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Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay

Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay

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Regulärer Preis: $149.00


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Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay


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P. Marriott

27. Juli 2016

Great fucking delay!

I never owned or worked with the hardware unit. In fact I never knew it existed before I saw the plugin and even though I don't know what the hardware sounds like, I do know the plugin is fucking awesome!

C. Hutcheson

21. Juli 2016

Love it...

I just purchased this and applied to an "oldies / classic rock" project as an FX buss for vocals & select other tracks, and immediately noticed a difference. Try it on snare! Not all of the presets work for me, but the ones that do are great. Plenty of options and tweak-ability. You may have to make slight adjustments, but very little is needed. I love it when you can "plug and play", or easily grab a plug-in and know that you're going to get something that is going to benefit the session & tracks. This will probably be one of those plug-ins that I use on every session.

A. Potter

27. Mai 2016

Best UA Delay Hands Down

Pleasantly surprised by this one. Great delay!

M. Nykvist

17. Mai 2016

Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay Plug-In

Really usefull Delay pluggin!

k. harrison

11. Mai 2016

cooper time cube

this unit is a must have, I have used it on vocals and instruments.... flawless... sits in the mix, very easy to dial in what you need ..AAA+

G. K.

29. April 2016

Five Stars

Very musical sounding Delay !

B. Olivier

20. April 2016

Great on vocals

Very accurate delay item.
Perfect to have a large vocal in the stereo :-)

K. Nielsen

28. März 2016

Great all-round stereo-delay

Simple interface making it easy to use, and great sounding stereo-delay. I mostly use it on a return channel, to give some of my more "dirty sounding" elements a nice stereo-delay.

J. Svard

16. März 2016

Wow Damn Good

on voices... one word awesome.

M. Barnes

15. Februar 2016

Unique Delay

Sounds completely different to all other software delay plugins, I have to say I love it. Those who say delay is delay it don't matter which one you use think again. Previously I had never been a fan of using delay for thickening and widening, since I purchased the cooper I am doing it all the time. 5 stars from me.


9. Februar 2016

one of the best

This has got to be one of the best delays out great sound no hype. Just great sound it does what you need and expect it to do!

T. F

7. Februar 2016


It's very easy to use and it's the best delay..
It fits the retrospective atmosphere.

G. Wang

21. Januar 2016


best and most natural sounding!

P. Matthews

16. Januar 2016

Haven't done a mix without it since I got it!

So many uses for the time Cube. Thicken a vocal for the chorus, stereo-ize a mono guitar or keyboard track. Slapback delays, long deep ethereal taps, this thing is the Swiss army knife of delayed deliciousness! Much like Jello, there's always room for Cooper Time Cube.

G. Sharp

14. Januar 2016

I was looking for a clean delay for electric guitar

It is great for electric guitar delays, but the fact is that I have also already used it on vocals and I am overall very impressed and feel it will be a regularly used plug in for me. I recommend you give it a try.

D. Caruso

12. Januar 2016

Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay Plug-In

I love this delay. It is very flexible and musical sounding. My solos sound much fuller and the controls allow you to do things that a normal delay cannot. This has been one of my many fine choices from UAD. It just sounds great. You can manipulate the tone of the repeats to fit your needs. So far I think it's one of the best delays in my collection. Every new song gets it. Well done UAD!!!

A. Cannon

9. Januar 2016

Great Delay

UAD always delivers with their award winning plugins
go to iTunes and listen to Magog's Phasod and hear
the what I mean.

J. Perez

8. Januar 2016

Nice and easy to use

I love the cube, easy to use and nice sound. Really worth it.

J. King

27. Dezember 2015



S. Kamguia

16. Dezember 2015

I love this delay.

The Cooper Time Cube has crazy character. Definitely a mechanical delay device. It sounds so unique, kinda like tape, kinda like hearing an echo in a cement room.. Idk something about this plugin has me employing it on so many different sound sources. Recommended greatly.

181-200 von 355 Ergebnisse