Cambridge EQ

Cambridge EQ


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Cambridge EQ


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M. Rom

24. Dezember 2016

Next Level EQ.

Extremely versatile. Can perform surgical enhancements with ease. High function low dsp!

B. Blair

14. Dezember 2016

My new go-to EQ...

The cambridge is a sonic beast that has become my go-to EQ for busses and just about anything else that sounds "just about finished." It always stays true to the source and even big cuts and boosts sound natural without phasiness. I would not hesitate tracking through this baby and using the low and hipass filters to clean up a source, de-es. Some have commented about a lack of musicality and yes, this is not designed to impart a sonic signature... but to call it unmusical is not accurate. If your source is musical and you use the cambridge to enhance your frequencies, you will get a wonderful and musical result. It is also easy to audition different ideas with A/B settings. I hope this gets updated with retina support (it can be hard to see certain functions), as well as a solo function to more quickly hear adjustments. I find this EQ way more powerful and accurate compared to stock DAW EQs and its easily replaced my FF-ProQ2 for drastic cuts as well as broad sculpting and sweetening. I also find this plugin MORE transparent than the Dangerous Bax when used for mastering. Again-- the filters are amazing!

R. Österlund

5. Dezember 2016

Love it!

In my opinion better then the Oxford eq. I also use Chandler Limited Curve Bender as a complement, but most of the time the Cambridge eq is sufficient.

C. Huseyin

4. Dezember 2016

Great for cuts

Great for cuts as a subtracting EQ and has nice filter options.

N. Payet

4. Dezember 2016

The best clean EQ

The Cambridge is a clean and surgical Eq, the filters are amazing, perfect for clean the frequencies with precisions, I recommend it...

UAD User

22. November 2016


This plug takes care of most of the eq well recorded tracks need.

D. Whittington

18. November 2016

Linear greatness

This plugin is my go to for any clinical cutting. it's very easy to use and it sounds great. It has coloration that I like in the low end and the filters are amazing!

I. Papagiannidis

28. Oktober 2016

very nice eq!

i really like this eq for cutting/boosting small areas.
it also has great highs above 10K
very useful plugin

j. moral

22. September 2016

Equalizador quirurjico muy bueno, me encanta...

Equalizador quirurjico muy bueno, me encanta...

j. moral

22. September 2016

Equalizador quirurjico muy bueno, me encanta...

Equalizador quirurjico muy bueno, me encanta...

j. moral

22. September 2016

Equalizador quirurjico muy bueno, me encanta...

Equalizador quirurjico muy bueno, me encanta...


29. August 2016

Simple and Great

Very useful eq plugin imho! It sounds natural and you don't need to compromise the sound even boosting 10 db!

M. Schaak

22. August 2016

Precise tool

Swiss knife and precise tool to manipulate Sounds and Audio files. Very easy to handle with professional results

J. Banchero

1. August 2016


Excelente EQ, intuitivo, completamente editable, es asombroso, una muy buena inversion, excelente producto, los filtros son extremadamente precisos, muy recomendable!!! UAD RULESSS!!!

U. Kim

13. Juli 2016

I'm Filtered! :)

On of the Best EQ and Filters!!!
Very gently and musically works with the mix and individual tracks.
A variety of curve types for the cut filters STRIKES!
Unfortunately I can not call it SWISS EQ, because I do not have another two bands (I hope in the future you can upgrade this amazing EQ, as in the case of the incredible classic Bundle! The DREAM CAMBRIDGE EQ - bigger interface, analyzer, plus 2 bands, advanced zoom control...etc.......Dreams,Dreams,Dreams!!!).
Much love for Universal Audio Team!!!

T. Vines

11. Juli 2016

Awesome EQ for the Money

This is not an EQ used to 'color' the sound but it is great as a reduction EQ to remove unwanted frequencies. I haven't used it enough to add a lot of comments but if you want a clean and surgical EQ, this is a very good choice.

z. whaley

8. Juli 2016

IA Cambridge plugin

The Cambridge plug in is the best equipment plugins I've used so far. It's east to use and it's just what I needed!! Love it!!!!

R. quaranta

23. Juni 2016


Best EQ for frequency correction!!! LOVE

M. Biniaz

22. Juni 2016

Eq Uad cambridge

Great eq very nice for surgical eq ing great for notching and low cuts its my go to surgical eq plugin !!

M. Walter

21. Juni 2016

Must Have Tool

This is a must have EQ. It allows for surgical precision and very precise moves, while also giving you the ability to slice like a hammer! The filter section also gives an incredible amount of flexibility. It is extremely easy to use, and it sounds great. It has become my go-to EQ for all my work.

181-200 von 504 Ergebnisse