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Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor


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J. Kriske

30. September 2023

Just wading back in

I don't currently own a hardware version of the distressed to A/B this with, but I do have fond memories of working in a studio that had one. This is an equally fun and useful tool. As others have said, it's fantastic on percussive sounds. I'm looking forward to trying it on other things!

A. Sis

27. September 2023

Best Drumbus Comp!

Can’t mix without this Plugin on my drumbus chain. Makes it punchier, crispier and saturated! One of the best plugins of UAD!

A. Rosell

27. September 2023

Fab Fav Compressor

Best compressor I've got for anything rock! Sounds amazing and gives you enormous power and depth to your tracks.

M. Dellit

27. September 2023


Impossibly good on everything!


26. September 2023

Nice Work!

UAD did a good job with this one!

T. Cherry

20. September 2023

Amazing plugin!

I’ve always wanted to analog version of this and to now have it! Perfection! Once again y’all knocked it out the park!

C. Kim

8. September 2023


My go-to compressor for Drums and vocals.Worth every penny!

T. Jackson

8. August 2023

Just decent

Seen a lot of guys on YouTube recommending use it on a few vocals it’s ok but I expected more

V. German

5. August 2023

Incredible device!

Great on drums, vocals, and grand piano

W. Rice

22. Juli 2023

Love it

Use it with my LA2A between dry and comp for parallel compression sounds great in my DAW

G. Bernhardt

17. Juli 2023

Great compressor

Just as good as my rack mounted EL8's...

A. Ayer

17. Juli 2023

Wonderful and versatile

This is a great compressor. It can be used very effectively on any source material. Drums (oh yeah) vocals (definitely) bass, guitar, synth etc. it’s like a fully customizable 1176 and la2a in one box. Bottom line it sounds fantastic.

A. Martínez

7. Juli 2023


I have got a great work experience with the distressor, getting to control my dynamic signals range to another level and and many other functionalities because of the versatility of this processor... thanks

R. Embick

3. Juli 2023


not expecting such a useful compressor, details that are so helpful - my new favorite product from you folks - actually, I really love all the gear that you have come up with that I've got.

A. Cengic

1. Juli 2023


EL8 Distressor is simply amazing! This plugin brings the magic of the Distressor hardware unit into the digital realm. The sound is truly authentic, and the distortion and compression options are outstanding. It allows me to add warmth and character to my recordings, whether it's a solo instrument or an entire mix. The user interface is intuitive and easy to use. EL8 Distressor has become an essential tool in my production, and I can't imagine working without it. Simply incredible!"


30. Juni 2023

Fantastic Emulation .Good

I use it on my main tracks. Definitely one of the best plugins to have!

J. Mateo

28. Juni 2023

The one to beat

This is hands down one of my most used compressors in my collection. It can work on almost everything you slap it on and even for livestream's it is always on my master bus so i dont clip and get very versatile and transparent compression.

G. Mahn

19. Juni 2023

Rich and Versatile

The EL8 rocks! Rich, warm tone and versatile options make it useful on a wide range of instruments and situations. It is a cornerstone in my primary DAW templates.

G. Udvarhelyi

16. Juni 2023


I thought it will be great, but maaaan!!! :)))

M. Brown

15. Juni 2023

Was bummed…

Was bummed when I sold my hardware Distressor a few years back, but now I’m STOKED to have this! It’s one of the best plugins I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot. Just buy it.

21-40 von 660 Ergebnisse