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Brigade Chorus


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14. November 2020

Nice Pedal Effects

Easy to use and great analog sound . Presets are a good place to start. Guitars, BG vocals

S. Lord

12. November 2020

No more pedals.

I use chorus on nearly every track I produce. Always trying to source the most authentic tone, until now. Brilliantly done.

R. Andree

12. November 2020

Super Vintage Chorus

Adds that vintage Dimensio to your Sounds and they become more organic sitting in the mix!

R. Andree

12. November 2020

Super Vintage Chorus

Adds that vintage Dimensio to your Sounds and they become more organic sitting in the mix!

C. Sanchez

11. November 2020


Great hardware and software!

M. Walker

11. November 2020

Great for synths for a vintage sound!

Great for synths for a vintage sound! I literally put it on analog or digital synth and get teleported back in time, add some spacey reverb and you get a vibe!

M. Kocur

11. November 2020

Great analog chorus sound!

Great analog sounding chorus and vibrato! Simple and easy to use.

S. Osorio

10. November 2020

Thank you

I am new to the family and I have to say I am so impressed with the sound I am getting. This chorus is very nice on my analog synths hitting a Neve Unison Pre. So smooth and warm. Thank you for all of your hard work.

E. Kruse

10. November 2020

A wonderful Chorus

Dieser Chorus bringt eine wundervolle Breite, nicht nur in Bässe. Mein bester Chorus Effekt bis jetzt.

H. Akker

9. November 2020

Great hardware and software!

i'm just getting started but i think it's great hard and software. I'm going to save for more plugins. really great. I also recommend it to anyone who makes music and wants to record it in their studio. you don't have to hesitate, just buy. you won't regret it! and the chorus is absolutely top too.

Y. Shevchenko

9. November 2020

I'm excited!

Cool think for the solo guitar, for play a classic music. Small but best plugin ever!

M. Kerlin

7. November 2020

Nice Chorus

Nice addition to the toolkit.

L. Dowdy

7. November 2020



J. Godsil

5. November 2020


Love the presets! IThrowing this on guitar, vox, or strings is giving me some great 80s and 70s vibes. I've never really had a dedicated chorus plugin outside of the one that comes with studio one, and this blows it OUT OF THE WATER.

T. Wellens

2. November 2020

Warm and juicy

One of the best chorus plugins on the market

t. Armenis

2. November 2020

Brigade Chorus Pedal is a monster.

I really like Brigade Chorus Pedal. I really wanted a chorus like this to my new Apollo x6.

C. Gilbert

1. November 2020

Most Satisfied!

I can't be more satisfied with my apollo solo! If you are a serious artist who wants to hear a DISTINCINT difference in signal and sound I highly-highly recommend you this product! From my very first time hitting play back I could instantly notice the difference! I can't be more satisfied with my purchase to join the Universal Audio fam and support and own top notch quality gear! It's an amazing investment if music is something you're invested in!! - Ceejae!

T. Taivalaho

31. Oktober 2020

Simple and great

Simple to use, great sound.

I. Corradini

31. Oktober 2020

nice to have

does exactly what you expect

A. Alegre

30. Oktober 2020


Awesome plugin! strongly recommended!!

221-240 von 769 Ergebnisse