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Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic


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B. Sullivan

30. November 2018

I will take the "jr." version!

So I did the trail version of the "big boy" version, and I fell in love with it....just putting this on my master bus, gave my mixes instant life! However, the way my bank account is setup (LOL)! So when UAD released this version, and blessed me with 2 coupons (and just blessed me with another coupon, just for purchasing it), I had to grab it! Very easy to use for mastering and track usage. Paired with my other mastering processors, the bx_masterdesk classic makes my mixes complete! Perhaps in the future, I will purchase the "big boy" version! Thanks UAD!

V. Pirov

29. November 2018


I liked it because of the simplicity of the work and the good sound! Thanks to BX and UAD for a good job!

T. Urbanski

29. November 2018

Quick and handy

Nice little plugin.
I’m not a fan of all-in-one magic box plugins, but this rally does the trick if you’re in a hurry to submit a quick demo and want to add a bit more loudness without compromising dynamics (using the meter).

Especially handy when you’re on the road and want to test that new track in the club tonight ;)


29. November 2018

light starter

i think for a quick demomaster this fits you well...the big brother is way better...but the price is decent..so go and get it!

A. Milyukov

27. November 2018

Brainworx bx_masterdesk Classic

Very good for quick mastering!
Adds paint!

K. Adams

26. November 2018

WOW !!!! What a GREAt Tool!!!!

I was kinda skeptical since I had purchased Rob Papan's similar plug-in, The difference with my Mixes using Rob's plug bared very subtle changes or any noticeable. I took a chance on this bx_Masterdesk Classic since I had a coupon in my account (I didn't see spending triple the amount on the bigger version). As soon as I used it in one of my mixes it was so noticeable. By A & B'ing using the BX it strengthened my mix. It took the guessing work out of it using the factory presets as a starting point. The compressor does a great job isn't too harsh...You have to get this it will give you an immediate response.

G. Herrera

23. November 2018

Very nice finish

I am very happy with this plugin in my tool bag, sounds better than I can do with stock plugins, and is my new go to..I did purchase the IK Multimedia Lursen master plug and It was decent for sure, but this is in another league and very easy to get what your looking for..

W. Gerhring

23. November 2018


Es macht Mir sehr viel Spass damit zu arbeiten Ich finde es sehr gelungen. Super Sound.

F. K

12. November 2018

Great one stop shop but .....

Should’t this be free for those that already have the bx masterdesk ?
I Understand that Some plug-ins get remoddeld for a better version .
But this is Just a undressed version of the masterdesk .
Its pretty much a GUI downgrade and less Funktions.
The price seems fair for those that Dont have the big brother ( bx masterdesk ) but in my case and i guess in a lot of other cases it doesnt really make sense to spend another 100,- on a plug-in that i basicly already own ....yet i would like to have this for single channels processing . Im having a hard time giving 5 stars, aldo i know the price has Nothing to do with the plug-ins quality Its Just a bit hard to swallow from UADs sale departement ...
5 stars because Im Not a Total donky :)

x. shen

10. November 2018

Great plug-in

Get great voice through simple operation and do it beautifully!!!

J. R

7. November 2018

Killer mastering solution!

This is an awesome plugin for mastering my mixes, without having to spend a bunch of extra time and money going to a Mastering Engineer. Nice work again, UA!

121-131 von 131 Ergebnisse

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