Cambridge EQ

Cambridge EQ

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Regulärer Preis: $149.00


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Cambridge EQ


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C. Laurent

11. April 2013

Le top !!!

Je l'ai essayé en mode démo, 10 min après je l'ai acheté...
Réglages des plages fréquences trés précis il répond parfaitement à mes attentes.
Une super couleur dans les 10 Khz meilleurs pour ma part que le sonnox j'ai fait les même rêglages sur les deux produits...après c'est une question de gout.
Merci UAD pour la qualité des plugins...Je le recommande vicement aprés l'achat de votre carte en complément du Bundle...

V. Kojevnikov

11. April 2013

Cambridge EQ Plug-In

Cambridge EQ Plug-In It's fantastic!! thanks UAD!!!!

F. Tornier

5. April 2013


Je m'en sers sur quasiment toutes mes pistes... surtout pour son lowcut à pente très raide qui permet d'augmenter la puissance des basses et kicks. Mais aussi pour toutes les retouches que je peux avoir à faire et qui demandent une précisions que les autres EQ ne permettent pas toujours d'avoir.
Incontournable à mon avis.

D. Gallant

20. März 2013

Problematic EQ'ing go to

This is the best, fix it in the mix EQ!

Easy to use, fast flexible... Love it!

L. De

12. März 2013

great stuff

everything is perfect.
I'm very happy having those mastering tools. I was missing it.

Thanks a lot

C. Sampson

4. März 2013

Go to EQ

The cambridge is my go to EQ for tonal repair. It's a scalpel that I use on almost every track!!!

E. Gorski

21. Februar 2013

Great for live recording

Precise and surgical amd musical at the same time. This is a must have for finding the offending frequency and cutting or finding the vocal and pulling it out of a mix. Just used it on a bluegrass band recorded 5 people with one mic and i was able to bring the vocal out of the mix using the Cambridge. And then by pulling the frequencies down just a littel further up the ine I was able to soften the harmonica on the track this was great

R. Mcentee

14. Februar 2013

Cambridge EQ Plug-In -The scalpel -

My scalpel. Sweet, razor sharp, pin-point accurate, incredibly coherent
and solid sounding. It's opaque and transparent at the same time. Magic.
It can flatten fine and gently, but I mostly use it for troubled peaks.
The UI itself may be the most technically precise channel-EQ which UAD offers.

E. Gorski

8. Februar 2013

surgical eq

this is an easy to use precise eq that shines in removing unwanted frequnecies. it is wonderful and so easy to use. I love this and it is a go to eq whenever I find that annoying frqunecy that as to come out

A. Lebed'

24. Januar 2013

Super EQ

Great equalizer, very clear and clean. Excellent pass filter. I use it absolutely everywhere, and now can not imagine my job without it. All advise. Must have!

T. Reis

17. Januar 2013

Excellent EQ

Still learning my way round it but it has so many uses.

C. (buck)

13. Januar 2013

Smooth Operation

This thing works great! I am using it quite a bit on my vocal trac's and on some of the acoustic trac's. I like the presets as they will getcha way close then it's just a matter of a lil'tweakin and you're there. Setting up and storing some presets is a great way to use it. Like for your high and lo-pass filters and stuff. A basic vocal I use a fairly standard starting point normally and have store three each for male and female vocals. I find I am using it almost as much as my Voxengo curve. For the price I do believe it's gonna be a hard one to beat...Thanx,,UA

S. Tall

11. Januar 2013

Great, Clean EQ

The Cambridge is a very solid EQ that is terrific for doing heavy, precise notches or very broad, gentle boosts and cuts. I've used it to tame errant sibilants, and I've used it in conjunction with a multiband compressor and a nice limiter to shine up a final mix (read: lazyman's master) for clients. It doesn't really have a noticeable "sound" like a distinct EQ plugin such as the Pultec or Neve, and that's perfect for a versatile graphic EQ with plenty of settings. If you're looking for an upgraded EQ to the stock Logic/Pro Tools graphic channel EQ, this is the best one on the market.

F. Gabriel

11. Januar 2013

pro eq

This eq as a little lack of Q(the Q parameter could be set higher ) in my opignon but it just sound better than any para eq plug i have ever heard.
So i use it on soft equalisation i just sound great .
In other case i equalize with a more Q intensive eq(to more quickly check witch frequency is overpowered or underpowered) and then i just put the final setting on the cambridge and it sound great,always better than the other Q intensive plug i have(channel eq logic most of time).
Why it sound better ?i really can t explain this,but i d say that it detroy the sound less than channel eq does,it seems like it keeps the natural sounding present.

E. Zadok

8. Januar 2013

Cambridge Eq

Love it
easy to work with very accurate and clean

V. Yakovenko

6. Januar 2013

Cambridge EQ Plug-In

i usually use this eq at first steps of editing. this is a good lp & hp filter, also i use this to bring some air in vocals. to remove any harsch and many other situations. cambridge is my n1 editing eq

S. Wozniak

5. Januar 2013

Great Filters!

It is a great surgical plugin. It has great filters too. I use it in electronic and commercial music.
Before buying it I've read many reviews about it and I can agree with many other users that this is one of "must have" plugins. Great job UA !!!

A. Pasek

2. Januar 2013

Ein EQ für jede Lebenslage...

Den Cambridge EQ habe ich das erste Mal in einem Video-Workshop gesehen bzw. überhaupt die Plugins der Firma UAD.
Zum diesem für mich ganz besonderen Plugin fallen mir spontan folgende Dinge ein:
Er ist mit seinem Elliptical Filter für einen sauberen Hi- oder Low-Cut immer die Nr. 1!
Die vielen verschiedenen Filtertypen für die restlichen Bänder bringen für jedes Instrument und jeden Anwendungsbereich genügend Einstellmöglichkeiten mit.

Er klingt sauber und unaufdringlich, macht eben das was er soll sehr gut und lässt sich dank der aufgeräumten Oberfläche einfach bedienen.
Ich möchte diesen EQ in den nächsten 20 Jahren nicht in meiner Plugin-Sammlung vermissen!

R. Romagna

1. Januar 2013

Great precise EQ

The Cambridge-EQ is absolutely amazing - works brilliant to fix some frequency troubles or add "warmth" in the mastering-process!

C. Azarcon

30. Dezember 2012

Great EQ !!!

It has all the features of a Professional EQ I'm looking for.

361-380 von 498 Ergebnisse