dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter


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N. Mendez

22. November 2013

Secret weapon for Percussion...

The Best Tool and compressor For tight Punchy Kicks and Snares....Convincing my7 friends to get it...I tell you it is a killer Plug in,add the cambridge eq then the dbx 160 and you will get awsome results....

R. Lumsden

17. November 2013

Easy first choice compressor

Easy to use and sounds great on everything, can't go wrong...

D. Aiken

11. November 2013

Had one of these long ago

I truly have a hard time telling the difference between this software and the real deal. It is spot on.

R. Otter

15. Oktober 2013

10 out of 10

This is the best compressor,i've ever met in my life.
I can literally use it on everything! And I do it!
I don't know why,but the description of 1176 "It is useful for everything" Completely not works for me. The DBX160 - weapon of choose.

A. Eriksmoen

12. Oktober 2013

great for some vocals

I've had a lot of luck using this plugin on vocals that start out harsh. Warms it up nicely.

C. Paschall

9. Oktober 2013


Been a big fan of my hardware VU's for a while. Nice to finally have a plug in that keeps up with the real things. Great job UA!

R. Bozhok

5. September 2013


With dbx160 plugin, I can "insert" any bass drum to any mix! With only two knobs I can get any type of attack and punch. Very useful and time-saver plugin!

J. Gorham

16. Juli 2013

Great easy to use compressor

Not having owned the hardware version, when I saw the UA DBX160 I wondered if I needed another compressor. Well, turns out I did. It is used on 90% of my mixes in various places. Obviously simple to use, but it sounds great as well. Perfect for bass guitar duties - quick and EASY. Dial it up until it sounds good, ignore the meter, and you are good to go.

T. Anton

15. Juli 2013

Love it!

Never worked with the hardware but this thing sounds amazing...u just have to try it for urself. Like all the UAD emulations, this compressor adds flavours and reacts amazing.

A. Ryabchenkov

13. Juli 2013


Great compressor! Luv it on various sources from srums to vocals

M. De

27. Juni 2013


Don't know the original that well. However the unit works extremely welll on bassguitar and double bass to keep the low end steady in the mix, without sounding to artificial or loose credibility.

P. Giacalone

26. Juni 2013

My go to Vocal comp

My old college studio (20 years ago) had one of these so I had a lot of time with one. I love this comp. The UAD plug is my go to vocal comp. Wonderful warmth with great midrange clarity.

D. D

24. Juni 2013

bdx 160

nice drum sound!
i used snare,kick,top

and guitar compression!

S. Jachelli

20. Juni 2013

Great Sound

I have used on all my mix, sound exelente.
I love it...

L. Schlegel

19. Juni 2013


Sounds just like my hardware units! Couldn't ask for any better!

T. Barthels

18. Juni 2013

Well punchy

Excellent for drum tracks, groups or as an effective tool!

N. Kressmann

18. Juni 2013


Snappier on drums, some times too much, but I liked it enough on some pieces.
Some times too jumpy though, got too to be wise.

M. Kokarev

18. Juni 2013

Респект, UA!

???????? ?????? ?????, ???????????? ????? - ?????????????, ??? ????????? ???? ? ????????, ???????? ?????? ?????????????. ??????, ????? ??????? ?????, ???????????? ??? ??????? ?????????? (? ??????? ?? ????????? 1176LN), ? ??????????? ????. ??????? ????????? ??? ???? ? ???????. ?????????????? ????? - ?????? ???????? ?????????? ? ????? ????????.
???????, UA!

P. Favati

18. Juni 2013

dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter Plug-In

surprising as the original, great, designe excellent, stable, precise, the best product on the market, as always Uad Top!

T. Spielmacher

15. Juni 2013

My new (yet old) Fav!!!!

The demo lasted 30 seconds and it was an immediate purchase. I love this... Warm, Punchy, Vintage. Thank you UA for making life so fun!

221-240 von 295 Ergebnisse