Brigade Chorus Pedal

Brigade Chorus Pedal


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Brigade Chorus Pedal


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R. Pocze

21. September 2020


Thanks a lot! It works very well!

H. Andersen

21. September 2020

P. Maier

17. September 2020

Real fun to use while tracking!

Love the Brigade to have some fun spreading out guitars or bass during the tracking process. Fun to use and easy to work with!

E. Bass

17. September 2020

Sounds great - very close the original hardware.

About the best reproduction of a classic modulation pedal I've heard - just wish that they'd have added some more features, even if it meant being less authentic!

J. López Uribe

14. September 2020

Not just for guitar; it suits any source

It came to me as a UA gift, and I love it's sound"

B. Nazari

13. September 2020

Real sound

Thanks a lot from universal audio

E. Grebeznieks

11. September 2020


incredibly smooth sound, despite the fact that I got it in the package, this is a great plugin

M. Pribble

10. September 2020

So good!

Great classic analog sound and feel.

R. Nunn

9. September 2020

Love it

I love this pedal, sounded Amazing right at the start. Which was surprising because most Chorus plugins take way more time than needed to sound good. Kudos for suppling presets that are actually useable.

L. Donghee

7. September 2020

Wicked awesome!!

I was so impressed out thast so musch


3. September 2020

Great Tool!

Love the sound. i love it. depth and breadth

R. Wolfe

2. September 2020

A great little tool!

I got this for free as a thanks from UA for something else I bought- so far it’s been great to throw on for a guitar effect, or to make a mono synth bass into a beautiful swimmy stereo synth.

L. Plentz de Oliveira

31. August 2020

Nice Coloration

Authentic vintage vibrato effect.

S. Ferrari

31. August 2020

Analog Style

From Analog Style to digital Style: FAB!!!!!

R. Metelkin

31. August 2020

sold the chorus pedal

because brigade chorus sounds much better

A. Williams

31. August 2020

A cracking little plug in!

I love this chorus plug in. Adds beautiful width and a warmth to loads of different sources.

D. Pece

30. August 2020

Just wow!

Universal Audio raised the plug-in Bar. Every UA plugin that I own sounds truly brilliant and real to the actual hardware.

L. Gonzalez

29. August 2020


Gran coro

l. min

28. August 2020

so good

so good !!!!!!!!!


27. August 2020

Has done wonders...

for vocals at times! Can get pretty wide, and sounds great in a mix.

81-100 von 591 Ergebnisse