Classic FX Bundle

Classic FX Bundle


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Classic FX Bundle


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J. Brander

8. September 2019


Like it, sounds great!

J. Chung

4. September 2019


I don’t know,,
So so... ^^

D. Perini

3. September 2019

Classic FX Bundle

I really like the plugins in that bundle!

P. Garrod

2. September 2019

In Your Ears

A must have for your CP-70!

M. Chomczyk

30. August 2019

Great Tool !

Really great and warm sounding with analog feel. Easy to use. There are more modern and complex chorus plug-in's in this world... but this is the emulation of the hardware device so I cannot complaint. For me works great, sits great on my synth and guitar tracks. Worth recommending for sure. Good to have in your arsenal !

M. Lastella

25. August 2019

The best Chorus, ever!

As a singer and songwriter I used many choruses in my mix workflow but no one was ever keen to add such a natural stereo image to every instrument I used it on.

From guitars, bass to Stynth, to voices.
When you need a warm, rich and natural sound this is the right plug-in!

As a singer I always use my UA Arrow audio interface in my live performances and I find this plug-in the perfect companion even for backings vocals.

Thanks Universal Audio!

V. Vashishtha

21. August 2019

Really Hi Quality Chorus..

This is a really Hi Quality Chorus pedal Plugin emulation by Universal Audio, Really Adds Thickness and width to your guitar or vocals..just one thing if you push it too hot it sounds grainy at some point...but else its a hi quality plugin

K. Braunstadter

10. August 2019

very coveted

i always wanted this pedal...i even tried to build one once...
that said i cant tell you if this sounds like the real thing
but i will be using this all the time ..something pretty special on bass guitar for certain songs

M. Ákos

3. August 2019

Brigade Chorus

Easy to use, I really like the vibrato effect. I use it on synth pad, working well!

D. James

29. Juli 2019

Sounds lovely

I used it on a vocal as a send and it was exactly the sound I was going for. Very lush and easy on the dsp.

D. James

29. Juli 2019

Sounds lovely

I used it on a vocal as a send and it was exactly the sound I was going for. Very lush and easy on the dsp.

l. Chiong

25. Juli 2019


Amazing chorus sound no amps or pedals needed

A. king

25. Juli 2019

Sounds great

Great for tracking guitar or bass

S. May

17. Juli 2019

Such quality

This is a great product so much like the real thing its so nice to carry such a small unit with all my Audio possibilities in and this plug in gives so much like coming back to an old friend when spicing up a track

W. Frank

15. Juli 2019

Nice if used for subtle effect

Using the effect with light settings adds some nice color to the sound, i.e. clean guitars and background vocals.

A. de Souza

13. Juli 2019


Awesome pedal, vintage chorus sounds, very vibey

g. walt

10. Juli 2019

old code, grainy, lifeless...

no mix knob, i feel like im mixing on 20 year old arm chips... oh wait.. i am

w. shenck

6. Juli 2019

Good out of the gate.....

Applied to 70s type rock guitar, dirty and clean, sounded great as subtle addition to track. Definitely use it again .

T. Adams

24. Juni 2019

Does the vintage thing!

Emulates very much what I recall the “real deal” of the vintage pedal I tested decades ago! Nicely done UA!

S. Henderson

21. Juni 2019


This sounds better than the Gosh Darn physical equipment . Im impressed beyond words. I dont think people really wanna say it but these UAD plug ins are just as good as the real thing. Im flummoxed they are THE REAl THING. I cant wait to plug in. One last thing no one comes close to this company in the plug in department at least not in guitar tone and mixing and mastering.

261-280 von 895 Ergebnisse