Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay

Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay

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Regulärer Preis: $149.00


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Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay


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A. Lee

11. Januar 2019

Unique width

Nothing else like this one. I've tried all the stereo tools, but this one somehow manages to create an stereo image better than anything else that I've heard. So many possibilities with it.

R. Nash

30. Dezember 2018

oddball little delay

Really love the grainy/combed repeats as it re-generates - Just beautiful!

R. Stapleton

29. Dezember 2018

Easy, fun plugin

Comes with lots of presets so it's a quick way to try out different ways to create or enhance a stereo field.

J. Seitz

28. Dezember 2018

Cool vibe

I have no idea what the original hardware version of this thing is but it was on sale, I needed an echo and wanted something off the beaten path. The Cooper definitely has a distinctive but useful assortment of sounds and is incredibly "tweak able". I'd buy it again and recommend it to a friend.

M. Marton

26. Dezember 2018

It sound's good

I was surprised how good it sounded in the mix without really eq'ing it. It replaced my ATR102 I was using for a slap-back effect on some vocals. Really looking forward to digging into this more.

e. mullano

19. Dezember 2018


Se cercate un Delay ... bhè .. lo avete trovato!
Ottimo come Send su voci,sinth,chitarre diversi paramentri per yna completa gestione del ritardo.

R. Gonzalez

17. Dezember 2018

It's Cooper time time time!!!

One of my favourites delays out there.

K. Lambert

15. Dezember 2018


Sits in the mix nicely.

K. Lambert

15. Dezember 2018


Sits in the mix nicely.

T. Urbanski

14. Dezember 2018

Silk, cashmere and velvet for your ears

I am lucky enough to have my Apollo Quad hooked to Focal Trio 6BE monitors and after I tried this delay for the first time, I felt like my ears were tickled with the most expensive cashmere!
I have quite a few native delays from various developers but this one sounds like nothing I already have in my collection.
I make dance music and this delay has become my first choice for delays.
It can be used as insert or on your AUX sends, simply beautiful and very musical delay.
Thank you UA!

J. Brooker

21. November 2018

Brilliant replica of the original

What can I say. It works like a charm and a very accurate replica of the original kit. UAD has done it again. Thanks :-)

A. Müller

6. September 2018

Very versatile delay simulation

Big variety, very tweakable and nice for widening your sound. Hp an Lp filters integrated. I like this plugin from the beginning, the demo convinced me to buy.

m. łuczak

10. August 2018

suprer sound

suprer sound

J. Oliveira

24. Juli 2018

Nice delay for creativity solution

I love it on vocals and snare drums as a fx

b. abdou

24. Juli 2018


I love it

F. Apolonio

19. Juli 2018

Great Doubler!

Best doubler delay !

m. lloyd

11. Juli 2018

COOPER TIME CUBE - Michael Lloyd

Back about 1971-72 - they brought an original CTC to me - to try. I was recording the OSMONDS (for those of you too young, please Google). While it was - at that point - very straightforward - we thought it was cool and used it on a couple of things. Now - many years later, UA has brought it back to life - and with some incredibly great added extras. It's a delay - but with a different personality. it's an effect - but with a special sound. It's way cool.... I appreciate UA...! Best, M

D. Kushnir

18. Juni 2018

Real Delay Emulation

This is my first review ever on UAD plug-ins and I'm very surprised with this UAD Cooper Time Cube plugin they way it is designed. It reminds of one of the Delay built plug-ins' on Behringer X32/Midas M32 Consoles. It's very easy to use and it sounds fantastic. It has no muddiness on the tail. Doubler effect, pre-delay, and a lot more settings to choose from on this great plug-in. I guess this will be my #1 Delay plugin to go with in most cases.

A. Cumminer

12. Juni 2018

The Cooper! Time Cube

Dose more than it says on the can u just have 2 seek and it’s not hard 2 find.
Love!?........... i truly do.........

S. Masterson

4. Juni 2018

I love this delay unit

This delay is amazing. I was totally surprised at how musical it is and it has already found itself replacing several of my native delays.

81-100 von 333 Ergebnisse