Brainworx bx_refinement

Brainworx bx_refinement

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Regulärer Preis: $199.00


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Brainworx bx_refinement


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N. Warnaar

23. Dezember 2016

Hearing is believing

A great tool for that professional touch in a production. It gives me more listening pleasure.

G. Goodwin III

22. Dezember 2016

Very Useful on Drum Overhead Bus

I tried this on several sources. It works well on anything, but I find it particularly useful on acoustic drum sets stereo overhead mics. If there is harshness there, this will take it out. The cymbals will be just as loud (fortunately or unfortunately - as the case may be) but they won't be nearly as irritating. For that alone I give this 5 stars. I did not like it on the whole drum bus nor on the mix. But that's me. You may love using it like that. I am glad I bought it.

ł. kalinowski

20. Dezember 2016

smooth and invisible

Great tool for fast , smooth and mostly invisible rid off unwanted hi frequency. Dynamic option is great its better than de-esser , it has more control and i just using it everywhere lightly but its doing it work perfectly! great buy!

e. burns

12. Dezember 2016

The Missing Link to taming harsh and fast transients

drop it on any submix drums, guitars percussion and rid your mix of any spiky nastiness
and then on the master bus for sheen its the perfect complement to the The Studer A800 and Ampex ATR-102 plugins
if funds are tight this and the uad oxide Oxide Tape Recorder Plug-In make a great Team
Absolutely love this plugin
it does what you hope it can do "Nice"

r. infante romero

12. Dezember 2016

Un Plugin interesante

Al principio estaba indeciso, pero use la demo y vi su potencial. Imprescindible para voces!!

r. infante romero

12. Dezember 2016

Un Plugin interesante

Al principio estaba indeciso, pero use la demo y vi su potencial. Imprescindible para voces!!


10. Dezember 2016

Le tube à ce prix là, c péché !!

Brainworkx refinement est un super plugin. Il influe radicalement sur ce qui peut avoir été enregistré. Il apporte de la rondeur à une prise, et au prix auquel on le touche au moment d'écrire ces lignes, c'est dommage de ne pas en profiter. Il devrait même faire partie du pack de départ qu'ua fournit lors de l'achat d'une interface. Pour l'instant, mes plugins acquis après achat ajoutent vraiment leur pierres à l'édifice du mix, mais au détriment d'une campagne d'achat qui, financièrement, pèsera dans la bourse (la mienne aussi) de chaque acquéreur de produit ua, car pour vraiment profiter de cette qualité sur des gros mix, les procs fournis dans les interfaces son twin par exemple ne suffiront pas. Il faudra rapidement viser la gamme fournies en octo (voir site) ou comme je l'ai fait, investir dans un boitier Satellite (et là, vous entendez +1300€ ?). Pour finir sur une bonne note, ce plugin me sert aussi pour toutes mes prises de cuivres. Je le trouve aussi intéressant dans ce registre, car il enlève pas mal le coté un peu agressif de certains de ces instruments.

R. Jasman Jr

9. Dezember 2016

Great results on drum bus

I purchased this specifically to get a quick and easy way to improve my drum mixes. It delivered big time. Instant subtle improvements in the smoothness of the drum tones. I'm getting something that EQ and tape saturation comes close to, but not as quickly. Highly recommended.

S. Solomon

4. Dezember 2016

Voice Bus and Master Bus

I use it on the Chorus buss quite generously to suppress harshness around 3.5k . On the master buss I use it in a controlled way to avoid being too dramatic. The bx_refinement is a beautifully crafted saturator I would say that can be used with extreme or subtle settings or anyway in between to slash out the eardrum piercing frequencies. Thank you UAD for such an amazing plugin !

G. Kovács

2. Dezember 2016

Great plugin for balancing high frequencies

Great plugin for balancing high frequencies, it has a fix place now in my mastering chain as well.

p. kalabakas

2. Dezember 2016

sound engineer

This plug-in is very useful. The sound is very sweet.

D. Nakonechny

20. November 2016

Unbelievable.... I mean wow....

I've been a UAD fanatic for a long time now and on a regular basis check out their current and newer releases. This is one plugin I never imagined myself owning...but it is a plugin that I use exclusively on everyone of my mixes no matter what. It seems to be the final touch that glues my entire mix together without robbing any clarity or low end. Absolutely incredible and I couldn't imagine mixing without now.

T. Herman

17. November 2016

Good plug-in but.....

The buttons on this Plugin isn't the greatest for some reason clicking on the 'solo filter',Dynamic', and 'Oscillator' is glitching out sometimes, and its the only plugin out of my 18 plug-ins in Universal audio that seems to do that. pretty sure it can be fixed the question is when...? :s other then that it works great.

UAD User

26. September 2016

Five Stars - Would Use Again

Thanks to bx_refinement, I can now crank up my old Smashing Pumpkins album without worrying about bleeding ear drums.

S. Riggi

22. August 2016


Using for mastering you suggest to put it last on the chain ? before Limiter?

M. Spaans

7. August 2016

tame your digital mixes.

Love the brainworx plug-ins! I use it to remove the digital etch of my 'in the box' productions. It is very useful to tame the high frequencies on (drum)busses and the master.

g. steenbergen

13. Juli 2016

Great on aggressive guitar

I use this one a lot when mixing live music. I love this one to tame aggressive sounding guitars. This works 1000 times better than just an eq.

UAD User

10. Juli 2016

Must have

Great for removing subtle harshness in electronic music. I use it mostly during mastering, pre compression. Only possible complaint is that sometimes it can be easy for me to abuse this plugin & accidentally take out too much high frequency content of my mix... Probably user error on my part. Great plug in, essential for digitally produced tracks!

Y. Frol

30. Juni 2016

Worth every penny spent

I have bought this plugin and applied it to already nicely sounding mixed track and it was a miracle what it did.

Does what is says - RECOMMENDED!!!

N. Murphy O'Brien

24. Juni 2016

Really amazing plug

Thoroughly impressed with this plug in, i've found that using it a little over the course of your entire mix can really make it sound warm, full, but still with all the brilliance of the high end.

I'd recommend Refinement to anybody who wants to have a less harsh mix, tracks, vocals, anything you put this baby on

41-60 von 137 Ergebnisse