EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator

EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator


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EMT® 140 Classic Plate Reverberator


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R. Campbell

12. Juli 2012

I think I like this plug-in too much. First of all let me state, I’m biased. I'm a reverb buff. I believe every song would benefit from at least a little injection of reverb somewhere in the mix. Every since I first heard of it back in the 70's I’ve dreamed of owning an EMT 140 (totally impractical). That sweet reverb tail I heard in the studio evoked immediate gear lust. Long story short, I now own one, in ALL of its' sonic glory. From the bright A plate, the warm B plate to the somber C plate with all variation of eq, width, pre-delay, reverberation time with L and R balance & a selectable frequency input filter. Hands down the must have, go to reverb. You’ll grow with this one!

T. Moore

4. Juli 2012

Seldom my effects chain DOSEN'T include this amazing sounding pillow of gorgeous decay...
Try sending delays through it... Seriously.

Plate B at its shortest setting is one of the cleanest short snare verbs ever.

F. Yaker

4. Juli 2012

I've used many reverb plugins over the years and have always struggled to find one that I really can work with. I find most reverbs to be overly complex and even though I am somebody who uses presets as a basis and adjusts from there, if the options are overwhelming, I get frustrated. This plugin sounds great, but one of the main reasons that I love it is because the controls are few and straight to the point. You can easily adjust the sounds to your taste with the limited amount of knobs. I also want to mention that while most reverbs I always finding myself slowly turning down and down and down until there is a subtle ambience but not a really apparent reverb this might be the first reverb that beckons you to turn it up!

P. Monteiro

3. Juli 2012

Great sounding Reverb. I have Lexicon PCM Series, Sonnox Reverb, Altiverb... This one is up there with the best, really simple to use and GREAT sounding, use it on almost every mix.

C. Visser

1. Juli 2012

Excellent reverb!
I really like the sound of plate reverbs and the EMT140 is perhaps the best in it's kind!
All the controls for modeling the sound like stereo, eq and mod are very easy to use and give so much options for tailoring your own reverb sound.
The input filter comes in very handy, but the choice of plates is by far the nicest feature of the plugin.

S. Hughes

29. Juni 2012

I read some glowing reviews about this plug-in and now that I own it, I can confirm that it's absolutely superb.

It's hard to believe that I own an EMT 140 plate reverb. These things are rare now and were extremely expensive. UA have captured the sound brilliantly and it really does bring a mix to life with that 80's world class sparkle and shine.

Together with the Lexicon 224, these are my go to reverbs now, and my DAW has never sounded so bloody good. My clients are raving about the jump in quality, all
thanks to UA.

I'll probably end up buying all the UA plug-ins as so far I've had no duds. These are marvellous sounding tools that finally render a physical outboard rack obsolete.

Think I'll have a garage sale this week end.

C. Booker

21. Juni 2012

I've used both the 250 and 140 for vocals and to be honest, i actually like the 140 better. It brings a certain lushness that is unsurpassed in my honest opinion. It truly is a great sounding reverb by all standards.

I. Bumba

3. Juni 2012

Great plug-in for vocals and acoustic instruments. Fantastic plates for a wide range of instruments.

M. Moore

1. Juni 2012

Now this is the real deal! I've used a REAL EMT Plate and this thing sounds fantastic. No more going into the basement to turn the lever to open or close it up either LOL! The parameters are straight forward, and the sounds are lush and realistic. This is my go to reverb!

J. Malik

30. Mai 2012

The best ITB reverb I have ever heard. I was torn between this and the EMT 250 and settled for this. I have not regretted my decision. On vocals, it adds something that I have never ever heard before.. "magic" for lack of a better word. Plus it comes with 3 customizeable plates so the possibilities are endless. Loving this. .what an inspirational verb!

A. Herrhausen

15. April 2012

Great product! You can already hear it on our new song "Deal no Deal"
We hope you enjoy it :-) Thank you for your great work in designing all this awsome Plug-Ins!

Julia and Alex

J. Herzfeld

27. März 2012

Absolutely the smoothest plate emulation I have ever heard! And no need to tune the physical plate every few weeks? What's not to love!

C. Steffens

20. Februar 2012

The best Plate in plug-in formate.There ist nothing better.

S. Froudist

14. Dezember 2011

The original EMT plate reverb is a steel monster that needs an isolated vault of its own. With only rudimentary damping and EQ, it is more or less a "set and forget" creature. Instead of a soundproof room, the UA version (really three units in one) just needs a UAD card to run on. While lacking some of the more esoteric settings of other types of reverberators, this classic and classy reverb responds well to a bit of tweaking: for example, fine tune the frequency response to compliment the audio, using both the input filter and the reverb EQ. If you cut the low end or scoop out some mids, you can keep the level and reverb time up without muddying the mix, or you could boost the tops to to add a dreamy air to vocals or acoustic guitar.
Use the modulation control to add movement and harmonic complexity to shimmering sounds.
Try two instances in mono, panned Left and Right: this keeps the centre dry and there is much more sonic room to move.
Or exaggerate the pre-delay to keep the reverb out of the way.
Or send some signal from your delays into the reverb.
Don't be afraid to run an EQ after the reverb.

A great workhorse reverb, and of course you can run several instances at once!
Or use it alongside one of the other great UAD reverbs!

One last hint: make the reverb obvious and do your tweaking. When you are satisfied, drop the reverb level...less is usually more. Automate your levels (and even your tweaks) if you need the reverb to be more obvious at the end of vocal lines etc.

D. Dresdow

9. Dezember 2011

This is a killer 3 pack of dense plate verbs that do an excellent job at adding a texture within a mix.

The EMT's have been the "must have" with UAD from the day they came out, imo.

B. Dobozi

12. November 2011

A truly marvelous plug-in – whether it's a super-short reverb insert on a kick drum, a bass or a Fender Rhodes, or big warm plates on vocals.

W. Kopka

20. September 2011

Hi, update on the UAD version 6 1 is no longer my EMT 140. what do I do now?



S. Maxwell

23. August 2011

Well there is a lot i could say about this reverb, lush, rich, deep. But i like these two simple words.... F@#king great! Thanks UA

H. Kruse

27. Juli 2011

EMT 140 on UAD is a very special sounding reverb, easy and fun to use!

C. Hilding

30. Juni 2011

I used to dislike this when it was still called Plate 140. Now that it has been re-released as EMT 140 with the Input Low Cut Filter enabled right from the GUI, it became instantly useful. With a bit of filtering you can get rid of the low end mud. This is further helped by the included EQ. Another great feature is the ability to turn the reverb into a completely (or partially) monophonic signal, and the ability to apply a slight chorus modulation to make it thicker. All very good additions from the EMT branding transition, with the main one being the input filter since it really expanded the usefulness of the reverb (without having to manually add a highpass EQ before the reverb input). Testing it on various sources I found that the EMT140 added an EXTREMELY smooth and pleasing sound while allowing you to use very long reverb times. In comparison to the EMT 250, it has more "body" due to its extended low end and more realistic, heavier plate sound, whereas the EMT 250 is more for a light touch of reverb. The EMT 140 is now one my favorite reverbs for drums and guitars and it sounds INSANELY good. The EMT 250 is still the favorite for subtle reverbs and vocals, since it adds a very light sheen and blends things together perfectly without muddying the low end. No setup is complete without owning both the EMT 140 and EMT 250.

881-900 von 971 Ergebnisse