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Brigade Chorus


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D. Northern

19. Mai 2022

Smooth chorus.

Smooth chorus.

G. Campan

17. Mai 2022

Morbo is pleased

So far I am pleased how this sounds, I have used it to give more depth and width to synth pads and string sounds. My results on other like bass have been good but I could live without. Had good result with backing vocals on the other hand. Can not tell how it compares to the original as I've never owned it however it is doing some material good and it's a keeper in my future projects.

B. Bartholomew

15. Mai 2022

Analogue chorus benefits without the hiss. Great on DAT SYNTH.

UAD seem to have pulled together an analogue chorus feel in a digital medium, there's no harsh edges to the modulating effect. The big benefit of digital being the lack of any unwanted noise. The vibrato is a vibrato but on guitars this would not be my go to. This is more of an aesthetic than the quality of the effect on offer. Both effects sounded great on synths. Of note there's something really nice going on with the gain, a very subtle tonal thing (not just volume!). The only reason it lost a star was there is no wet/dry mix feature. Good stuff UAD.

I. Kravchenko

12. Mai 2022

Nice chorus

Sounds pretty nice to my ears. I'm using Fractal gear for guitars for now, but will be considering whether UAD is competitive via combining few effects and an amp.

A. Smith

27. April 2022

Great plugin

Great pkugin :-)

D. Rees

17. April 2022

Brigade Chorus Pedal Plugin

A classic lush chorus sound...

В. Ключковський

15. April 2022


Даннний хорус дуже гарно працює при обробці гітари , м’яке та тепле звучання ! Гарний плагін )

A. Yaskevich

6. April 2022

Good chorus.

Lacks dry wet regulator.

J. Cox

4. April 2022


Nice authentic chorus and cool vibrato!

J. ter Borg

30. März 2022

Thick, unique character chorus!

Nice chorus for highlighting BG vocals or solos in a "thick" and warm way.

A. Kaley

28. März 2022

Excellent but pricey :(

Very nice effect

J. Marley

27. März 2022

Brigade chorus

Not subtle but wonderful for a free plugin!

A. Ponomarev

27. März 2022

great for guitars and synths

super easy with great sound and two modes of chorus — vintage one is great.

M. Gutierrez

22. März 2022

The best of the best

I love it, I'm satisfied and happy with this brigade chorus pedal.

J. Dearness

7. März 2022

Sparkle to recordings

Another fantastic plugin!! Great work

G. Akashkin

26. Februar 2022

Interesting chorus pedal

Good device for special sound tasks!

P. Gunn

21. Februar 2022

Brigade chorus

I'm not a big chorus user but it was offered at a great deal so I took it. It delivers as promised.

V. Baranov

14. Februar 2022


Great chorus!!! Used on guitars. I recommend it to everyone!

K. Fabich

23. Januar 2022


Nice Chorus soft

V. Vlodarchyk

13. Januar 2022

Brigade Chorus Pedal

Very cool plug-in

21-40 von 751 Ergebnisse