DreamVerb Room Modeler

DreamVerb Room Modeler


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DreamVerb Room Modeler


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E. Waters

2. Januar 2013

NIce Verb

I like it. I've got a lot of expensive reverb plugins. Sometimes I want a colored reverb. Sometimes I don't. This reverb is relatively passive in terms of color. I don't feel compelled to EQ this verb a lot. It can also be very subtle. I can't tell you how many times clients have said... "Too much reverb". The DreamVerb is capable of a subtle, unobtrusive ambience. It's there but it's not obvious. It's also easy to use & reasonably priced. NIce.

S. Gordon

2. Januar 2013


Hy everybody,

after 1 1/2 years of building our new studio facilities, we'd decided to work with UAD.
We have the Apollo and the UAD Quad with most of the Plug-Ins. Our Computer is a Mac 2 x 2,66 GHz Quad-Core with 32 GB 1066 MHz DDR3 RAM. We use 500 GB SD Disk for the System and for the instrument samples.

We are just finishing our first - all self made - production.
We have recorded, mixed and mastered all 13 songs using UAD tools.

Especially for reverberation we are happy to use:

Lexicon224 mainly for vocals
EMT 140 for brass section and Piano
EMT 250 for guitar and special effects (doubler/chorus)

Dreamverb for guitar and solo instruments. We are very happy with the sound of the presets. Exactly what we were looking for!! Thanks.

J. Manes

1. Januar 2013

Dreamverb A++

I always use this reverb to warm up the track or the existing reverb, it's great and takes little processing power. Definitely a go to Vrb.

C. Oleon

26. Dezember 2012

Beautiful ...

Bought this fabulous plug in a few days ago, tried it into different mixes and genres, from hip hop to classical music, electronic stuffs and acoustic guitars and vocals recordings .... simply sweet, discrete and easy to handle ....
Again, thank you for tha good work !!!!

B. Jester

26. Dezember 2012

Go to Verb

I love this reverb it gives a new level of visual control to coloring the sound I am get to mix. I feel that the ability to use many different surfaces that may not be easily created in the real world is an amazing twist to the world of sound. It's my go to reverb for most everything.

R. Crain

20. Dezember 2012


So far so good. Loving in for "natural" room sounds.



A. Fragkos

20. Dezember 2012


this is from the best plugins ive used.excellent plugin.period!

V. Andreev

19. Dezember 2012

DreamVerb Room Modeler Plug-In

Not review to low price and specific exterior, sounds much even fittingly, not worse some dearly. Much possibilities for reception of the miscellaneous volume Handle good.. I help in work.

E. Grammenos

20. Oktober 2012

Great sounding Reverb

I think the Dream Verb ist an excellent sounding reverb with a lot of posibillities to edit the parameters of the specified room. Especially I like the DIstance fader which makes it pretty easy to place the signal at the exact right spot in the room/on the stage you virtually created. The only disantvantage with this method is that you have to put a Dream Verb Instance on every Track the you wanna mix with a diffrent distance, a method wich cost a lot of DSP-Power.

T. Auger

5. Juli 2012

The dreamverb has a very natural sound. Great character. It is my now favorite reverb. It is simple to set up. The pre-sets sound great.

H. Kwang

11. Juni 2012

My slowly songs used DreamVerb(vacal,bass,guitar ...)
I use weakly Because If I use strongly, It is too old. ^^
But I expect too . Because Uad-2 I will use Strongly and Strongly and Strongly
It 's Dangerous? ^^ Bye !

I. Bumba

3. Juni 2012

Very good slight reverb, working perfectly. Especially great for ambiance for acoustic instruments!

L. Ed

5. Mai 2012

I long did not dare to buy this plug-in, now I at all do not regret.
DreamVerb helps to achieve a natural acoustic atmosphere.
Thanks UA for perfectly done work.
In Russia there are your admirers.

D. Wray

30. April 2012

The name says it all really! I have tried countless reverb plugins in the past,
And this is the 'must own' for me. Perfect sound, which I am %100 happy with.
I can also recommend this to anyone for its ease of use & price!
Quality all-round.
Thanks UA!

R. Sousa

17. April 2012

This is a very correct and professional I recommend

J. Hancock

3. Dezember 2011

This reverb is top class.

I can't see why some people knock DreamVerb. If you tweek it even just a little bit, It's truly superb.

Maybe it's the way it looks which makes it look a bit like a toy. I don't know but for lush sounding reverbs............... It's great.

Incidentally..................... Much better than Realverb pro.

M. Thomas

30. Juni 2011

I likeit a lot but it's a little CPU intensive for my G5 so I don't use it much.

B. Graham

26. Juni 2011

Can sound very nice with tweaking. Can be used for interesting effects. You can change room and surface sounds right in the middle of, say, a solo, change them drastically, with automation.

A. Norris

21. Juni 2011

Reverb is by far the most complex of calculations in audio production, and only the highest quality of algorithms provide the smooth tail required for accurate room modelling. I run several reverb devices in my system at "ToKwerX" but the latest addition is the DreamVerb from UAD.

I am currently mixing a jazz album featuring a real 9 foot grand piano, double bass, female vocal, drums, guitar and alto saxophone. The ability to create lush, rich reverbs without swallowing definition is by far the first noticeable difference with this processor.

I happily use it alongside TL Space with real Impulse Responses from acoustic spaces and the comparative sound quality is wonderful. Note though the TL Space takes up several TDM chips to render the sounds I prefer. The DreamVerb lets me dig a lot deeper and without the processing appetite, fine tuning elements of not just decay but room shape and diffusive materials within that room. Add to this an ability to blend or "morph" these elements and I struggle to find a reverb processor that gives me such control whilst still sounding natural.

Rich and clear, unobtrusive and above all - natural. DreamVerb is a wonderful addition to my choices of reverbs. P.S. Haven't actually used another processor since getting this one.

A. Pozzi

21. Juni 2011

Ok i like it, this one and the Plate 140. Useful and clear.

121-140 von 164 Ergebnisse