dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter


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dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter


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M. Kosacek

13. Januar 2017

I only wish it had a parallel/mix control

and I know that's not on the original, but a mix control would be so nice to have. I have another dbx160 plugin that has the mix control, but this one has the punch and smack more like a real hardware unit. so for now I just have to setup a parallel bus when I want that kind of control. Overall really great sounding (love it on drums or bass guitar). Give me the mix control and then I'll give 5 stars! heck maybe even 6!

F. Batiste III

6. Januar 2017


If you want hard hitting drums and thick warm bass. Look no further. The dbx 160 has you covered. Initially I was actually perplexed at how simple the controls are. It's almost like cheating Lol!


5. Januar 2017

It's good to add Ambience&Groove increase.

The dbx160 release sustain is a good compressor.
It's good to add Ambience&Groove increase.

https://youtu.be/OUykNZKcA_A (20:35"~22:34")

UAD User

4. Januar 2017



A. Picciafuochi

1. Januar 2017

My go to compressor for Kick & Bass

My go to compressor for optimising and shaping of Kick and Bass

J. Banfield

26. Dezember 2016

Perfect emulation

I have an original 160 I used to use on bass all the time. It is not longer necessary. This plugin responds exactly as expected. I love the simplicity and sound of this compressor. Works great on bass guitar, guitar, and especially electronic beats. Now I can stack it on as many tracks as I desire instead of being limited to on track at a time. I knew what the real deal sounded like, hence why I chose this. Needless to say, I a am not disappointed. A great tool for fattening things up.

M. 403

17. Dezember 2016



G. Tkalec

15. Dezember 2016


Snare Drums! You won't believe it!

B. Sullivan

14. Dezember 2016

My dbx compressors can stay in storage for awhile!

I have 3 hardware dbx compressors that I was thinking about pulling out of storage for my setup. After mixing a session with the UAD plugin version of the 160, they can stay in storage for a while! This plugin is amazing! All of the punch that I've come to know and love from dbx compressors, is ready to go in this plugin! Squashing my kicks and snares, just like old times! And special thanks to Universal Audio for the great coupon....the plugin was on sale at the time, and with coupon, I got it for FREE!!! Looking forward to purchasing more plugins in the future! Peace and blessings!

N. Tamás

5. Dezember 2016

DBX-160, magic for drums

One of the finest VCA compressors ever built. Has a very simple front panel, so easy to use.
Has rough, warm and grainy punch.
The only problem is that GUI is so tiny... Would love to see an upgraded version with larger front panel.


4. Dezember 2016

Drum juice.

Excellent on drums

G. Hout

4. Dezember 2016

Using it sparingly for the difficult sounds

I have bought this one but use it only in combination (parallel or serial) with other comps like Fairchild or 1176. Only gets out of the closet for the difficult sounds (really badly recorded guitars for example). Could live without it.

S. Healey

2. Dezember 2016

Extremely Accurate and Ideal for That Tight Up Close Drum Sound

In the past two months I have been tracking drums that are almost exclusively close miked. The project demands a dry, up-front sound circa 1976. The 160 on the drum bus really brings the sound together in a special way. It has a lot of color and punch, so it's perfect for some things, but not ideal for all applications. That is my humble two cents.

E. de Nanteuil

2. Dezember 2016

Great - Must Have

Great on bass guitare and snare. Sometimes on a drum bus.

T. van Iersel

19. November 2016

Great compressor

The DBX 160 is a great asset to my mix template. If you need some aggressive but musical compression this thing will do the job. As insert compression it gets out the low volume information very nicely and can slam the heck out of something. In parallel it can add very nice glue to kicks and snares, bass guitar and vocals that have a big dynamic range.

D. Shacallis

8. November 2016

Won't record without it.

Classic unit. I use this alot. Very intuitive.

F. Charpentier

7. November 2016

Clean and Nervous

I bought DBX160 a few months ago. I can say it won't go for all but it does it real great when it's in the ballpark !

I 've started using it with kick drum, for sure. It's fast and punchy. I've used it too, the way Andrew Scheps does : as a common parallel compressor for kick and snare. This sounds great !

Used with some vocals, or guitars, you will like or not, depending on results you're looking for. DBX160 is versatile but it has his own and strong character. Easy to use and tweak I can say immediately if I keep it or sack it from the track. This is a real good comp to go.

M. D'Andrea

18. Juli 2016

perfect punch on drums

this vca is a great reproduction of the famous dbx 160.this simple plugin work very well on kick drum and snare.
great choice for every tipe of drums or bass guitar

S. Gough

14. Juli 2016

Great on Drums and Bass

If you need a compressor that really clamps down on a track, the dbx 160 is perfect. Sounds like the hardware. Almost has a distressor-like characteristic in its attack. Excellent for accentuating the power behind a smash track.

M. Ballenger

1. Juni 2016

Oldie but a goodie

The DBX160 may be one of the older offerings by UAD, but it holds up still. I own the Waves and Softube/NI versions as well, but the UAD wins most of the time. I use this most frequently for parallel kick/snare compression and the UAD version's superiority shows in the low end. The others give a decent smack, but the low end seems less smeared and my kick sits much better in the mix with the UAD DBX160. The others are good models, but I'm sticking with this one when it counts.

81-100 von 268 Ergebnisse