Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay

Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay

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Regulärer Preis: $149.00


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Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay


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H. Zimmerman

19. April 2019

What a sweet baby

This machine has its own sound, and nice long delay times if you need ‘em. I use it all the time now as my Pro Tools de facto delay for post production applications.

A. Arce Torres

18. April 2019


Cooper time cube! Un gran plugin, ya en el momento de ponerlo y hacer un envío sientes la claridad y la profundidad del efecto, muy versátil! Exelente UAD.

P. Vancea

17. April 2019

Best delay

Very good indeed. Thanks uad

J. Poole

2. April 2019


I occasionally apply this to synths, drums, arps, vocal samples and vocals with great results.

C. Taylor

29. März 2019

Very nice..

I didn’t realize how much I needed this...or how frequently it was used in some of my favorite recordings...

P. Gharapetian

29. März 2019

my go-to delay plugin

so unique, and ultra useful. this has been my go to delay since i purchased it a few years ago. you can't beat it.

Y. Shima

22. Februar 2019


しばらくの間KORGのSDD-3000をデモで使いその考えは固まった。その質感に魅了され浮気することなくそれを使い続けた。14日のデモ期間が切れたのでこれまた期間が切れる寸前の手持ちのクーポンを使い購入しようと思ったが最後に一応と思いCooper Time Cubeをデモで使ってみた。それを私はSE的に使っている声ネタにインサートした。これだ。求めていたサイケデリックな質感がそこにあった。14日間浮気することなくいじり倒したSDD-3000をカートから外しCooperを買っている自分がそこにはいた。Cooper Time Cube Mk II Delayにはそこまで一瞬で惹きつける独特な魅力がある。


J. Rodriguez

15. Februar 2019

The cooper time cube is like owning a time machine, it is amazing

After buying and using this time delay and found out how great it sounds. There is so much control of it that you can dial any delay you can imagine and not imagine. Great tool for inspiration. If you are unsure of a track or its place, add one of these, you'll be amazed

a. Thompson

12. Februar 2019


Very cool hidden jem - perfect slap and vocal delay

M. Fletcher

15. Januar 2019

Didn’t get it at first. But then....

Kept playing with it. Putting it on vox, guitars, and even drums. It’s a great plug. Listen to the Joe Walsh’s voice on the chorus to “Life’s Been Good” and you’ll get an idea of what this thing can do.

J. Cole

14. Januar 2019

Totally Tubular Dude!

The Cooper Time Cube is a total sleeper! It is the closest plugin in the UA cannon to an Echorec. You can use it as a secret weapon to widen stereo tracks, or create rhythmic multi head delays just like the old days. Here are my Echorec head settings: 75ms, 150ms, 225ms, and 300ms. Make sure to crank the HPF to get the authentic crystalline tones the Echorec is known for. I also love the internal panning feature for dialing in 80s style stereo delays. An excellent all round purchase for your UAD-2 library.

D. Holeva

14. Januar 2019

Instant Width!

Great character and unique way to add instant width. I used it on a Fender Rhodes sound and it was magic!

M. Biniaz

14. Januar 2019


You don't need this but you'll want it. It has a unique sound unlike any other delay I've tried. Default preset makes it wide !!

M. Biniaz

14. Januar 2019


You don't need this but you'll want it. It has a unique sound unlike any other delay I've tried. Default preset makes it wide !!

S. Parikh

13. Januar 2019

Cooper time cube Mk II delay

Nice oldies delay love this plugin

A. Lee

11. Januar 2019

Unique width

Nothing else like this one. I've tried all the stereo tools, but this one somehow manages to create an stereo image better than anything else that I've heard. So many possibilities with it.

R. Nash

30. Dezember 2018

oddball little delay

Really love the grainy/combed repeats as it re-generates - Just beautiful!

R. Stapleton

29. Dezember 2018

Easy, fun plugin

Comes with lots of presets so it's a quick way to try out different ways to create or enhance a stereo field.

J. Seitz

28. Dezember 2018

Cool vibe

I have no idea what the original hardware version of this thing is but it was on sale, I needed an echo and wanted something off the beaten path. The Cooper definitely has a distinctive but useful assortment of sounds and is incredibly "tweak able". I'd buy it again and recommend it to a friend.

M. Marton

26. Dezember 2018

It sound's good

I was surprised how good it sounded in the mix without really eq'ing it. It replaced my ATR102 I was using for a slap-back effect on some vocals. Really looking forward to digging into this more.

21-40 von 288 Ergebnisse