EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator


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B. Jester

31. Dezember 2013

Smoothest plate ever!

There isn't an application that this won't cover. The choice of 3 plates in 1 plugin makes it so easy to a/b & dial in that sound your looking for! UAD has a great way of modeling the original & making it sound and feel like the real thing.

R. Boyce

31. Dezember 2013

Excellent plate, without the setup time

This is a perfect rendition of this old school classic! Exactly what I have been looking for to recreate some classic dub effects. Highly recommended!

R. Ponomarenko

29. Dezember 2013

EMT 140 is nice addition to your reverb library,for sure!

Love this plugin!
Use it primary for vocals,but it is also very nice on guitars...man,it's nice on EVERYTHING!)
Thanks to UA for recreating this legend.

J. Jung

28. Dezember 2013

reverb, verb...verb...verb...

This reverb is on everything that needs that beautiful space. I never had the privilege of hearing the original, but no matter, from what I hear it does the wonderful very well. Just putting it up makes the mix sound spacious, with a little fine tuning and everything is in it's place or moving around if you want it to. Once again, great job to the UA developers. Keep up the Awesomeness.

Y. Seok

28. Dezember 2013

Best reverb ever

I think it's best warm and rich reverb. UAD EMT140 is only the one.

C. Kirby

28. Dezember 2013

THE classic sound. You'll know it instantly.

If you were around in the 60's and 70's, plug this verb in and you'll suddenly hear a couple hundred hit records and classic albums. I was amazed how instantly recognizable it is. I'm not sure I've ever heard a real 140 in a studio, but to me this plugin absolutely sounds like those great records. Lush, smooth, beautiful. This is now my go-to vocal reverb (but I don't have the Lex 224 yet... soon, soon). Love the simple, straightforward controls too.

Highly recommended- this verb is outrageous bang for the buck.

T. Albert

25. Dezember 2013

Go to reverb!

This plate sounds good on everything. Drums, piano, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, vocals, choir, orchestra-you name it. Track, bus, master-it's all good, high quality. Been checking it out for quite some time, couldn't resist the sale price-and 64 bit aax. Also, the UA stuff is in PT 11 audio suite!!! Yahoo!!! Thanks UA!

E. Zambrano

24. Dezember 2013

Better Than expected

Simply another must have from UA
Just like having a real plate without having to pay for maintance

I. Mcelroy

23. Dezember 2013

Great Reverb

The EMT140 is a great reverb unit that lets you dial in the right tone with the EQ section. It's simple, sounds great, and is very versatile.

The only thing it needs is an upgrade to the graphics -- they're a little cheesy by today's standards. Other than that, it's great.

P. Haas

21. Dezember 2013

Excellent, that´s all.

EMT 140, what to say?! Excellent plate reverb, that´s all.

C. Paschall

18. Dezember 2013

Great Plate

Been looking for a great plate verb for a while and finally got my hands on this guy. Look no further. Best sounding plate verb I've heard. Killer on drums and vocals and the ability to shape the sound makes this guy quite versatile.

D. Ashton

18. Dezember 2013


I am thoroughly impressed with every universal audio plugin I've used. You guys are the
Best!! Although one would feel they are costly.At only a fraction of the cost of the hardware counterparts.They are a steal and worth every penny. I've got my eye on the Lexicon 224 next or the api vision.Thanx guys !!......

C. Goldmacher

18. Dezember 2013

Stunning sound

This reverb sounds absolutely stunning. Glad to have it!

W. Roncher

16. Dezember 2013

EMT 140

I dont know what else i can say about this plugin that hasnt already been said. Its fantastic. After using just about every "high end" softverb on the market, It is now my number 1 reverb.

M. Panagaris

15. Dezember 2013


My go to plate reverb, adds character and very customisable, plenty of applications for this reverb.

F. Sanfilippo

15. Dezember 2013

Simple, straight, excellent!

The right reverb when you need it.
Load the plugin, set it with a few touches and you'll be ready to go with a super great sounding reverb.
For me, that's the way plugins should work...give you the best they can without making you crazy!
Well done UA :)

D. Sanchez

14. Dezember 2013

I love this plugin!

There isnt a vocal that doesn't pass through this in my world. Snares, textures... it's a wonderful effect and precise emulation!

R. Hendriksen

13. Dezember 2013

The EMT 140 Reverb Plate

I worked with EMT 140 plates for many years, in the music business ( London studios - Pye,Trident, Scorpio, Decca, Marquee, Polydor, ...it goes on) and in TV.

I know their sound well, and this convolution is accurate; like the real plates - it sounds great!

J. Jung

13. Dezember 2013


It does what I want, the way I want it to. What more can you ask of it. Great air and really makes my mixes sound great. Never used the real thing, so I don't know how it sounds to the original, but that doesn't matter as long as it sounds great. Kudos to UA for making a another stellar plugin. Cheers.

S. Bertram

13. Dezember 2013

Desert Island Plate

Think you have a great plate plug in sound b4 getting this plug in? You're WRONG. Needless to say...I cant believe I waited so long to get this. Do yourself a favour and don't do what I did. You WILL thank me.

721-740 von 963 Ergebnisse