Dangerous BAX EQ Collection

Dangerous BAX EQ Collection


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Dangerous BAX EQ Collection


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D. Doney

7. Juni 2016

Definitely Worth It!

I love the way the BAX EQ gels everything together when I put it on my master buss! Incredible plugin! Definitely worth it!

G. Postorino

10. April 2016

Powerhouse broadstroke equalizer

I absolutely love this EQ. The high shelf is so transparent and clean, never harsh. The mastering version finds its way onto my mix bus about 75% of the time. I really can't finish a mix without using an instance or two. I can't get over the mid side capabilities on the mastering version either, a useful feature when needed. If you need clarity in the high end or support in the low end, the BAX has your back.

B. Szekelyhidi

14. Januar 2016

Sweetest Eq on earth

Perdonally me i do like this EQ! Im using it mostly for mastering. The M/S processing, seriously A!


7. Januar 2016


Got for Buss duties and it help tighten up the low end and bring some clarity to the top end. Filters are Helpful

K. Nelson

3. Januar 2016

The Bax EQ

I've heard positive and negative things about the Bax EQ. I really don't have anything bad to say about it. I haven't heard the physical model. But I know I'm getting a lot of satisfaction from this plugin. Especially when used on the 2 bus. I've read it's about 80 percent of the real thing. Well.. to me.. Paying less than 20 percent of the real thing to get that 80 percent is well worth the investment. And thank you UA for the coupons and the sales on these plugins. Just wanted to let you know that your doing good things for your customers and is greatly appreciated. I now own about 70 - 80 percent of your plugins. Keep up the good work.

c. yeorae

20. Dezember 2015


goooooooooood goooooooooood

K. Lee

14. Dezember 2015

Great EQ

Loving the sounds this EQ puts out. Using it on my master bus, and on separate tracks. Really adds a nice sheen to everything it touches!


3. Dezember 2015

Fantastic for M/S mastering!

Love this plugin.. its great for mastering using the M/S feature. Smooth and sexy! Dont sleep and buy this!

E. Halterman

27. November 2015

Nice EQ!

It's different and more clean than the Massive or Pultec. The BAX has it's place in certain songs for sure, but my gotos are still Massive, Pultec and my all-time favorite Harrison!

L. Magnotti

10. November 2015

Amazing on Every Mix Bus

5 Stars. The amount of air you can get out of these EQs is almost better than the real thing. Great job UAD!

L. Magnotti

10. November 2015

Amazing on Every Mix Bus

5 Stars. The amount of air you can get out of these EQs is almost better than the real thing. Great job UAD!

UAD User

1. September 2015

Great for mastering

I've had a chance to use the hardware at a mastering studio and I must say that I was really impressed. This plugin will definitely give your track the shine that it deserves. It sounds 99.9 percent like the real thing and I guarantee you if you buy it, you won't be disappointed.

a. bascunana

26. August 2015

a great tool!!

This plugin is so cool!! Really easy to use and tasty! I love to use it for mastering application but not only.
It does a great job on drums buss too!
The M/S function is very helpful

J. Coleto

12. August 2015

Goes on every mix

Love the subtlety yet big difference it can make a record sound. It shines on the mix bus. Proud owner right here.

C. Alexander

22. Juni 2015

Amazing curves

I must admit that I was'nt expecting buing this plugin. But then I tried and I was sold, and so was the plugin! This is an amazing tone curving machine, and the MS-function is one of the best and most musical. I use it as 2-bus eq in conjunction with Maageq4 and sometimes Clariphonic. And like the Clariphonic, the Bax eq feels like you are painting with invisible colors. Sometimes other bus or master eqs have too much color for an entire mix. Thats where the Bax shines! Smooth as hell! Love it

B. Dunn

25. Mai 2015

fist time using a BAX EQ

I just finished a mix of my own song and have been really wanting a solid EQ to go along with the Fatso on my 2 buss. I just DEMO'd the Bax and holy cow...this thing is amazing. It gives it a "finish" polish to it that I was really impressed with. Its crazy that it basically has 2 filters and two bands and that's it, but if you are looking for that polish and scooped sound its absolutely impressive. Buying immediately. The Fatso allowed by to use the warmth feature to smooth out the highs, tame them a bit, then I hit the 18k with the Bax and wow, radio ready. I'm gushing a bit here but sorry, I love my Apollo system and the UA plug ins are fantastic. I'm all smiles today.

m. wiemers

6. Mai 2015

! wow

This is a beautiful plug-in! Beautifully musical high-end, and soft, smooth, rounded but huge low-end that doesn't overwhelm mixes like other plug-ins boosted by the same amounts. adds such wonderful breadth and shape to mixes. 5 stars.

A. Bof

29. Januar 2015


Great Mastering plug-in. Sides button gives air like on a windy day. Love it

J. Piccione

29. Dezember 2014

Glad I got it!

I always wanted to give this a try, after the demo decided to make the buy.
Love it on just about everything.

B. Ioan

26. Dezember 2014

Dangerous eq

A must have in my mastering chain. A secret weapon ...

101-120 von 142 Ergebnisse