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Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor


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R. Rasiński

15. Dezember 2022


Distressor is better than super glue, it sticks together quickly and forever ;) and seriously, it's finally a plugin that can change a weak and simple mix into a pretty good one. I don't know how it compares to the hardware original because I've never owned it but it just does the job :)

s. arıgül

14. Dezember 2022

Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor

It's worth every penny of the money you pay.

B. Moyer

13. Dezember 2022

Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor

Admittedly I'm new to UA products, having only recently purchased my Apollo Twin X. One of the first plug-ins I purchased was the Distressor. I've used them quite a bit in various studios. The plug in sounds great! So far, I've only used it for bass guitar tracks, for which it works perfectly.

a. maceroni

12. Dezember 2022


I also own the hardware version, and I must say that the difference is really subtle

V. Kozarin

11. Dezember 2022

Super Amazing !

I wish I have bought it sooner. It’s absolutely great for bass and drums. Polishes the vocals make them sound nice and smooth just like a real record

C. Bors

10. Dezember 2022

Wow, awesome UAD quality

I was reading already so much time about the Distressor, i thinked the time is here to try. Worth all pennys, i love it.

J. Vierra

9. Dezember 2022

Amazing, Amazing Tool!

The Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor should be the first plugin of this type that should be in your toolbox. You may not need anything else. It is that good.

G. Campan

1. Dezember 2022

The real thing? Haven't used it

So people usually compare the real thing with a plugin emulation and they start their reviews so. Not me, as I never have used the real hardware. Nor do I feel the need to invest in 2 units costing as much as they do. What I can say is this plugin satisfies my needs of slamming drums and adding glue to a bus. Other uses? sure, plenty. Haven't tried it on everything yet. Sometimes aggressive is the key, sometimes a little goes a long way.

j. nilsson

29. November 2022

The one!!

This is the best one out there i think.
Great job guys.

P. Diaz

26. November 2022

Very good!

During a sale with vouchers, this dropped to $50. Great deal for a good, versatile comp.

E. Alexander

18. November 2022

My Fav UAD Emulation - Never Fails

Hands down my favorite UAD plug-in - the Empirical Labs Distressor never fails on compression in my synth (musical element) bus. This compressor allows me to level my synths but also naturally place them farther in the mix - one of the few compressors that successfully accomplishes this. The "HR" knob lets you drive in the audio signal for ease and you can really drive the compression without hearing distortion.

M. Burbano

13. Oktober 2022


Todos los plug ins deberían tener un menor precio.

A. Holbert

12. Oktober 2022


This sounds just like the Hardware version!

R. Mangile

11. Oktober 2022

First Choice

Always the first choice on my drum and vocal bus comp.

A. Holbert

8. Oktober 2022

Best Compressor hands down

This is the best emulation of the hardware unit I have ever used. I owned a Antelope Zen Go with their version of the plugin UAD just nails it every time.

K. Howard

7. Oktober 2022

Incredible Compressor Plug-in

The Empirical Labs EL8 is one of my new favorite plug-ins. It enhancing not just individual tracks but, it glues the mix perfectly. This will be my go to compressor on ALL my tracks and productions..

G. Fricke

20. September 2022

Cleaner Vocals

The EL8 has been a nice addition to the signal chain creating cleaner vocals that require fewer takes and really help in the overall mix.

I. Inkilä

15. September 2022

This thing is becoming my favourite compressor

It's very versatile and simply kills on vocals, the detection and colour features are great tools and the GUI is pleasing to look at. It also has a very good sound when automated to destroy tracks for more experimental sounds. Great addition to your arsenal, easy to use and sounds great. Simply a must have.

P. Raebiger

28. Juli 2022

simple a very good one

Put the distressor on your vocals or parallel to your drums or what ever you want. Some tweaks and it sounds amazing good with character and weight. How it was mentioned: simple a very good one. Enjoy it!

c. jinho

23. Juli 2022


best classic comp

21-40 von 610 Ergebnisse