keep original mix natural. If you use an IOZEN compressor it will sound punchy but artificial. Not all ways a bad thing. But if you want to hold on to as much natural acoustics as possible go with this one.

R. Masters

27. März 2008

A complete must have. Put this on any vocalist and they will think there ready for American idle

G. Golbraich

2. November 2007

This is one of the most unique reverbs i've ever heard.
Sounds very smooth and unique in its own way.
Very good on percussive elements...I think its a must of if you'r a UAD user :)

D. Danzi

1. November 2007

Though I've not been much of a fan of UAD's effects other than EQ's and compression, they really nailed the plates in this one. It's fantastic and is a very different sounding verb. Nothing else I have can sound like it. Very distinct and original. A must have in my honest opinion as it can be tweaked to work on just about anything.

R. Jason

28. September 2007

Having used the "real thing" in several studios in LA for years, and even knowing UA's absolute insanity when it comes to getting it RIGHT, I was still not prepared for the gorgeous recreation that is the Plate 140. I've been a UA user for nearly 6 years, own most of the plugins, and this one is right at the top for usefulness...boy, using it brings back memories. Well done, UA!!

D. Ralph

30. August 2007

I Really like this plug!

It has a gorgeous rich sound which decays beautifully, it is also easy to use with the minimum parameters needed to make a good sound.

My number 1 Buss reverb.

Also sounds AMAZING on drums!

Plate 140+ Neve 1081 with drums is just to die for. (maybe set plate a, minimum setting with 5-7% reverb, just sounds so subtle, but as soon as you turn it off the track just shrinks!)

Wonderful plug

M. Levy

20. August 2007

This is the reverb you want. better than any other native or card based reverb. translucent and rich. musical. you hear the track, not the reverb.

M. Baginski

15. August 2007

The Plate 140 is great for drums. I do not use it for any thing else. After all it is only a plate reverb. It is easy to use and sounds great on snare hits.

D. Craighead

15. Juli 2007

I think this is the best reverb for drums and percussions there is on the software market. It has a nice non-metallic sound, it's kinda hard to explain, very smooth. Way better than dreamverb in my opinion. Also nice when you put it to the Master-Out, EQ it just right and turn it on to 5%, it "glues" the end mix to one piece. And for this price it's better than tc.

1361-1380 von 1395 Ergebnisse