Brainworx bx_refinement

Brainworx bx_refinement

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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Brainworx bx_refinement


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y. cho

25. Februar 2016


It leads easy way to get good quality sound.
I'm really impressed with this.

A. Setkya

14. Februar 2016

This refinement certainly works for my brain

Great on drum buss, or the master buss, but it really is at it's best when transferring Mini disk's, DAT tapes or ye old 8bit digital on Beta tape, a master at making over crunched top end palatable. You can use it on an individual track in place of eq, valve simulators ,tape emulators etc.; and I have yet to fully explore the Oscillator, which I am certain will give me another brush for the palette. An extremely usefull must have plug in.

D. Santiago

15. Januar 2016

Brainworx Genius

I use this on some of the latest DBlock records...This is that plugin that in the 90's we spent so much time tweaking and tweaking to make that wonderful effect this plugin provides us today...keep them coming

R. Belew

12. Januar 2016

Perfect plug for a nasty problem

I received a session to mix and the lead guitar was so shrill it hurt my ears. I tried many plugins and evenually came to a place where my thought was, "that will just have to do". Recently I saw this plug and used it on the gtr part and was sold. It will be used many times in the future but I hope I don't have to deal with that problem again, but if I do, I'll be ready.

B. Williams

11. Januar 2016


This is a really interesting plug in, so far i've been using it on the drum buss. At the moment It's plugging a hole left by my sadly broken 2 track tape machine, which i would often bounce kit through in the last stages of mixing to introduce a little saturation / compression. Whilst it's not marketed as a tape simulator for it's it's the closest think to the real deal i've heard in this particular application. There's not a huge amount of flexibility (in terms of frequency suppression settings) but it seems to really deliver, once you're aware of it's limitations. I'm sure i'll find lots of other interesting used for it too. Another great Brainworx plugin.

S. Tib

10. Januar 2016

Great for Hi Hats - shaker

I always tend to cut a lot of high frequency on hi hats, shaker, tambourine. I have been using tape and musical eq like the Trident A, but adding the Bx refinement to the arsenal is a bonus to cut less high frequency with a surgical EQ.
Great stuff especially for 54$ on special with a 25$ voucher !

M. Kartashev

10. Januar 2016

Briliant and fast for treble treatment

This one got a very cool band shape to tame the top,
also the dynamic is amazing for giving life to dead cymbals.
really fast and intuitive usage.

S. Roefs

9. Januar 2016

Great on master bus

This is a great tool for stereo enhancing. But it also works to get things to sit better in the mix tonewise by reducing harshnes.

R. Production

4. Januar 2016

A "must have" tool

Basicly I cant mix a drum without it anymore....and i dont talk about using it on your master bus
No more agressive high ends and unbalanced crash or ride cymbals
What can sound better sounds better as soon as you use bx refinment tool
I tell it again this is a "must have" in your tool box

I. Maystruk

30. Dezember 2015

Pleasure Plugin

Yes its wryly nice plugin i'm impressive! Finally i can give for all my mastering nice and more gentle sound! And that's very important, very easy to use!

J. Dicke

26. Dezember 2015

Final Pleasure

Used with the right settings and especially on the master buss BX Refinement can make your mixes sound quiet a lot more like a mastering pro had his hands on.

J. Leary

23. Dezember 2015

Good plugin for reducing harshness

I find the brainworx bx_refinement pretty much does what it says, it does take the edge off of a harsh mix very well. I demo'd this plugin from UAD years ago and was happy with it, but couldn't afford full price at the time. Picked it up just recently when it was on sale.

It needs to be used lightly, in my opinion, as heavy use of the settings will likely dull your mix too much, but for a gentle reduction of harshness in a mix that is too harsh, this plugin is a great tool to have in your arsenal, and will take the harsh edge off a mix or even a single track. Highly recommended!

D. Caruso

22. Dezember 2015

Dave C

This Plug-in works great for taming harshness of say digital drums and other unwanted artifacts. Can be used in the mastering stage if harshness or high end excess, this thing tames it perfectly. On sale it was a steal. Does not take up much resources so I'm very happy with it and its price. Good job UAD.

M. Mohata

19. Dezember 2015

Very pleasing to ears!

Just purchased it due to Dec special prices from UAD. Starting to love it right away-I think the name refinement pluggin is very appropriate. It takes away the harshness on the track and brings magic in a v musical and pleasing way that I could not get with any other pluggin. Must try it!

O. Hild

15. Dezember 2015

Top down on Drums

Haven't gotten to really run the full paces on this thing yet on full mixes but can attest it definitely (when used tastefully!) can enhance a full mix by dynamically sucking out nasty upper-mid frequencies that "knock" on your ear drum. Too much and you can make your mix sound like a pillow. The right amount can class up a mix though.

But... on a drum submix... wow! I have been using it on my drum buss in a 'top down' method where I put it as the first insert on the chain and run it together with as much other processing as I think i will need on the drum buss (compression, tape emu, eq, etc...) and start shaping the drum mix with that in broad strokes. Then, tweak individual channels. Really cleans up the overheads and snare especially!!

F. Baumer

12. Dezember 2015

nice thing

The Brainworx bx-Plug-In is a nice tool for mastering. The bx soften up all the sharp high frequencies. I like it.

T. Urban

30. November 2015

Very warm, clean, and easy to use

I tried this plugin after receiving an email to use it. Since then, I purchased it. The idea is simple, lose harshness and warm up mixes or tracks with ease. I found the oscillator part of this plugin to be really nice. I can actually see myself using this on an individual track as an effect, instead of using it just on a mastering session.

FYI, my tutorial on this plugin is below.

The Native and UAD are both the same. I went the native route only since I couldn't afford to give up DSP at this point. Otherwise, I almost always will go the UAD route.

UAD User

26. November 2015

Payed Friday 20 November, 2015 - 179,- Euros

Todays Price is 79,- Euros. That's not fine, dear Universal Audio Guys. Sorry, I feel very frustrated, cause 100 Euros are much money for me & my homestudio. Through your pricingpolicy the plug-in takes more than 50 percent less value within 6 days. Before I continue purchases, I'll think about whether I buy in the future at UAD.
Greetings from Austria...

P. Jelfs

7. September 2015

one of a kind

When your mix is just how you want it, but the harsh brightness needs taken back without ruining everything - this is perfect :)

M. Ballenger

23. Juli 2015

Awesome unique tool that does something special

There really isn't a comparable plugin. The description may make it seem like it acts like a deesser focused on the harsh upper mids, but there is more to it. This fall into the category of secret weapon plugins. I use it more for mixing than the intended mastering purposes. It's wonderful on distorted guitars and has replaced the deesser at 4kHz technique for me in that application. I get much more natural and pleasing results with this. You just have to try the demo and you'll see it's a must have tool.

81-100 von 141 Ergebnisse