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Brigade Chorus


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m. lonebear

1. Mai 2020

Great Plugin

Awsome and simple

赵. 炳

22. April 2020



A. Aslamazov

19. April 2020


great chorus, use

N. Ibañez

19. April 2020

Perfect effect for guitars

As an amateur guitarist still looking for his sound I am very happy with this chorus effect. Not only is it simple to use but it gives the right sound without exaggeration!


18. April 2020

Good Gear

I can make amazing EP Sound


17. April 2020

Brigade Chorus Pedal

The sound is very pretty when walking the EP.

D. Crespo Raimundo

17. April 2020



C. Wilson

16. April 2020


This is just exceptional!


16. April 2020


Simple and Powerful

R. De Marco

16. April 2020


Very nice and versatile plug-in

J. Seitz

15. April 2020


Classic chorus perfectly modeled.

m. marcori

14. April 2020

Brigade Chorus First Impressions

I've acquired Brigade Chorus first thing after installing the included Realtime Analog Classic Bundle after registering my Apollo Twin mkii. I am a fusion guitar player so I'm just going to say, after placing the Brigade Chorus with the Plexi emulation, I got the tone I was after. With little to no tweaking I could get either pristine, dreamy cleans (paired with delay) or full tone fusion guitar with only the chorus and the amp. Sounds huge, very versatile, a great emulation overall. I haven't tried it in vocals or snare reverb yet, but I can tell its going to be a wise decision in the end. Also, for guitar tone, it works wonders when placed both before and after the amp sim. Different tones, but both great.

赵. 炳

12. April 2020

Some suggestions on Apollo software

I am very happy to receive the questionnaire from your company. The software and drivers of Apollo are all in English, but there is no Chinese version. I am a little disappointed. I hope you can add the Chinese version when you update in the future. Thank you very much! Wish your company better and better! Above text, through web translation, if there is not enough accuracy, please understand!

D. Byron

11. April 2020

Very good

Grade A

R. Coggins

11. April 2020


Had the Original and yep thats it!!!

F. Johnson

10. April 2020

Buen sonido

Realmente tiene sonido organico

H. Gaeckle

8. April 2020

Klingt sehr gut...

Das Plugin ist brauchbarer als man zunächst vermuten würde. Optimal für Gitarre und E Piano.

J. lillylave

31. März 2020

This is Another Level!

The day i swapped from my previous interface to my Apollo X 6, i got blown away by audio definition of this gear like now i am hearing music at another level. Even the UAD plugins are the closest i ever heard comparing to the hardware versions. Good Job Universal audio . U brought it to another Level!!

D. Jones

29. März 2020


UAD deliverers excellence once again

O. Adelaja

19. März 2020

Unbelievably Awesome

First, the Apollo x4 is a “beast.” I’ve been using a different audio interface with my Yamaha HS8 monitors and it’s always sounded dull. But after connecting the X4, there was a total different sound from my Hs8. It sounded alive and clean. I didn’t have to turn the volume all the way up to hear my music.
Second, the preamps are awesome. I’m spending more time recording now than ever.
Third, the plugins are a miracle. They do wonders.
The console is awesome.

Still learning more about my new “AXE”

321-340 von 753 Ergebnisse