Classic FX Bundle

Classic FX Bundle


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Du hast keine Artikel in deinem Warenkorb.


Classic FX Bundle


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T. Leite

29. Juli 2020

Estou muito Satisfeito

Praticamente é o efeito de Chorus que mais utilizo, muito eficaz e objetivo.

B. Zhang

28. Juli 2020



H. E.

28. Juli 2020

Great for clean guitars

This is a good and straight forward plugin.
I'm using the Chorus very subtile on clean guitar tracks. Looking for chances to go crazy with it!

P. Thomson

26. Juli 2020


Got the Brigade chorus as a freebie in a bundle - and is probably one of the most used plugs I bought. Adds wonderful presence to synths, and smooths out rough edges to some of my deliberately horrible sounds.


26. Juli 2020


Its very cool!
I can make my sound with this plugin

A. Adami

25. Juli 2020

I love it

Great chorus, it got a very autenthic sound. Can make anything sound great.

P. Tyurin

23. Juli 2020

Очень интересный звук.

Самого начала не понял этого плагина, после более подробного изучения могу сказать Вау!!! Плагин на 5 из 5, качество звука бомба, модуляция тоже, создает атмосферу времен хиппи, можно поэкспериментировать с Хип хоп, инструментами и всем что пожелаете! Рекомендую!

A. Redman

18. Juli 2020

Far out!

What's not to love about this! I'm not one to get over exited about guitar effects, so five stars for this is unusual. I alway's fancied a real one but never got around to it. This is better though, there are some subtle advantages one only finds in practice so do try a demo. My favourate feature is the the little switch marked 'Beat Sync' which is very useful. I use Luna which is also a real pleasure.


18. Juli 2020

Galaxy Tape Echo

This plugin creates an special atmosphere to the sound. Very good quality.

C. Moreno

16. Juli 2020

Tremendo chorus y versatil

Soy productor Argentino, fomento la educación y estoy mucho tiempo enseñando a mis clientes.
Para ser sincero al creer que iba a ser gratis, no le di importancia hasta que lo prove.
Suena súper cálido y dinámico, puede usarse en varias cuestiones técnicas, más allá del efecto.

UAD User

14. Juli 2020

My New Widener

This has replaced the Microshift as my new widener. It can be subtle or obvious. I put it on a bus and automate tracks in and out, put it after a reverb, synth pads, guitars, BGVs, Lead vocal in the chorus. Many uses. Awesome.

F. St-Gelais

14. Juli 2020

Nailed it

Absolutely flawless model of the original unit. Works wonders to widen and give mouvement to acoustic guitar and back vocal busses or to add that authentic “80’s touch” to software synths or guitars!

T. Wilson

13. Juli 2020

Not bad at all.

This plugin is good if you are looking for a chorus effect.,

R. Denisov

11. Juli 2020


To be honest, I didn't like it

R. Denisov

11. Juli 2020

Not bad

Simple and good chorus

K. Beltre Feliz

11. Juli 2020

Thick '70s analog shimmer and deep, huge vibrato.

good def really love

B. Koontz

9. Juli 2020

Most realistic simulation I've ever heard.

I've used the hardware unit Space Echo on many recordings. This plugin is the inky one I've come across that acts like the real thing.

C. Marce

8. Juli 2020

Love at first sight!

Once you in on this baby... you can never go back!!!

L. Wrana

7. Juli 2020

Jeilte ding

Mach den Gönnjamin und kaufs dir auch !

H. Kim

4. Juli 2020


Good Quality!

41-60 von 934 Ergebnisse