Cambridge EQ

Cambridge EQ

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Regulärer Preis: $149.00


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Cambridge EQ


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M. Biniaz

22. Juni 2016

Eq Uad cambridge

Great eq very nice for surgical eq ing great for notching and low cuts its my go to surgical eq plugin !!

M. Walter

21. Juni 2016

Must Have Tool

This is a must have EQ. It allows for surgical precision and very precise moves, while also giving you the ability to slice like a hammer! The filter section also gives an incredible amount of flexibility. It is extremely easy to use, and it sounds great. It has become my go-to EQ for all my work.

p. leisander

2. Juni 2016

Great Eq

I love this Eq I don't need a visual analyzer just dial it in and away you go.

m. wilson

22. Mai 2016

My goto plugin excellent with mastering

I love this Eq out of all the eqs including waves this one is a cut above the rest. It's great on all instruments and when used within mastering it opens up the mix bringing clarity

R. Bronstad

20. Mai 2016

Cambridge EQ Plug-In

A solid plug-in that gets the job done with accuracy! Love the different variations on the low and high pass filters. Can't beat the price on it either. :)

J. Cohn

19. Mai 2016

Surprisingly powerful filters, workhorse

This EQ is a staple for me due in particular to some very nice HP and LP filter choices. They do wonders on the low end. There are plenty of sculpting shapes to the parametric Q bands too and overall the Cambridge EQ sounds very nice.

To me, it loses one point for lack of ease of use when it comes to selecting between the LP and HP filters - I have to manually click through each one, instead of having a quick knob or using keyboard to scroll between them. Surprisingly annoying, at least for my workflow this is an issue, someone else may disagree.

Also, bands are restricted to certain areas of the frequency and this has caused me some frustration when I'm in my flow and cant extend a certain band below 400hz for sculpting a final touch

E. Ruzavin

20. Februar 2016

Cambridge EQ Plug-In

I use Cambridge a lot. It is suitable for everything. It just works very well.

UAD User

5. Februar 2016

Amazing EQ

I needed a linear eq and this is the best eq that i found..low DSP with a great sound response.
great plug in!!!

L. Powell

12. Januar 2016

Good EQ

Only tried this a couple times so far, but find it great for finding and fixing problems. Has a good sound and the filters are useful.

B. Benenati

8. Januar 2016

On every channel

I use this plugin on every channel to cut low frequencies. Excellent!

M. Junchaya

23. Dezember 2015


Just purchased this EQ after a quick demo....I use Logic Pro x and Logic has really functional EQ's that I use to make surgical modifications...I thought at first that I wouldn't need the Cambridge EQ....I was wrong. After a few day in DEMO mode I realized where the Logic EQ fell short...The tone and warmth from the Cambridge EQ's made a huge difference in my tracks...I was blown away by how small subtle differences can make change your listening experience so much...If you've invested in UA and the UAD2 platform you really need this EQ...It's beautiful to listen to and quite nice to look at...


14. Dezember 2015

Cambridge EQ Plug in

Great sounding EQ with great controls Already have used it on several project. If you like a graphic style great analog sound this is it.

a. desquiron maure

13. Dezember 2015


Me parece un eq con un color unico en agudos , a la vez muy suave y quirurgico al mismo tiempo . lo suelo utilizar como primera ecualizacion de "correccion" en algunas frecuencias criticas y luego suelo complementarlo con otro ecualizador (casi siempre termina siendo el pultec pro) para aportar el color final del track en cuestion. a destacar su bajo consumo de DSP que es casi de un 1% en mono y poco mas en stereo. muy contento con su compra.

J. Winnett

13. November 2015

My new go to!

This is an excellent sounding and precise EQ. And it isn't too DSP Hungry so...Even better.

R. Gun

13. November 2015

Nice + useful

Pro: really small DSP consumtion , good to use , does no harm (if used right) , versatile and usefull
Con: analizer missing , maybe 6 band would be an enhancement , not really better than Logic own EQ

This is one of the oldest UAD Plugins and that can be seen. Still good and the huge ammouth of filtering types especially for lowpas and highpass filters is up to date. The only problem is, time do not stand still and so do competors. There is nothing special in it.

If you get it by an offer it´s ok, for 149.- it´s far to expensive nowadays.

M. G.

11. November 2015

Cambridge EQ vs oxford

Hola a todos. Tengo los dos. Sony oxford suena limpio y genial, pero Cambridge EQ es una maquina y el complemento perfecto para oxford. Empleo los dos y estoy muy contentos con ellos. Para siempre...

E. Bellerose

8. November 2015

Simple et efficace

Beau design, simple d'utilisation et d'une efficacitée extrêmement précise. Utilise peu de CPU.

K. Ealy

3. November 2015

Could have saved the cash

Using so many plugins I actually liked the fabfilter better. I was forced to get this plugin considering my budget and a coupon expiring... Along the buss compressor which is highly over dramatic.

M. Barnes

1. November 2015

Can't beat it to make a crossover split

For removing nasty frequencies other EQs do the job just as well. However I have to say it's the best EQ around to split frequencies for different processing in my opinion. So clean and the different filter responses are fab.
An analyser would make it even better.

P. Tomety

29. Oktober 2015

Hello Mr. Doc

Great EQ for surgical cuts and getting rid of mud on single tracks or busses.
But it can also bring the right type of boost, for example on drums.

I really love this one and it is the plug in I use the most in my mixes because of its overall quality.

Thanks UA for a 50€ voucher so I got it for "free".

181-200 von 486 Ergebnisse