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dbx® 160 Compressor / Limiter


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M. Comacle

27. Mai 2014

Génial pour les basses

Bonjour, c'est vraiment un super compresseur je l'utilise sur des basses synthétiques car pas de basse dans le home studio et ça sonne comme une vraie. C'est vraiment incroyable! Ca lui rajoute un grain et une présence comme si on venait taper dans les vrais micros d'une basse. Très bon plug!

R. Sheridan

15. Mai 2014

badass compressor!

this little beauty is an absolute beast! if your gonna buy a comp for your drums....... let it be this......... you won't regret it!!!

UA do it again!

B. Trimpe

2. Mai 2014

The Thwack Factory

This is a specialty unit for sure. If you want a swiss army knife stick with 76's and the like. This thing is not subtle. VCAs like the dbx160 are easily the most grabby of the different compressor & limiter designs. I use this a lot on bass, kick, snare, and parallel compression busses. This compressor does "thwack" better and more easily than any other I have used. To fatten up a rock track and glue the low end together, send your kick and bass to an aux and slap a 160 on top. Crush the signal and then pull it way down in the mix. It will give you a subtle glue on the low end and a little more impact on the kick drum.

P. Larose

28. Februar 2014

A prefect tool

It sounds just like the original one , so simple and efficient.
I just use it on every work and love it .

J. Carmo

16. Februar 2014

Must have plugin...

Once i demo this plug, i fall in love and buy it. I use it when tracking
and mixing. It sounds like the hardware....Great job UAD, the
only thing that can be better is the size of the plugin...double size
was was bether

L. Mcdaniels

7. Februar 2014

dbx 160


G. Piazza

15. Januar 2014

Good but very 'solid state' sounding

I avoided this one for a long time, feeling that I can get similar results with the Voxengo Crunchessor or Sonnox Dynamics. Both are warmer; the dbx has a thin 'solid-state' sound, much like the old 166 I have.
Still, that is a unique palette, so I finally got it on sale.
Nice transient pop and good for parallel compression.
If you are trying to decide between it and the API Vision, the API is the hands down winner (the Neve is also great). If you have the scratch and love the dbx sound, get it.
I never set the ratio higher than 2.5:1.

M. Bramley

15. Januar 2014

UA does it again!

I remember this little compressor from the good old days! I have used the hardware unit many times on vocals,bass and sometimes on drums.
Again, what makes these units classic is it produces a different sound that just sounds 'right' like it was always meant to be!
and the sound? Unmistakably transistor but smooth all the way. The top end is silky smooth even when driven hard, but it also does something to the bass…..if you have a Fender Precision bass and you've put a BADAS bridge on….then you have to have this compressor! It will make the sustain go on forever whilst extending the low end but keeping all the character of the original sound.
This is definitely not another box with knobs on! Buy it now!

B. Frei

14. Januar 2014

The dbx 160 Compressor/Limiter is a emulation of the dbx 160 Compressor/Limiter

The dbx 160 Compressor/Limiter is a fully licensed and faithful emulation of the legendary dbx 160 hardware compressor/limiter — still widely considered the best VCA compressor ever made. “VU” is the common nickname for this highly regarded studio staple, famous for its simple control set and firm, distinct compression characteristics. The dbx 160 also has unique nonlinearities not found in other VCA compressors, giving it a sonic distinction from later models. The dbx-endorsed UAD Powered Plug-In version of the VCA VU captures all of the sonic nuances from our “golden” modeling unit, plus the simple control set of the original hardware.

C. Berglund

12. Januar 2014

Make it snappy

Hi guys, just starting this plugin up makes everything really tight sounding and snappy..
If you need your drums to sound more punchy and more aggressive use this plugin.
I makes everything sound just as the hardware version.. totally awesome.

Works great on clean guitar and bas as well.. this is a great all rounder.

All the best

Chris aka Dropfill

F. Jurdan

7. Januar 2014

the best is back

my englis is terrible, but this 160 us realy a must have comp. it sound as well as the real one, very nice on snare, OH, bus...very good job.

F. Jurdan

24. Dezember 2013

One off the best

I'm french and my english is terrible, but i can't use this wonderfull plug without thanks to UAD to made a very good copy off the soud character si special off these units. i'd have used some real unit in the past, and testing the plug give me exactly the same glad i'd with the original one (missed the wood but ). thanks again.

B. Blais

19. Dezember 2013

A good surprise !

I really like the DBX's specific compression and this was missing on my ProTools.
I use a lot of 160, 160A and 160XT in the analog world. Works good for me on vocals, bass, guitars and room mics for drum.
With this good emulation I can find back the feelings of the original versions. So Great !
This is definitely an excellent value.

M. Muniz

30. November 2013

It's so CRUNCHY!!

Never used the hardware unit so I can't compare the software to it. However, this compressor is absolutely fantastic on Drums, Snares, and for me specifically, Hip-Hop Drum Loops/Samples. The CRUNCH that it adds just makes everything sound bigger, fatter, and better! (IMO).

Send your drums to an Aux, Throw the 160 on it...compress the hell out of it and turn up the gain....then blend that back into the original drums and voila...BEEFY, CRUNCHY!

D. Hiett

30. November 2013

80s thickness

I got one of these peices on loan and after compairing to this little - but huge sounding plugin I have to say UA really nailed it. I reach for this comp to squeeze room sounds to unheard of lengths. its absurd. i like the simplicity of the controls and yet it yields an amazing unique color - a must have

N. Mendez

22. November 2013

Secret weapon for Percussion...

The Best Tool and compressor For tight Punchy Kicks and Snares....Convincing my7 friends to get it...I tell you it is a killer Plug in,add the cambridge eq then the dbx 160 and you will get awsome results....

N. Mendez

22. November 2013

Secret weapon for Percussion...

The Best Tool and compressor For tight Punchy Kicks and Snares....Convincing my7 friends to get it...I tell you it is a killer Plug in,add the cambridge eq then the dbx 160 and you will get awsome results....

R. Lumsden

17. November 2013

Easy first choice compressor

Easy to use and sounds great on everything, can't go wrong...

D. Aiken

11. November 2013

Had one of these long ago

I truly have a hard time telling the difference between this software and the real deal. It is spot on.

R. Otter

15. Oktober 2013

10 out of 10

This is the best compressor,i've ever met in my life.
I can literally use it on everything! And I do it!
I don't know why,but the description of 1176 "It is useful for everything" Completely not works for me. The DBX160 - weapon of choose.

341-360 von 431 Ergebnisse