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Dangerous BAX EQ Collection


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T. Courte

5. Januar 2019

Excellent Plugin

I love this plugin. Very smooth and does not get in the way. It maintains and enhances the integrity of a track or mix. I purchased this plugin yesterday, and like it so much that I'm ordering the hardware today.

L. Roccatagliati

14. Dezember 2018


I really love this kind of EQ, that is perfect on master bus, or on any general bus....just to cut or push super high or extra low frequencies. Essential

E. Stanley

29. Oktober 2018

A Game Winner

This Plugin is a game winner! As a polishing tool for mastering i didn't find anything better in the plugin world up to now. It's easy to use, very effective and the sound is magic. To all the complainers i want to say: don't complain, just go and buy the at least ten times more expensive hardware. i'm more than happy with the plugin, it's brilliant!

K. Morris

26. Oktober 2018

I regret this purchase. It's useful, but it doesn't shine.

I had high hopes for this, and although I'd used it before buying I've found since that I just don't like the character it tends to imbue. It might be a taste thing, I certainly can't point to any technical problem. I rarely use this plugin, and when I do it's only for subtractive work. Adding with it doesn't please my ears.

A. Miller

17. Juli 2018


Absolutely fantastic

N. koohestani

16. Juni 2018



T. Mandylas

17. April 2018

gorgeous lifts

I have never used the hardware so cannot say if it is accurate.. What i CAN say, is that it sounds gorgeous for sweetening. I use it in every single project and highly recommend it. Smooth and silky sound.

S. Grimm

31. März 2018

The final touch

When I tried it the first time, I was a little bit disappointed because it seemed a little bit too subtle. But after a few seconds I realized that it really brings the final touch to your material, that you can't get from other EQs. The high and bottom end really get a "professional record feel".

T. Engel

23. März 2018

Mix oder Master?

Ich benutze den BAX in den Kanälen beim Mischen und sehr gerne im Mastering. Wie fast alles von UAD ein muss für UAD-User.

A. Sokolich

18. März 2018

Most Phenomenal EQ I have ever used.

This is the most wonderful EQ, nothing can match it at all. even the maag eq2 or 4 cant come close. it just makes thing sound sweet. Cant live without it.

M. Rdz

9. März 2018

Always on my mastering chain !

Really simple to use plugin ! Try it on your master, your mixes will love it! Very musical!

M. Badinga

15. Februar 2018


This just changed my whole master buss energy. it lets you define your mix and instantly brings life accross the whole project. I just copped it yesterday and put it on 3 different projects that were good but needed that extra something to make it "POP". The BAX eq gave me that.

A. Bennett

29. Januar 2018

Fantastic EQ

I really like this EQ. It really helps settling frequencies down, or bringing them out, and smoothing everything together. A subtle problem solver. I use it more and more. You get 2 plugins for 1 as there is a mix version and master version. It sounds fantastics and is so very helpful.

d. morgan

10. Januar 2018


great as a glue for mixes

D. Whittington

12. Dezember 2017

Bax is just flawless

After reading many reviews on this EQ, and being in the market for a new M/S EQ, I gave this eq a test on a project I am currently working on . This is the first time that the true power of M/S processing really clicked for me! It's like the light of god just shined down on me. But for real, the simple way this EQ spreads apart the stereo field even with just the stereo gain when unlinked and set to Mid/Side is quite nice! the EQ on it reminds me of the Harrison 32C EQ just very cleaned and pleasing in every way! Hard to push this thing too far. Of course you can but it's not harsh at all. For such a simple tool, it goes really well with my BX EQ V3 and Manley Massive Passive on the master. I was even doing a shootout with Manley Massive Passive and Chandler Curve Bender and because I have BX EQ V3 and BAX, I felt the Manley was a better fit because of the sound you get when you hit the EQ at 30khz and turn on a sharp Q. o.0. So yeah, BAX!!! Get this! The sale is on and even if you have the Curve Bender, try this out on a project and see how it can have a place on every track. It's just that good! Really surprised but not really. Plugin Alliance and UAD at it again.

D. Pierce

14. November 2017

Smooth EQ'ing

You have to try it to believe it! Sounds incredible!

K. Nielsen

5. Juli 2017

Perfect master eq

It sounds and functions very great. But it definitely have limited purposes. I actually can't think of any thing else to use it for other than master buss filtering, and top/low end adjustments.

J. Bandes

2. Juli 2017

Outstanding Sound

This sounds amazing. It is indeed smooth and the tonal quality is just fantastic. It sounds great on anything. Thanks for a great plug in.

R. Steenkamer

27. Juni 2017

Subtle beauty

It's maybe not right for every tune but is tough to beat for a small boosts and cuts in the lows where it can fatten or clean up beautifully. And the high shelf is really a thing to behold, sort of an invisible "lift" that I haven't found elsewhere in the digital realm.

This is my go-to for treating vinyl rips too, you can put a bit of sparkle back into old records without altering the character of the source too noticeably.

My only complaint is the GUI is a bit on the small side - even on my 21" screen it's kinda hard to read the frequency markings. I'd love if this and all the other UAD plug-ins were re-sizable... not everyone has a giant cinema display!

J. Bandes

18. Juni 2017

Have to Push It

I may need to give this more time since I just purchased it but seems to get nice sound from this plugin you need to push the output. In fact, I am Mastering hundreds of Reel to Reel tapes so I am purchasing many of the EQ plugins here. This sounds very nice indeed but I don't seem to be able to achieve the nice sound until I push the output to almost maximum. Other than the having to push it, it does sound very SMOOTH.

41-60 von 179 Ergebnisse