Eden® WT800 Bass Amplifier

Eden® WT800 Bass Amplifier


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Regulärer Preis: $149.00


Du sparst 50%

Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Eden® WT800 Bass Amplifier


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M. Vice

12. April 2022

Great tone, hella versatile

I’ve been using the Ampeg SVT models from UA for years. Just added this Eden model into my arsenal and I think it’s the new go-to. Seriously great tone.

K. Rajasingam

2. Februar 2022

Finally the perfect bass amp…

I have always struggled to get the sound in my head to sit in a mix and come through my speakers/headphones. I also struggled to tame a bright bass with roundwounds without losing the presence and tone I want. With this plug-in, I didn’t even touch the controls and everything came together. A small taste of ‘enhance’ and I never need another plug-in ever again. Thanks for saving my time fiddling with technology so I can concentrate on playing the music I love.

Y. Chistyakov

31. Januar 2022

Eden® WT800 Bass Amplifier

Für mich ist dieses Plugin der beste Bassamp von allen anderen von UAudio, ich habe schon alle Bassamps von UAudio früher gekauft, aber dieser klingt für mich wirklich komplett gut und echt.


19. Januar 2022

Eden® WT800 Bass Amplifier

Works great with any bass Instrument from synth to upright. Neutral with no colored tone.

E. Moineau

16. Januar 2022

Great Sim!!!

Beautiful deep bass tone!!!

L. Marchetti

10. Januar 2022

4 strings magic

Works great w my pbass

J. Manning

3. Januar 2022

Great Emulation

My new go to.

K. Barnard

27. Dezember 2021

Best Bass Guitar Plugin for Luna

I've owned a couple actual Eden bass amps over the years, and they sound better than just about every other bass amp out there.. I was getting frustrated by the limited functionality of the standard-issue bass and EQ plugins that came with my UA Apollo x6 w/ Luna. So, I waited for a sale opportunity to get the Eden® WT800 Bass Amplifier plugin for about 70% off. It just works and sounds great. Now I don't use anything else for bass when tracking into Luna.

E. Luke

9. Dezember 2021

The first and only bass amp plugin that I love.

I was always frustrated with bass amps and how mud they sound. I always prefer to use the DI signal with non "amp simulation" tools to shape my bass sound.... This until I finally tried the Eden and that's the answers to my prayers. It's perfect, versatile from retro bass sound to modern, matches my JB, Hofner, Stingray5 perfectly. Love it

S. Greenaway

6. Dezember 2021

Best bass UAD plug

I own all the UAD bass amp plug ins and the Eden is easily the most dynamic in tone, character and reactivity.

T. Beimel

6. August 2021

Very satisfied!

I play bass as a living since nearly 30 years and would say I am picky about my sound and frankly I’ve had a hard time finding satisfying software that emulates good bass amplification. The Ampeg series aren’t really what I would have wanted (played Ampeg rigs for many years) for my taste. I just bought the Eden plugin cuz I had a good offer on it and did not expect to be so pleasantly surprised. It has a ”magic” sparkle to my bass regardless if I’m tracking or mixing. I really like what they’ve done with this. It can be very neutral or if you want, you can dial in some flavour. I find I barely touch the controls.

E. Hasselberg

19. Juli 2021

My new go to bass amp

This Eden was the last thing I thought was going to sound, and now I find myself using this one exclusively. I regret getting the Gallien Krueger and the Ampeg, they loose this one big time. I am a bass player with a ton of gear and basses and I am really picky, just thought I would mention it.

L. Weisz

9. Juli 2021

Basszus effekt

Nagyon jó kis plug in!

K. Houghton

24. Juni 2021

Owned one -sounds just like it!

Sounds great,realistic,and easy to dial in the Eden character!

F. Erlbeck

28. Mai 2021

Great sound but...

Sounds really great but there are GUI problems in Logic X 10.6.2 . You can see just a black surface. Please UA fix it...For that reason only one star, when fixed 5 stars!

J. Pevar

9. Mai 2021

Eden WT800

While I use the UAD Ampeg bass amps a lot the EDEN offers a more contemporary sound to my ears ... works great for bass solos where you really want to hear the upper mods and sibilance of the bass strings! As usual UAD captures it! Thank you!!!

L. Angelici

16. April 2021


Really really amazing. Never more without!

C. Thompson

13. April 2021

Eden Bass Amp Is A Champ!

This is the Bass tone I have been looking for in my recordings. This plug in has a nice warm bass sound that rounds off the edges of a Gibson Thunderbird and even a Rickenbacker Bass. I have a great MESA SUBWAY bass rig I use for live performances and now thanks to this UA Eden WT800 Bass Amp plug in I have the best recorded bass sound I have ever had. It’s truly amazing and worth every penny you spend on it.

T. Katila

10. Februar 2021


Really versatile amp, the eq gives me tone shaping options for days!

A. Dudarev

22. Januar 2021

Versatile and deep Character

It is really brilliant, wakes up even the most rundown basses.
Fascinating sound.

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