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Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor


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R. Scheepers

21. Mai 2021

The Classic for my Vocals

After using this classic compressor as hardware gear for so many years for my vocals in our Primal Fear mixes in the past, it was a must for me to purchase it as a PlugIn! What can I say, it was all worth it as the emulation really is very close to the hardware gear. As a matter of fact it hast crashed twice today but I hope this happened only randomly.

F. Estevez

20. Mai 2021

Amazing Results!!

Adds a great deal of punch to your mix!! A must have!!

W. Noon

18. Mai 2021

Drum bus and vocals

Makes my drums come out of the mix very well and I didn't expect to use it on vocals so much. Love it!

S. Astala

15. Mai 2021

Lovin' it!

Needs more practise using this, but already I'm lovin- it!

J. Brown

11. Mai 2021

Great on so many things

What can you say about this compressor except that it is great on so many things. Feels just like using the real thing too. Love it.

A. Tkachenko

22. April 2021

Amazing emulation

This plugin is doing really great job, my music sounds more punchy when I have Distressor in it. Thank you

R. Neville

19. April 2021

Amazing compressor

I owned the EL8-X for years and sold it to invest in the UAD platform and I am pretty impressed with this compressor emulation. I used the distressor for tracking all the time on vocals and it’s amazing and this works just as good!

. Adams

16. April 2021

It IS a Distressor

It sounds and behaves exactly like the hardware. It actually sounds way better than the Empirical Labs Arouser. Worth every penny!

D. Puzia

13. April 2021

Distressor is fantastic!

Works great on just about anything! Truly my most versatile compressor. This is a beast of a plugin that really is a workhorse for me. Makes me wonder how I got by without it!

D. Montoya

7. April 2021

Fantastic emulation of the hardware unit! This thing rocks!

I love what this thing does to drums, guitars, bass, gritty vocals and busses! Sounds and responds exactly how I remember the hardware does.

D. Schmidt

2. April 2021

Great! Great!

One of the best !!!

G. Tully

18. März 2021

It's great

What can I say? It's the real deal - used it straight away on a bass and drums mix and it just get's you to where you want to go...quickly.

B. Rogers

16. März 2021

Bass DI sound so much thicker

I haven't used this as much as others but it is always on the bass DI track. Adds to the low end like nothing else I've tried

T. Harpel

15. März 2021

Essential and intuitive

When I’m in the right mood, nuke ratio is so sweet on the drum bus. Overall, a relentlessly un-fussy compressor. Each control obeys intuition, with each knob and button doing basically what you want and expect. A true utility player. Good sound sounds.

S. Lord

4. März 2021

I love this thing

I work primarily in the box with midi drums, this thing gives those little lines the power they deserve! I’ve been searching for this tone for awhile now. A must have!

a. Thompson

23. Februar 2021

Love it

It has performed, and will do so again, and again, and again.

D. Dembek

18. Februar 2021

Modify the dynamics without loosing the harmonics

Most of the compressors tends to kill the early harmonics. It is NOT the case with the Distressor. You can nuke your track and still add the distortion which makes things just right. One of the most versatile compressors, one of the must-have's in the arsenal.

M. Lee

9. Februar 2021

Oh god amazing!

Sooooooo Good!
I don't need to say anything. It's just perfect!

C. Knight

8. Februar 2021

Like the hot sauce, "I put that Sh*t on everything".

You already know this lives on every buss. You can make it distorted or cleaner, harder or softer, you can make it fast or slow and you can mix it with dry/wet controls. You can also nuke it. Like varnish for furniture, it can transform and enhance subtle grain details into dramatic and drastic yet beautiful features.

Required tool if you are a serious engineer.

T. Gapski

6. Februar 2021

Not much I can say - it's THE DISTRESSOR

Great tool, invites to do experiments with your sound...

161-180 von 574 Ergebnisse