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Capitol Chambers


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R. Evans

24. Mai 2023

Sounds expensive

Great reverb, on any source or on the whole mix. Makes everything sound expensive even though you recorded it all with a sm57.

T. Martens

26. April 2023

Best natural Room plug-in I own!

This plugin is my new go-to room fx. I prefer to start with the Genewick piano room preset, before I start sculpting the sound. Very nice to have in my FX-toolbox!

D. Dionne

11. April 2023

A definite must

Capitol Chambers Reverb brings life and space to your mix. Its multiple classic mics combinations and room settings are truly impressive.

A. Lind

5. April 2023

Just right and got deal!

So I got this on sale at 174 PLUS a 50 coupon so for that price I couldn't resist. I immediately put it on a snare and it was beautiful! I've been in the UAD eco system for sometime now and have 12 UAD cores. Since use a mix of plugins incl ST console one which I love and other brands mixed with UAD so I rarely max out the UAD stuff anymore on a 7 yr old 4 core i7 so. UAD CPU isn't an issue for me really. I love this thing

Y. Lee

28. März 2023

성능과 DSP사용량이 비례한다

너무나 자연스럽고 아름다운 리버브사운드를 내주지만 DSP사용량도 그만큼 사악하다. 하지만 어쿠스틱 사운드의 보컬에는 이만큼 좋은 리버브가 없다. 지금도 내 최애 리버브 중 하나.


16. März 2023


Great chamber room plugin. I love it very much!

M. Racanelli

26. Februar 2023

Best Reverb

Uses higher DSP but the effect this has on tracks is fantastic. IMO best reverb available.

s. H

4. Februar 2023

continuous issues

Terrible consistancy with this plug in. And UA definitely know about it. My DSP is on 41% on 8 a core and it is disabling this plug in in particular and hitsville chambers upon loading sessions. Even when I reload it does exactly the same thing. Thousands of dollars spent to run this software that works 15% of the time. Won't even let me take it off and then remount the plug in most of the time just so I can have a user preset saved for every session. Absolute joke. NOT USER ERROR. An obvious bug in the plug in. they won't fix it so not sure why I'm wasting my time with this.

H. Fivelsdal

25. Januar 2023

You Need This!

Great for vocals. I love the Al Schmitt preset.

M. Ferreira

19. Januar 2023

Great Reverb!

Amazing reverb, but it takes alot of DSP.

N. Coelho

19. Januar 2023

Excelente plugin

Adoro este plugin em Voz e Violão. Faz uma grande diferença. Pena a quatidade de DSP que utiliza.

A. Neto

17. Januar 2023

Amazing Plugin

Amazing for vocals, and acoustic instrument.

T. Hugh

16. Januar 2023

DSP Killer

This plugin is great, that I must say. But you'll use of most of your DSP when its engaged. FYI

E. Morgan

16. Januar 2023

Super flexible with a lot of character.

THIS is currently my favorite reverb.
Adds a lot of depth and space whilst still being subtle.
Doesn't get in the way or clutter the mix.
I have it on a lead vocal in a song and it adds just the right amount of dimension and character.
Each chamber has its own thing going on and the ability to swap and move mics around is brilliant.
Highly recommended.

A. Yaskevich

14. Januar 2023

This is my main reverb for any genre

I love this reverb for its flexibility and natural sound. This is a very lively reverb.

(It uses a lot of DSP resources, keep that in mind)

k. kostoglou

11. Januar 2023

Amazing reverb!!


b. fundu

8. Januar 2023

Avis sur le capitalol reverb

Vraiment super pour mes prises d instruments micro ou guitare et pour mes mixages

J. Anderson

7. Januar 2023

Capitol Chambers- A Big Winner!

Fantastic plug in. Lives up to everything I thought it should be.
Much more versatile than just an excellent retro reverb for vocals.
Thank you UAD, for developing such high quality audio for us to use.

F. Mandaza

6. Januar 2023

Great Plugin

Love it on the vocals really makes a great difference.

D. Baker

6. Januar 2023

This Chamber is my go-to

The sound of this this chamber is amazing I find that I am able to use it in some very creative ways when combined with the EMT 140 plate.

21-40 von 586 Ergebnisse