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dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter


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M. Bhat

30. September 2023

R. Farnley

30. September 2023

how can I

I can't review. i can't even use it. the authorize bit keeps rejecting my log in
how do I fix this?

K. Fink

30. September 2023

Astounding Virtualization!

I owned a pair of these back when they were released.
They were lost to me when my studio closed. Then I got a 160X in the late 80's still have it but I didn't have a pair for stereo.
Now this piece of software has solved that for me in so many situations! Lovin' it!

C. Jaramillo

30. September 2023

Just like the hardware

Just like the hardware .. It leaves transients thru and the rest you can compress to taste !

C. Jaramillo

30. September 2023

Just like the hardware ....

Just like the hardware, it leaves room for the initial transients and the rest can be compressed to taste. Love it !

E. Yeung

29. September 2023

Unique and absolutely beautiful compressor - I love it

This is an amazing compressor plugin. It has a unique and bold sound, so it's not for everything, but I find that it sounds really good on most kick drum samples and some snare drum samples. I also sometimes use it for piano if I want the piano's attack to cut through the mix. It has a special kind of non-linearity, so you really need to experiment by turning knobs to find the sweet spot on a per-signal basis, but once you do find that sweet spot, I'm quite confident in saying that you're gonna love the sound. I think it has some kind of under-the-hood internal sidechain filter and/or and EQ curve on the output, because I find that it really accentuates the high-mids... or maybe I'm using it wrong, I don't know. But for me, I tend to leave the ratio on the default 4:1, and then tweak the threshold knob until I get about 10dB of gain reduction - that's the sweet spot for me. Sometimes I find that even lowering or raising the output gain has an effect on the sound (I don't know why that is or how it works, but it just is for me). Anyway, definitely try this plugin on electric piano, acoustic piano, kick drum and snare drum. If you don't dislike it, you will definitely love it.

M. Morgan-El

29. September 2023

DBX 160

**Title: Elevating My Sound: DBX 160 Compressor Review**

Having recently tested the DBX 160 Compressor, I am genuinely thrilled by its performance. This powerhouse not only met but exceeded my expectations in every aspect.

The sound quality is outstanding, preserving the authenticity of my recordings with its transparent compression. From vocals to drums, it adds a professional touch that enhances the overall audio experience.

What truly impressed me was its dynamic range. It handles a wide range of input levels, allowing for both subtle compression and aggressive limiting. The control it offers over attack and release times is precise and responsive, making it perfect for various musical styles.

Beyond its performance, the DBX 160's build quality is impressive. Its intuitive controls and compact size make it a joy to use in my studio. Plus, its dual functionality as a compressor and limiter gives me the flexibility I need.

I am particularly pleased with its minimal noise floor, ensuring that every detail of my recordings shines through without unwanted artifacts.

K. Kelly

29. September 2023

Perfectly Captured!

I have two of the real analog devices which I use on bass gtr and snare when mixing hybrid. This plug-in is soooooo close…

E. Morgan

29. September 2023

Liking this compressor a lot!

UAD did a great job with this! Love smacking my bass and drums with it.

A. Dunaev

29. September 2023

Excellent compressor

Very comfortable gear for vocal and guitar

E. Lacis

29. September 2023

dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter

Bargain for £39 ! It’s awesome!You can slam it and it still sounds musical. It’s a classic.

D. Stevens

29. September 2023

great emulation of the original

A workhorse for any source.

洋. 片野

29. September 2023


be a powerful sound!

C. Kohl

29. September 2023

Low end monster

I was shocked at how much low end was forced forward by this compressor. I can understand why so many like it on kick and bass. It’s a great compressor!

R. Rasiński

29. September 2023

Feel the difference

Easy to use, sounds very good, uses little UAD processor power, what more could you want.

R. Mannucci

28. September 2023

Love the dr Dre dbx!

Much better than the other versions!! Really smooth

J. Avera

28. September 2023

Punch King

I love this. Kick Snare punch for days!

I. Hajdu

28. September 2023


My new favorite vocal and ac.guitar comp. Thanx UAD.

J. Fernandez

28. September 2023

One Punch Man!

I heard a lot about this plugin so I decided to get it. It took me awhile to learn how to use it from videos and reviews. I believe I’m getting better at it. It’s on my list of plugins to try to achieve punch on a track now.

m. tery

28. September 2023

Classic vintage

The best way to make your kick punchy.

41-60 von 431 Ergebnisse