Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay

Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay


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Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay


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B. Jefferson

8. November 2014

A Special Case

This is one of those special case effects processors, in my opinion. There are those delays that I send a little bit of various instruments to and then there is this one. It has a very unique timbre and creates unique "spaces" that none of my other delays can quite match. It's easy to use and useful, especially for creating very tight (timing), wide (stereo) and present delays without become muddy or obnoxious. I didn't use the original so can't comment on authenticity but I like it.

C. Powell,

24. Oktober 2014

Solved alot of issues

This delay was a great addition to my UAD plug-in library. I find myself using it even more than the EP-34 tape echo for most applications. Helps me get a wider sound than most other delays.

G. Braconi

21. Oktober 2014

Great delay!!!

The only word to describe this plugin is...unbelievable!

I. Pm

21. Oktober 2014

hi end delay plugin

i am a big fan of universal audio. cooper time cube is very smooth and nice sounding delay plugin.

P. Vilaplana

16. Oktober 2014

Muy bueno

La verdad es que el plugin hace su funcion muy buena ahora mismo sin el no puedo vivir lo uso para muchas cosas mono que quiero que se conviertan en stereo....

D. Hill

16. Oktober 2014

cooper time cube mk

This unit (plugin) is solid, sounds full and lush as a delay , it really complement's whatever source it goes on. I'm loving it and so are my clients. (cant believe they hear the difference)

K. Jardine

14. Oktober 2014

sweet vocal delay

Love this for my main vocal delay.....very tweakable and has cool filters.

I wish the delay rate was scrollable....besides that , killer plugin.

K. Paktrakettrin

15. September 2014

Cooper Time Cube MK II Delay, my favorite

Thank to UA again and again This plug totally change my work forever, my dream gear is in my box now.

C. Paschall

28. August 2014


Unfortunately I never had the privilege of using one of these boxes in the analog world but this this rules on vocals! Love the early reflections it adds. Has this amazing way of adding spread and depth without making the vocal necessarily "wetter." Nothing quite like it! Looking forward to discovering what else is in this little guy's bag of tricks!

E. Halterman

27. August 2014

Where's the garden hose?

Where's the garden hose? Hahaha. Wow, this is a beautiful plugin. It creates a sound all it's own and will add a nice 3-D'ish and space to guitars and vocals. I tried all of the other delays, but the Copper Time Cube was all alone at the top for me.

F. Dhotel

14. Juli 2014

super plugin's

un tres bon delay avec des réglages simple et qui ouvre beaucoup de posibilité de parametrage. Le son est exellent.

J. Barrios

21. Juni 2014

Like all UAD Plugins... Amazing!

Excellent plugin for vocal, it does magic, vocals seat in the mix very well and they sound a lot wider with the cooper time cube... I also have been using it for bass effect and I love it... It works on lots of different situations with every instrument you want! lovely on acoustic guitar also...

J. Fitzsimmons

9. Juni 2014

Beautiful sounding analog simplicity!

This quirky delay is a lesson in simple, understated elegance. It may not have some of the features that modern digital delays have, but in practice, I have quickly realized that this plugin has everything you need to create beautiful delays for almost anything. From subtle to over the top dub echoes, this little box does it all, and does it well.

S. Samayoa

13. Mai 2014

Cooper Time Cube

I use this plugin on vocals all the time. Love it. sounds fantastic

L. Nadjiri

17. April 2014

Just a Delay???

Yes of course it's a Delay.
Technically it's two delays, a two band EQ with High Pass Filter and a little bit of a vintage emulation. This all add up to a great tool, to fatten up vocals widen up the sound to give it more impact. Personally I have been looking to long in reverbs to make a thin voice bigger. This delay achieves it more easily, given it's great stereo flexibility and the EQ it nicely quick to get the big sound. Maybe put just a little bit of the EMT 140 on it - Yummy

Easy, powerful, awesome!!

D. Grozier

16. April 2014


Great stuff,I swindled this for free with my $100 gift from quad purchase and a $50 gift so yeah,what I got for free.That's a great policy of UA,reward the people that shell out for an apollo quad cause we rule
cheers Daniel Grozier

H. Fearman

14. Februar 2014

pure magic

Used this plugin on vocals and wow! my vocal tracks sound like the top 10 vocals. A lot of pro engineers use this baby!

A. Costy

4. Februar 2014

Very nice

I've used the Waves h-delay for a long time and it's nice. The cooper is pretty awesome, the warmth that it contains in the delay - as in the coils, is a very pleasing sound. It's easy to overuse, but it can do great things with doubling/thickening. I also like how it's a tool for coloration, not just a delay - anything you put through it has a subtle difference, usually for the better used in the right circumstances.

Very simple to use as well. Overall very useful and pleasing to use.

J. Drevermann

21. Januar 2014


AAAAAH HA HA HA HA!!! This plugin amazes me more and more. I never worked with the hardware version but I have worked with most of the other old school analog "go to's" for delay, reflection and stereo spread and I can say that this tool covers a broad expanse of duties and continues to find its way deeper into my projects. This is another one which shines from the subtle to the extreme and does it all with awesome character and light processor load. Try it, you'll buy it.

D. Watts

16. Januar 2014

Cool plugin!

Smooth and clean is the best I can describe this plugin. High quality delays unlike other plugins I have used. For vocals and solo instruments it will give you professional results. I also feel it is a very versatile delay as well. Very nice and a great purchase indeed.

201-220 von 316 Ergebnisse