dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter


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dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter


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B. Jester

24. April 2012

I've had a hard time getting that snare and bass guitar sound for a while. The dbx 160 is what I was missing all along. For me that sound of the snare in your face, but feeling sucked back all at the same time and the bass guitar's low end right up front all being controlled. A classic unit that was modeled to the T!

D. Dresdow

9. Dezember 2011


I'd like to write a paragraph about it, but that's pretty much it to me. It's the goto for adding 'twack' on drums in my studio.

A. Charles

4. Oktober 2011

Probably the most underated software compressor in the UAD range or native even. The most versital capable of the most extremes as well. I can't say enough good things about it.

N. Zervos

30. Juni 2011

Only 3 knobs but so powerful thats for sure. Great for creating new grooves from lifless phrases....

H. Yousefi

19. Juni 2011


Original dbx-160 sound!
I have try the hardware and i say that plug have the same sound.
I often use the brauerizeâ„¢ technique and the dbx are perfect for my VCA-Bus.

I can only say buy buy buy buy.

J. Vawter

17. Juni 2011

For sound quality and accuracy of the emulation, five stars. For versatility, it does one thing extremely well - it makes things go "POP!" It can be subtle or extreme, but that's all it does. For my styles of music, folk, country, melodic rock and jazz rock, I tend to use it more subtly, or in compressor chains.

S. Buchenauer

17. Juni 2011

Love this one! This is the snappiest compressor in the UA arsenal. I love to mix it onto the drum bus by parallel compression!

P. Damerau

17. Juni 2011

I like the dbx 160 compressor plugin in combination with the pultec pro eq on single drums and percussionsounds and on drumgroups. It gives a bity, smacking punch to them. Also on vocals i have got fine results. Since i have it, it has always been used to kick sounds right to the front of my mixes. Easy to use and big results! I don´t know the original dbx 160 but this plugin is doing his job really well.

M. Hillebrand

17. Juni 2011

Whenever I need a SLAMMING compressor, the dbx160 is my first choice. It's great for stuff you want to place in an already dense mix, it's great for making screaming voices scream even more, this compressor even changes the emotional energy of a signal. Great tool I wouldn't miss.

P. Didier

16. Juni 2011

Très bon compresseur fidèle au hardware. Il en devient presque indispensable sur les basses !

K. Senzaki

16. Juni 2011

It is a sense operating a totally original machine.
I am impressed.

C. Soulos

29. Mai 2011

I have used dbx since the early 70s when I bought a 109 second hand in a hifi store.
On synths especially.
I love having racks of them in a DAW for that live sound feel that other plugins don't do for me.
Probably because dbx was the standard in live rigs across the planet since the 70s.
Sounds like the hardware to my ears.

R. Teeling

10. Oktober 2010

I love to smash things with it!! like drums and all the percussion sound. It's give the track more air and movement in the mix. Also Great for parallel compression.
It's my magic tool!!

T. Liljegren

13. Juli 2009

Folks! Whatta delicious surprice! This one is the definate winner compared to LA2 and 3. I replace almost all of my old projects where I used LA2 or 3 and the sound always get's more intense and jump out of the mix in a very musical way. Amazing for vocals and .... yeah, everything! Can't live without it! A MUST BUY!

D. Glen

22. März 2009

without a doubt the best compressor for dance music hands down. Turns a flabby kik into a nail thumper, a sloppy stab into an int-your-face dancefloor corker. damn UA this is magic !! nothing else like it in the vs/au plugin world!

B. Beez

20. März 2009

Der absolute Oberhammer in sachen summenkompression auf Drum-Bussen !!!
keine Produktion mehr ohne dieses ding. Klasse Arbeit. Einsame spitze. I love it !!!

N. Sitter

6. Januar 2009

Amazing tide sound, nice VU meter and not complicated.

W. Klopottek

7. Dezember 2008

It's wonderful on a fingered bass, if you want a more lively sound.

K. Kirchner

22. November 2008

it was the first uad plug i used, and yeah, instantly was blown by its simple power. its much rougher than the la2a - but not in a digital way.

A. Boschi

23. Juni 2008

Fantastic ! My go-to Fingered Electric Bass compressor. Simply great! Thank you UA :)

281-300 von 306 Ergebnisse