DreamVerb Room Modeler

DreamVerb Room Modeler


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DreamVerb Room Modeler


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B. Byrd

4. November 2019

Beautiful reverb

Nice, clean, watery, professional reverb that’s the first choice on any mix.

M. Duchesne

22. Juli 2019

Dreamverb review

It took me too long to purchase this nice reverb... Love it !!!

UAD User

12. Juli 2019


Un producto reverb impresionante perfecto lo que estaba buscando!!!
Increíble !

M. Nwankoti

19. Juni 2019

Love it

I love tracking vocals with this reverb, it adds magic into my vocals!

j. king

18. Juni 2019

Excellent plugin

‘‘Tis plug-in gives your vocals slit of space
very smooth and I am very Impressed.

M. Man

25. Mai 2019

Dream Verb - It's in the name!

This upgrade to the stock is worth it on sale. It is very very versatile. Mix it with a 224 Lexi and prepare to have your mind blown.

O. Aunet

16. Mai 2019

Great room emulation

I'm mainly just buying it because it's on sale AND it will allow me to renew my trials with all the other plugins. Personally I haven't delved into it too much and probably won't because I have some fantastic reverbs already. That being said, I really do like the "dark room" preset. Sounds really good in my opinion and realistic. Call me crazy but I preferred that sound over the Ocean Ways for vocals. I probably need more time with Ocean Ways, but at the moment I struggle to get a sound I like when it comes to vocals. Also it's a DPS hog, so unless I truly find a use for it, I'll stick with my Eventide Tverb or DreamVerb's "dark room" preset to get the nice room sound I'm looking for. I definitely think UAD should get more studio room sounds. Maybe Abbey Road in the future?! :D Didn't realize how important those plugins were until I actually tried them.

K. Kaspersen

12. April 2019

a reverb, for those who want to customize anything in reverb!

This reverb has many things to be tweaked at.
Reverb type, room type/shape and room material, multi-band resonance EQ and many things. It can achieve lots of types of reverbs, if you want to be able to control anything in your reverb, this might be a perfect reverb for you. And at this price, the sound is very surprising.

J. Carr

22. Januar 2019

Absolute Perfection

Absolute Perfection are two words that clearly state what this very underrated plugin can do, spend some time to learn and listen carefully, it will become your secret weapon once you master its abilities then suddenly the stereo stage opens up.

P. Uszyński

4. Januar 2019

Not the one to go to, sorry!

I was looking for savings on processor resources on my native system, bought this one to provide reverberation for my larger film mixes. Sorry to say, but I achieved moderate results. Sounds artificial, quite thin, lacks depth. A little better with music, but still - not the one to go to.

J. Carr

31. Dezember 2018

Perfect Shapeshifter

This plugin is perfect for moving and shifting things around in space.

Thank you UAD


20. Juli 2018

Flexible & deep

Very useful

UAD User

18. Juli 2018

Decent reverb

Flexible and decent reverb for most aplications. I have used it mainly on drums and guitars. Perhaps most often on the snare and room mics.

J. Ng

14. Juli 2018

Nice plate setting.

I haven't got any UAD plate plugins yet. I got Soundtoys Little Plate. But I like DreamVerb's plate setting more :)

B. McDade

6. Juli 2018

Truly a dream!

Although the gui now looks a bit dated, the algorithm behind the scenes is anything but... Create the space you need rather than bank through patches, just use the intuitive controls to dial in that perfect space from intimate carpeted small room to massive concrete garage.... perfect also it is an ideal partner to any guitar amp sim, it’s so lushhhhhhh. You owe it to yourself to demo this verb, no wait .... just buy it!

L. Pauselli

2. Juli 2018

Dreamverb Room Modeler

Good for drum and more...

M. Bellotto

1. Juli 2018


Got it on the cheap. Some noticeable artifacts (e.g., zinging buzz harmonics) on all sounds in insert effects uad rec mode but not in mon mode. Otherwise, lots of flexibility. You can choose what the air is like

H. Zimmerman

30. Juni 2018

Surprisingly versatile reverb, ideal for post production

This is the big sister of RealVerb Pro. Dreamverb is a wonderful algorithmic reverb. This means it’s also easier to experiment with parameters as opposed to IR kinda reverbs. I have been using Dreamverb extensively and with great success, I might add. And do know I also own the EMT 140, AKG spring reverb, Ocean Way and a slew of other non UAD reverbs (IR and algorithmic). Just demo it for 14 days and be amazed at the sound quality, warmth and versatility.

K. Takeuchi

22. Juni 2018

Precise, DSP Friwndly

Very standard with nice GUI design. DSP friendly despite of the quality is definitely another pros of this plugin.

B. Suquet

24. Januar 2018

Superbe Reverb

J'aime beaucoup utiliser DreamVerb pour la qualité du son. Je l'utiles meme de temps en temps sur mon bus master à 1 ou 2% pour avoir la sensation que mes instruments soient tous compacte ensemble via les materiaux et les eq du plug.

21-40 von 164 Ergebnisse