dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter


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R. O'brien

9. Juni 2013

DBX 160 Rocks

I always loved the sound of these on electric instruments, especially bass amps or guitars and once gin the UA plugin captured the original to a T.


L. Damian

1. Juni 2013

Great Unit

After living with it, alongside my only surviving hardware version of it, I pulled my old friend from the rack it lived in and retired it, The plug in version sounds and behaves just like it.
I tested it by duplicating a track, inserted the 160 hardware into one, the software 160 into the other, got the sound I wanted in the hardware 160,
Without listening, replicated all the knob positions in the plug in, and started switching from one to the other. it was 99% the same, the hardware 160 was a little louder (about 2 dbs) once the levels were matched I demoed them to a client whom I know has good ears, he could not tell them apart, then I had him switch channels for me, I could not tell them apart. Enough said.

C. Delaney

7. Mai 2013

Go to

I've only used it on vocals and its GREAT on transients.. It just works man...Put a Fairchild on top of it and see what happens.. Well, I love what happens.

T. Cerniglia

21. April 2013

dbx 160 - that's what I was missing

First day I downloaded the compressor I put it on the kick and bass guitar. I found a preset for each as a starting point and dialed them in to taste. That was it, that was what I was missing from my mixes. Things never seemed quite right before. I'd get close but something was always missing. It put the biggest smile on my face! What more can I say, great job UA.

M. Lord

2. April 2013

dbx 160VU review

Great Plug-in, really close to the actual unit. FAR too expensive tho, as are almost all the UAD plug-ins.

A. Krylkov

5. März 2013

Best compressor for snare

This is the best software compressor what i have used for snare and kick.

S. Hlavsa

4. März 2013

dbx 160 Compressor

Amazing plug-in, smooth and transparent sound.
Thanks UA.

H. Khoury

14. Februar 2013

A must!

The dbx® 160 became my comp. to go for drums....it is present in all my mixes since I've got it.
It also sounds amazing for parallel compression!
If you haven`t tryed yet, you should!

T. Karim

7. Februar 2013

dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter Plug-In

I'm Happy with this great comp you can use it for drums or Vocal just a little problem some times with attack (Click) but you can fix it with Spl Transient design .

K. Markle

3. Januar 2013

Loop Master

After demoing this on a bunch of loops, it felt like the best solution to really pump up drum loops for use in EDM production.

C. Soezen

28. Dezember 2012

dbx 160

for me it's just doin' one trick! but very well!
still a bit harsh though...

L. Diaz

25. Dezember 2012

The best bass and drums compressor by far

I used this compressor on a side chain buss on my drums  and  the same on my bass on a side chain to make everything more punchy. This is the best compressor by far, it's giving me the sound that no other compressor can do 

S. Johnson

24. Dezember 2012


after years of regret for having sold my hardware version of this old box, i was excited to hear that it was being modeled by UAD... i use this thing all the time on bass and drums. takes me back every time i instantiate it! thanks, UAD, for being so faithful to the sound of the original!

J. Mendoza

22. Dezember 2012

Nice, simple, effective

I used the original hardware version. This compressor is a good go to sculpt bass an kicks. Must say, can't tell the difference from hardware....

A. Fragkos

20. Dezember 2012

dbx 160 Compressor

this is from the best plugins ive used.excellent plugin.period!

M. Major

19. Dezember 2012

Like the real thing

I hadn't used a dbx 160 since I used to mix on analog stuff. This one works just like the original. I had forgotten how useful they are!

Highly recommended!

S. Hughes

18. Dezember 2012

The Workhorse Compressor

I've got many of the other superb compressors in the UAD-2 range but they all have some kind of distinct tonal character and best lend themselves to special situations. I needed a good general purpose workhorse for daily tracking chores that didn't colour the sound too much and this is the one everyone should choose to buy first.

Using it in multiple instances with the Apollo has given me the crisp yet controlled sound that I'm used to when tracking with a large console, without all the noise and cable woes that sometimes get in the way of a great take.

I love this one and hope UA model some of the more modern DBX units like the 160SL and 162SL.

Those and a Lexicon 480L are at the top of my wish list.

Love this stuff.

M. Stenbacken

18. Dezember 2012


It takes about one second to fall in love with the 160!
I've spent some time with the original hardware, and this is as close as it gets.
Easy to work with and the sound is amazing.

L. Lesage

20. November 2012

Great Tool

I really appreciate this 160 Compressor which does an excellent work on drums and bass tracks. Et voilà ! :)

V. Kuzeva

6. November 2012

Phenomenal !

This is the best software compressor of its type ever created ! The punch of this one is fantastic ! With this tool no more lack of punch ! Essential tool in our arsenal ! Universal Audio are the kings of processors for real punch !

241-260 von 295 Ergebnisse