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Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor


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D. Cartwright

12. Dezember 2021

This is a must have

This was the missing link to my chain. It makes everything it touches sound better in so many different ways.

J. Migchelsen

11. Dezember 2021

Must have plug-in!

Extreme versatile!

h. ilhan

11. Dezember 2021

versatile compressor

this is the best plug in acts like hardware

a. mack

10. Dezember 2021


Pop music would die without this hardware and although the software is slightly noisier the trade off is that you could use it at different settings with as many as your computer can stand, try that with the hardware! And with the new super M1 chips were talking punches to the chest and stomach mixes with live drums, I can finally compete now with my great samples, WITH MY REAL DRUM KITS, AMAZING!! Never a better BlackFriday gift, THANKS FAM!!!
Five stars!!

P. Crane

10. Dezember 2021

One of the must have Plugins.

This is one of the plugins that I bought the UAD Twin for. A true workhorse compressor that you can track through with preset recall and multiple instances. What more could you ask for?

T. Harvey

9. Dezember 2021

Swiss Army knife on steroids

This compressor is extremely versatile. Can handle almost any task. Absolutely awesome!!

G. Balistreri

9. Dezember 2021

very good.

very good. great plugin

M. LaVaque

5. Dezember 2021


I've never had the privilege of working with the outboard version of this compressor, but this emulation is awesome in its own right. It can be smooth and invisible, or aggressive and colorful. I'm glad I took the plunge and bought it.

Y. Mospan

25. November 2021

very happy with the purchase

finally this device got into my family. now my drums will sound even better, thank you, great emulation

M. O'Brien

26. Oktober 2021

The best thing ever

Use this to make drums sound epic! Simply a must have! I use it to add sparlkle anywhere. Buy it now.

G. Pana

11. Oktober 2021

A M A Z I N G!

I've been used the hardware for a very long period. I also purchased the plugin version.
I'm so impressed. The sound, is there 90% of the hardware. WOW! If you know how to tweak the sound, you will have 99% results. The Hardware is giving you less distortion and a bit more warmth. As I said, tweak yourself and you'll get the results ;)
I love this plugin. My #1 on vocals, guitars, synth, drums.

M. Vogel

11. Oktober 2021

super smooth Compressor

In the standard settings (without Distortion and Filters) this compressor is super smooth and works very well for vocals.

C. Turbin

27. September 2021

Very Versatile. Very effective

The plugin version to me sounds indistinguishable to the racked-up version. It's one of those super unique and versitile compressors that can be used for anything from subtle vocal compression to complete audio annhilation, and the varying states between.

W. McGilvray

26. September 2021

Didn’t disappoint

Now one of my go to compressors.

B. Sullivan

23. September 2021

Worth the price of admission!

This plugin is everything you want it to be! I'm really impressed with this plugin! Now I can cut back (just a little bit) on my go to compressor (1176). Nice job UAD!

L. Ooley

20. September 2021

Own the hardware, this emulation is perfect.

I've A/B'd this plug against the hardware on multiple sources, and wow, I'm blown away at it's accuracy and detail. Now I can have Distressors wherever I want them, on as many channels as I want, in a couple of clicks. All the richness is there, all the nuance. Just lovely.

S. Escudero Sarmiento

18. August 2021

Must have compressor

It’s a very nice compressor!
Works fine and sounds good!

S. Tydeman

11. August 2021

Seriously Awesome!

Brilliant piece of hardware / software. Love it! Works a charm on vocals, bass, guitars, kick, snare....list goes on. Used it on every mix since purchasing.

D. Murphy

21. Juli 2021

Must have compressor

Add great tube saturation, energy and body to any source... excitement too. It's a classic.

L. Tian Siung

14. Juli 2021

Drum Bus!

apply on every Drum Bus it is!

161-180 von 611 Ergebnisse