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Brigade Chorus


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R. Capra

16. Dezember 2019

Brigade Chorus Pedal

I don't use it a lot but it sounds very nice

F. Raxer

12. Dezember 2019

It’s a good gift sent by UA :)

Although I don’t use it frequently, it really give me a big surprise,I use it on some harmony or back up tracks,it really give me a enough width feeling!!(I’m Chinese so my expression is not very clearly


11. Dezember 2019

When classic meets infinite.

It’s a classical take on a versatile yet sometimes dated effect. But it delivers. That warm analogue feel to the effect, the smooth modulations and the simple GUI makes it a no brainer for a lot of situations. Easy to use for such complex modulations. A killer. A real useful tool. Cause it sounds great on a lot of sources.

A. Paulos

11. Dezember 2019

So good!!

It is excelent.
Same as the real one.

A. Krechmer

4. Dezember 2019

Best chorus pedal!

Brigade Chorus Pedal-amazing dense and smooth sound with a lot of presets. Sounds good with every kind of guitars. I recommend!

t. billonare

3. Dezember 2019


good effect
but not useless all sound
but good

M. Jeon

2. Dezember 2019


sounds good

G. Livingston

28. November 2019

Chorus of my dreams

It's that classic sound I can always go to and rely on.

Y. Cognet

25. November 2019

Why take another one

this chorus is really so handy, so easy going, so nice. Love it.

V. Mishakov

23. November 2019

Довольно специфичная педаль

Имел эту педаль, звук так себе, плюс безбожно фонила. UAudio подарил плагин, за что огромное спасибо, но звук так же не впечатлил, хотя фона не было.

f. ickler

23. November 2019

I had the original in the 80'ies

I had the original pedal in the 80'ies. I'm happy to be able, to use this chorus pedal again. It has a very unique chorus sound, sometimes a bit of an phaser. The plug-in sounds like the original. My favorite chorus pedal. I wish i'd still have the original......

B. Cauti

14. November 2019

very good!

awesome sounding chorus. great for just about anything

Ł. Seliga

12. November 2019

Very nice chorus

Very nice chorus, use it a lot on my synth pads to get that Juno-esque roland sound

A. Persson

10. November 2019

Great sounding chorus!

I really like this chorus, useful in so many ways on many sources and really smooth sounding!

S. Batten

7. November 2019

Way overdone and adds gain.

I’ve got a CE1 and have owned and used them for over 35 years. This is just way overdone and adds gain. On its most minimal setting it still adds gain and overmodulates. Subtle is not in its vocabulary.

M. Goethals

23. Oktober 2019

great sound

Sounds very nice

S. Hiestand

23. Oktober 2019

OK, not "blow away"

I have to say this is the only UAD plug-in I've been less than satisfied with. My main issue is it seems to saturate/distort rather easily when you push the gain up at all. The whole sound seems rather thin and almost "artificial" to my ears. Lots of 5-stars for this on here so maybe it's just me, but I haven't had good results with it.

R. Cardoza

22. Oktober 2019

Sweet sounding

Very happy to get this plugin plus it was free

D. Lawrence

22. Oktober 2019

sounds great

only giving 4/5 because I cant keep giving everything 5/5 and its chorus so will never be up there with the Neve and the Fairchild

J. Perez

18. Oktober 2019


Nice and easy, perferct chorus for price

401-420 von 753 Ergebnisse