Classic FX Bundle

Classic FX Bundle


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Classic FX Bundle


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L. Pidre

13. Mai 2020

I love it

I use Brigade Chorus in my muted guitars. It sounds great

I. Kornilov

10. Mai 2020

Welcome from Russia, developers and users of APOLLO X and Universal Audio plug-ins!!!

Everything is great! VERY GOOD and HONEST PLUGIN!!! Studying!!!

C. Park

8. Mai 2020

a meaningless gift

I bought Apollo and got this plug-in for free. However, I bought the Ultimate Bundle and this plug-in became a meaningless gift.

E. Gunnlaugsson

7. Mai 2020

Soft widening without cyclical artifacting Love it!

this is the plugin if you are looking for more depth in the mix.

E. Gunnlaugsson

7. Mai 2020


Good chorus

P. Hoier

5. Mai 2020

Down memory lane.

Fat and greasy mid-70's style chorus. Makes you want to sound like later Electric Light Orchestra - "Confusion", loads of long hair and puddle rock all into the 80's, and you end up sounding like Marillion. The golden era.

J. Fanus

4. Mai 2020

Padup Productions - A good tool but not my fav

I received this product as a free coupon for my purchase of a UA USB satellite. If I had a choice I would have gone with a different plugin/product. This gives a good sound, however I do prefer the Roland D chorus. Ultimately UA should have given me a choice to choose a plugin, for purchase of the satellite, this chorus plugin wasn't my choice.

UAD customer service ignored that I bought the hardware for the blockbuster promo, I feel let down. Other than this the plugin is okay.

F. Carcone

3. Mai 2020

Instant Vibe

I still have to dig this one, but each time I use it, it's like having a more "cool" and "characterful" source, and it's done in few tweaks. A winner.

A. Bennett

2. Mai 2020


Great! Gives me that classic tape echo sound!

M. Greiling

2. Mai 2020

Super Sound

very good emulation.
sounds warm and spacey

J. Park

2. Mai 2020

Just Amazing

If you want a depth for a Vocal, Guitar, Chorus?
Check this out.
So simple, So powerful.

m. lonebear

1. Mai 2020

Great Plugin

Awsome and simple

m. lonebear

1. Mai 2020

Great Plugin

Awsome plugin

A. Cuello

27. April 2020

My New Echo in my Arsenal

Galaxy Tape Echo is just amazing!

C. Rauhöft

24. April 2020

Great Plugin!

There are quite a few „widening“ plugins on the market. But this little gem is truly special. Doesn’t corrupt the sound but adds a lot of flavour. Pro tip: use the shift key to push several buttons and stuff starts flying around you!

A. Eisele

23. April 2020


Love using the Galaxy for slapback delay on vocals, spring reverb for guitars, and delay effects by increasing its feedback. Love the slight saturation you get from increasing the input gain and the slight wobble you get from setting the tape age to old. This is a true workhorse I always keep on my send/return busses.

M. Kucuk

23. April 2020

Not intuitive and warm

I don't find it changing my echo/delay/space using habits as it has not impressed me in my long trials yet.

赵. 炳

22. April 2020



A. Aslamazov

19. April 2020


great chorus, use

N. Ibañez

19. April 2020

Best Echo effect ever

Although it's been days since I started using this plugin, it's incredible the flexibility it has and the amount of ways to use it that one finds permanently. A 10!

121-140 von 934 Ergebnisse