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EMT® 250 Classic Electronic Reverb


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C. Bruce

9. August 2020


This right here is the reason to buy UA plugins. Use this to make your vocals sound extra dreamy

N. Gibbons

15. Juli 2020

Go to reverb effects unit

I’m smitten by this unit .. my go to reverb from now on... I can’t praise it enough..vocals brought out and sit perfectly in the mix effortlessly as one example ..wonderful quality and unique design with its simple ease of use .. an instant favourite, I’ve used it on everything..

t. phelan

14. Juli 2020

Great digital reverb

I'm just getting acclimated to this plug, but it seems very cool. Have a really nice sound, easy to dial in. It's a great generic digital hall verb that seems to work very well on all kinds of sources. Thus far, I have enjoyed it on snare, acoustic guitar, vocals, room mics.. All sounded great

P. Klein

11. Juli 2020

Prefer EMT 140

Solid product. Haven’t found best application yet but if it’s reverb I dig it nonetheless.

S. Allí

15. Juni 2020

my go to for synths

the best for synths when you need put reverb on any synth

E. Soza

22. Mai 2020

Awesome effects

I just put it in the mix and it all sounded amazing

S. Shaw

19. Mai 2020

Great effects box

It's a reverberator, but also don't forget it's also a multi-effect processor. The phaser and chorus can really become handy in some cases.

U. Rychener

15. Mai 2020

Classic Reverb!

Im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes, ich kenne kein anderes Plug Inn, welches den EMT 250 so realistisch und wirklichkeitsnah simuliert, wie dieses hier von UAD. Ich arbeitete lange Jahre mit einem "echten" EMT 250 und EMT 252, x Produktionen damit abgemischt, wenn es darum geht, akustischen Instrumenten einen natürlichen Raum zu verschaffen, ohne dabei den Gesamtmix zu stark zu beeinflussen, wahr und ist EMT immer die richtige Wahl! dasselbe gilt auch für das Plug Inn von UAD.
Ich mische mit Harrison Mixbus und Plug Inns von UAD und erzeuge damit einen wirklich echt guten Sound! "eben analog klingend"In diesem Sinn und Geist, kann ich das EMT 250 Plug Inn von UAD besten empfehlen!

I. Fabris

8. Mai 2020

EMT 250 Beast

As a former user of real deal this plugin sounds in most situations the same as original hardware. UAD you did a h.ll of a job :-) Just as any other plugins that you made. Bright clear but ''old'' sounded plate is just what i miss in my hybrid concept. It perfectly fits with my Lexicon 300 L and PCM 90 hardware. You can't beat EMT on vocals, drums and any other applications that you use. Totally recommended for all studios, not only professional. Love you guys ;-)


28. April 2020


I’m very satisfied purchased this product! Unbelievable!!! Tnumb up!

S. Pagano

16. April 2020

good, powerful unit

This one is a different flavor, sounds just right on most stuff. UA always.

B. Horvat

7. April 2020

Instant classic

One of the best reverb units with some additional options and fx. Turns vocals into the superstar vocals. I use it on various of instruments and busses. One of those good old uad "must have" ones.

M. Dollnig

30. März 2020

I want all UAD Plugins!

EMT 250 is one of the best reverbs i have ever heard. For me the UAD Plugins are qualitative the best PI at the market! All of them.

M. Hall

10. März 2020

Pretty darn close

Having used the hardware this plug pretty well gets me there

P. Polkovykh

5. März 2020

Отличный ревербератор!

Отличный объем и отражения, голос легко укладывать в микс!

P. Polkovykh

5. März 2020

Один из лучших ревербераторов

Отличный объем и отражения, голос легко укладывать в микс!

S. Arola

4. Februar 2020

Great stuff!

One of the best software reverbs I've ever seen. Perfect for vocals.

G. Daddio

2. Februar 2020

It’s really neato!!!

And it has lots of buttons!

O. Dramaretskiy

14. Januar 2020

Very good!!!

I like EMT 250!!! My favorite plugin!

D. Yudin

13. Januar 2020

Great returns

It’s a better plugin for The effect of the space

61-80 von 395 Ergebnisse