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Brigade Chorus


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k. teawan

1. September 2022

So good

Such a good item

S. Banga

11. August 2022

Great on bvs

Used this on my current project for some
Light processing on some bv took my vocals sound to 4to a 10 !

J. Hagopian

30. Juli 2022

Music Consultant

Yeah if you want chorus affect use this toy.

J. Guzman

15. Juli 2022

Amazing on vocals

Amazing vocal chorus effect.

M. Burbano

14. Juli 2022



y. kim

9. Juli 2022


cool pug in!

T. Laja

6. Juli 2022

Classic Chorus

Excelente. Classic Chorus

N. Kwak

5. Juli 2022

Very warm chorus

Can be used in variety of genre, very warm and natural which is my taste of chorus.

V. Ruzicic

4. Juli 2022

Nice one

Adding very interesting chorus...tested on bass,guitar and some vocals too...

J. Hall

2. Juli 2022

Excellent Chorus Effect

Studio quality chorus here. Thick, warm sounding and lush.
Still learning the nuances of the unit. Great for synths and guitars amongst other instruments.

D. Gonzalez

26. Juni 2022

Good Quality

I really had a good experience with this one.

C. M

24. Juni 2022

my go-to chorus pedal!

can't never go wrong with this!

t. holmes

17. Juni 2022


Can’t say if this is a good emulation or not cos I’ve never used the hardware. However as a piece of software it’s great for unusual chorus effects, it’s very different from other chorus vsts and is worth having as an alternative in my opinion. Great sound and I got it for free, thx UAD

J. Lepe

15. Juni 2022

Better than ever expected

This does a great job of replicating the Boss/ Roland Chorus. This sounds as good as some of my Boss Waza Chorus pedal without the hassle of running extra cables to my interface in order to get a stereo effect. I haven't tried re-amping this effect, but I'm expecting great results.

I. Sedick

13. Juni 2022

Great Pedal

If you're considering it, get it. You won't regret it.


11. Juni 2022

In love with this pedal

Makes my synths pop out instantly in the mix. Love it!

d. curtiss

8. Juni 2022


an awesome effect on lots of things

J. Poijärvi

30. Mai 2022

Great e-piano chorus

Simple to use and sounds great.

d. curtiss

24. Mai 2022

guitar studio must have

real guitar mojo

D. Northern

19. Mai 2022

Smooth chorus.

Smooth chorus.

21-40 von 769 Ergebnisse